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Don't Stop Bereavin'

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HordeDon't Stop Bereavin'
Start Mankrik
End Mankrik
Level 34 (Requires 32)
Category Southern Barrens
Experience 326-3100
Rewards 35s
Next B [34] Mangletooth

Mankrik has returned with a vengeance. He will not stop until every quilboar lies dead. You will aid him in his plight.


Kill 13 Razormane Quilboar


For a moment, I thought my hatred had stilled. My wife laid to rest, a final offering of the blood of her murderers to quell her tortured spirit. I thought perhaps peace would appeal to me.

I was wrong.

I will not rest now until every single filthy, squealing, murderous quilboar lays dead and broken! I cannot kill them fast enough with my own two hands. Go and slay more for me, <race>.


You will receive:

  • 35s
  • 3100 XP




Good. Take your reward; this is only a prelude


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