Concept art of a doommaiden.

Doommaidens[1] are winged female eredar. They were first encountered on Argus after the forces from Azeroth invaded the Legion's homeworld following the death of Kil'jaeden. They were also seen in the invasion points and in the Arcatraz.

The only known male eredar to have wings is Kil'jaeden.


Portal Keeper Hasabel.

Name Role Status Location
Boss  Admiral Svirax Member of the Antoran High Command Killable Gaze of the Legion, Antorus, the Burning Throne
Mob  Commander Vecaya Killable Xenedar, Krokuun
Mob  Flamecaller Vezrah Legion Invasion commander Killable Broken Shore; Legion Invasion locations
Mob  Lah'zaruun Leader of the Legion operation to free High Inquisitor Raalgar from the Arcatraz Killable Stasis Block: Maximus, Arcatraz
Mob  Overseer Y'Beda Killable Eredath
Mob  Overseer Y'Morna Killable Arinor Gardens, Eredath
Mob  Overseer Y'Sorna Killable Eredath
Boss  Portal Keeper Hasabel Keeper of the Legion's portal network in Antorus Killable Halls of the Boundless Reach, Antorus, the Burning Throne
Mob  Quartermistress Kl'azz Killable Krokuun
Mob  Talestra the Vile Attempting to create an army of vilefiends Killable Darkfall Ridge, Krokuun
Mob  Void Warden Valsuran Killable Antoran Wastes




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