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Dog-Eared Page

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File:Dog-Eared Page.jpg
Dog-Eared Page.

Dog-Eared Page is an object located in the Grand Hall inside Black Rook Hold.


Dog-Eared Page

I should have admired Illidan from the beginning. After all, he saved my father's life.

It happened during a mission that Kur'talos took into the wilds beyond Black Rook Hold. I was not there to witness it, but it was reported that one of the Legion's ravenous felhunter demons attacked and disarmed my father. The beast would have devoured him if Illidan had not intervened. With his quick thinking and mastery of the arcane, the Stormrage twin defeated the demon and spared my father a grim end.

Rather than downplay this event, my father celebrated it. He named Illidan his personal sorcerer, and young Stormrage became the talk of the resistance. Moon Guard members clamored for an audience with him to discuss his thoughts on the war, the nature of demons, and the arcane arts. Before long, Illidan had gained a reputation as a sorcerer without equal.

From that day forward, Illidan fought by my father's side in battle. I watched him like a storm crow, determined to learn more about this strange new member of my family's inner circle.

What I discovered did not put my heart at ease. Far from it.

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