NeutralDraconic Secrets
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End Automatic
Level 45 (Requires 45)
Category Death Knight Campaign
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Interrogate Trizormu in Wyrmrest Temple in Dragonblight, then follow the Lich King's plan.


<The Lich King's icy presence enters your mind once more.>

Arthas never found the prize he sought, Deathlord.

It is ours by right.

The dragons must know where the resting place of their kin resides.

Find a member of the bronze flight, the tenders of history. Do not be merciful.

<The presence fades.>


<The codex contains entries for many of the great red dragons of the past.>

<You skim the pages and locate an entry for an ancient red dragon named 'Kyranastrasz', who fell doing battle with 'a great corruption' on an iceberg to the north.>

<The last known location of the iceberg is noted in the margin.>


Interrogating Trizormu:

Oh, hello! Thank you for visiting again.
Or is this your first time?
What day is it?
Gossip Tell me all you know of a glacier to the north where a powerful dragon fell.
<Trizormu's eyes narrow.>
What would a death-bringer like yourself want with that information, exactly?
Gossip That was not a request. <Strangulate him.>
Trizormu says: Ack! Alright! There used to be... glaciers... large ones... to the north of Icecrown... they floated away years ago... I don't know any more, I swear! Speak to... Tariol!

Interrogating Tariolstrasz:

Your actions stretch the limits of our alliance, Death Knight.
Gossip Tell me all you know of a great dragon that fell on a glacier to the north of Icecrown.
Tariolstrasz says: You will never find what you seek, death-bringer. Now, you have worn our your welcome at this temple, begone!
Tariolstrasz transforms into his dragon form and hurls the Death Knight away.
The Lich King says: The reds know something. They hide their secrets in the Ruby Sanctum beneath Wyrmrest.
The Lich King says: He has alerted his allies already. They will be expecting you.

Entering the Ruby Sanctum:

The Lich King says: A record of their history must lurk somewhere in this sanctum. Spare who you will, or slay them all... the choice is yours.

Upon killing all enemies:

The Lich King says: You are empty inside, just like me.


Killing all of the dragons very briefly awarded the hidden Feat of Strength  [Unholy Determination]. Since the achievement was only obtainable during a non-repeatable quest, it was never intended to go live and was subsequently removed entirely from the game in Patch 7.2.5.


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