NeutralDominating the Indomitable
Start Spiritwalker Ebonhorn
End Spiritwalker Ebonhorn
Level 50 (Requires 50)
Category Heart of Azeroth
Experience 26,800
Reputation +500 Champions of Azeroth
Rewards  [Radiant Azerite Matrix] (1,000 [Azerite])
70g 20s
Previous N [50] Calming the Spine
Next N [50] A Friendly Face


Ma'haat the Indomitable
Stone Lord and son of The Earthmother: Therazane. Sent from Deepholm to protect the dragon essence.

Confront Ma'haat the Indomitable in the Dragon's Spine.


With the wounds healed, I can clearly sense the dragon essence. Unfortunately, it seems to emanate from the earthen giant before us.

I will address the creature. Let us hope it listens to reason... but be prepared for anything.

When Deathwing shattered the World Pillar in Deepholm, he earned the ire of the Stonemother and her forces. I fear this being may blame me for my father's crimes.


You will receive:


The essence of my flight is powerful indeed.


Now that we have the essence, I pray the earth finds peace once again.


Interact with Ebonhorn
We must secure the essence. Its powers should be used for the betterment of Azeroth.
Will you help me?
Gossip I am ready.
Spiritwalker Ebonhorn says: Stone lord! I am Ebonhorn, protector of Highmountain. We have come to claim the essence you now hold!
Ma'haat the Indomitable says: I know you, dragon. Kin of the Worldbreaker. You are unworthy of such power.
Spiritwalker Ebonhorn says: I am free of my father's madness. We seek to wield the essence in defense of Azeroth!
Ma'haat the Indomitable says: Then face me, and prove you have the strength to do so.
Spiritwalker Ebonhorn says: Very well. We accept your challenge!
Ma'haat the Indomitable yells: The earth will break you!
Ma'haat stomps the player and Ebonhorn.

Proceed by defeating the giant. At 1 health, he yields and puts down Petrified Dragon Scale.

Ma'haat the Indomitable yells: Enough... I yield. You... are worthy.
Spiritwalker Ebonhorn says: Well fought, <name>. The essence is yours to claim.

Pick up the Petrified Dragon Scale.

Ma'haat the Indomitable says: It is done. Tread carefully. The Stonemother will be watching...


  1. N [50] Essential Empowerment
  2. N [50] MOTHER Knows Best
  3. N [50] A Disturbance Beneath the Earth
  4. N [50] Take My Hand
  5. N [50] Calming the Spine
  6. N [50] Dominating the Indomitable
  7. N [50] A Friendly Face
  8. N [50] The Heart Forge
  9. N [50] Harnessing the Power
  10. B [50] Back Out to Sea
  11. B [50] Scouting the Palace

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