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Domina Venomblade

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BossDomina Venomblade
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Gender Female
Race Aranakk (Humanoid)
Level Elite
Reaction Alliance Horde
Affiliation(s) House of Eyes
Location Plaguefall
Status Killable

Doctor Ickus
Domina Venomblade
Margrave Stradama



Domina Venomblade is the third boss of the Plaguefall.

Adventure Guide

Domina Venomblade believes the instrument of her revenge for the fall of the House of Eyes rests with Plaguefall. No one, not even her former allies will keep her from gaining the weapon hidden in these ruins.


Item Type
Normal Heroic
Arachnid Cipher Ring Arachnid Cipher Ring#Heroic Ring
Mitts of Flawless Duplication Mitts of Flawless Duplication#Heroic Cloth hands
Domina's Oozing Shiv Domina's Oozing Shiv#Heroic Dagger
Belt of Wretched Manipulations Belt of Wretched Manipulations#Heroic Mail waist
Fastened Venombarb Binds Fastened Venombarb Binds#Heroic Leather wrist
Halberd of the Aranakk Halberd of the Aranakk#Heroic Polearm
Scarred Bloodbound Girdle Scarred Bloodbound Girdle#Heroic Plate waist


  • In early alpha stages, the description was: "A vile and sinister figure of the House of Many Eyes who fought her way to the source of the Plaguefall."
  • She is voiced by Erika Ishii.[1]

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