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Dra'gora's in-game model.

Dra'gora[1] (meaning "Draenor's Honor" in Orcish)[2] is a Frostwolf[3] axe wielded by Thrall since the Fourth War. It was forged by Thrall himself after he retreated with his family to a farm in Nagrand, because part of him knew that there would come a day when he would have to return to the fight,[4][2] but he initially kept it hidden in an underground compartment beneath the farm's anvil. When Varok Saurfang convinced Thrall to return to Azeroth and fight for the Horde once more, Thrall pulled out Dra'gora to wield it in battle.[5]

Thrall wielding Dra'gora.

During Varok's mak'gora against Sylvanas Windrunner in the battle at the Gates of Orgrimmar, Thrall lent Dra'gora to Saurfang while King Anduin lended his sword Shalamayne. The axe was knocked aside by Sylvanas early in the duel,[6] and Thrall retrieved it after the battle.

While trying to escape from the Maw, Thrall lost Dra'gora when he threw it at Helya.[7] The weapon was subsequently brought to Desmotaeron and given to Helya's minion, Weaponmaster Hyrev. Thrall retrieved it during his, Draka, and a Maw Walker's assault on Desmotaeron. He commented that the axe reminded him of the time he'd spent with his family in Nagrand and that he wanted to feel its weight in his hands again.[2]



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