AllianceDon't Turtle
Start Nedly Grinner
End Moxie Lockspinner
Level 30-50
Category Stormsong Valley
Experience 8,230
Reputation +10 Storm's Wake
Rewards 11g 70s
Previous A [30-50] Anchors Aweigh Too Much & A [30-50] Not On Our Payroll
Next A [30-50] Earl-E Bot Gets the Worm


Speak with Moxie.


There's a Tortollan who's trying to get our treasure! He's over on the west side of town. He's nosey and he may have found something!

Talk to Moxie, come up with a plan to get rid of him.


You will receive:


You deal with that Tortollan yet?


Worm meat for the box full of treasures! You sure you're not a Goblin?


Moxie's northwest of Nedly.

We got problems <name>. The Tortollan found a box, and we want it!
Gossip Tortollan?
The shell with arms and legs right over there!
Don't let him fool you. He's smart and very nosey. Always poking around collecting old relics, scrolls and junk.
We don't want him finding the treasure first.
Gossip O.K.
Gossip What's the plan?
I was thinking electric shocks, or fire, maybe we just blow him up!
But, it's bad luck to kill a Tortollan and I don't need any more bad luck.
So, you show me how you would handle this Tortollan?
Gossip I will speak to Maokka.
I was standing here for a long time. Then I found this interesting box in the mud.
Gossip That box?
The box is mine, ya nosey <race>.
I need Mud Worms to make my Mud Worm soup, but the worms is hiding! I'm patient, I can wait here a few more days, maybe find more boxes?
You find me some Mud Worm Keat and I'll trade you this box.
  • Gossip I'll get the meat.
  • Gossip Turtle Soup?
Turtle soup is not half as tasty as <race> soup.
Just get the Mud Worm meat and leave the small turtles alone.
Come visit me someday and we can explore other soup options!
Gossip O.K.

Complete the objective and turn in the quest to Maokka.


Optional breadcrumb from Eckhart Lodge: A [30-50] Reloading

  1. A [30-50] Break 'Em Out & A [30-50] Iron Low Tide & A [30-50] Two Faced Pirate Scum
  2. A [30-50] Treasure Hunting
  3. A [30-50] Bomb Beats Rock & A [30-50] Anchors Aweigh Too Much & A [30-50] Not On Our Payroll & A [30-50] Fun With Magnets
  4. A [30-50] Share the Wealth
  5. A [30-50] Don't Turtle
  6. A [30-50] Earl-E Bot Gets the Worm
  7. A [30-50] No Bot Left Behind
  8. A [30-50] Cave Commotion
  9. A [30-50] All Laid Out For Us
  10. Optional follow-up: A [30-50W] Walking-Around Money

Outbound breadcrumb to Seabreeze Village: A [30-50] Helping Out, Somewhere Else

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