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This article is about the dracthyr lore. For the playable race, see Dracthyr (playable).
Dragonflight Expansion Trial art
Faction/Affiliation Primary dragonflights,
Obsidian Warders (Alliance)
Dark Talons (Horde)
Ebon Scales, Healing Wings
Sundered Flame, Adamant Vigil
Character classes Evoker
Racial capital Neutral Forbidden Reach
Alliance Stormwind City
Horde Orgrimmar
Racial leader(s) Alliance IconSmall Dracthyr Azurathel (Obsidian Warders)
Horde IconSmall Dracthyr Cindrethresh (Dark Talons)
Neutral IconSmall Dracthyr Viridia (Healing Wings)
Neutral IconSmall Dracthyr Emberthal (Ebon Scales)
  Formerly IconSmall Dracthyr Sarkareth † (Sundered Flame)
IconSmall Neltharion Neltharion †
Racial mount IconSmall Vorquin Vorquin
Self-propelled flight
Homeworld Azeroth
Area(s) Forbidden Reach, Dragon Isles
Language(s) Draconic, Common, Orcish

The dracthyr are an ancient race of humanoid dragonkin.[1] They have the ability to wield the magic of all five primary dragonflights as evokers, and, like true dragons, shapeshift between a draconic form and a humanoid visage.[2] The dracthyr were created in the ancient past at Aberrus by the black Dragon Aspect Neltharion,[3] who combined the essence of dragons with the adaptability of the mortal races to create a race of ideal soldiers.[4] Neltharion fashioned the Forbidden Reach off the coast of the Dragon Isles to serve as the dracthyr soldiers' training ground, but after a terrible battle against the Primalists, Neltharion put the dracthyr into a slumber that lasted.[5] Recently, the Primalists' return caused the dracthyr to stir, and they now seek to forge their own path in Azeroth by joining both the Alliance and the Horde.[6][7]

The dracthyr are divided into armies known as weyrns, each led by a Scalecommander. Scalecommander Azurathel and the Obsidian Warders joined the Alliance, while Scalecommander Cindrethresh and the Dark Talons joined the Horde. Scalecommander Viridia and the Healing Wings traveled to the Dragon Isles, while Scalecommander Sarkareth and the Ebon Scales defected from the dracthyr army after feeling abandoned by Neltharion and renamed themselves the Sundered Flame. Scalecommander Emberthal's Adamant Vigil was wiped out by the Primalists, and she remained in the Forbidden Reach to search for answers.


Legacies Neltharion Drachtyr

Neltharion the Earth-Warder, creator, and leader of the dracthyr army.

Legacies Drachtyr stase

Without direct control over them, Neltharion and Malygos decided to seal the dracthyr with magic.

Dracthyr in magical stasis

In Forbidden Reach, legions of dracthyr were in magical stasis for nearly twenty thousand years.

The dracthyr were created by Neltharion the Earth-Warder, Dragon Aspect of the black dragonflight. Neltharion was concerned at the rift between the Dragon Aspects and Primal Incarnates, and he knew a war was coming even though Alexstrasza thought she could soothe tensions with only words. The drakonid were slow, and dragonspawn fragile, but Neltharion saw potential in the mortal races that had begun to emerge across the world. He created the dracthyr as ideal soldiers, combining the essence of dragons with the traits of mortal races.[8] While the direct processes used were largely unknown, the dark history of the dracthyr were immortalized in the halls of Aberrus, the Shadowed Crucible. Countless experiments were conducted before anything even resembling a dracthyr could be created, primarily done so by experimenting on and augmenting drakonids; often to horrific results.[9]

While other dragonkin were sturdy and loyal, they lacked the cleverness and adaptability needed to fight the war that Neltharion felt was sure to come against those who defied the reign of the Aspects. They would embody the might of all five dragonflights, instilled with the potential of the mortal races that had begun to spread across the world. They were to be the ultimate soldiers. Neltharion fashioned the Forbidden Reach as a secret training ground for the dracthyr.[10][11] He also used the Oathbinder, a titan relic to infuse his dracthyr soldiers with Order magic, bounding them to his will. In a battle with Raszageth and the Primalists, the Oathbinder was destroyed. Though Raszageth was sealed away, Neltharion could no longer directly control the dracthyr without the relic and so deemed them a risk.[12][13] He contacted his best friend Malygos, beside himself and telling Malygos everything was falling apart and the dracthyr needed to be contained.[14]


Dragonflight This section concerns content related to Dragonflight.

The dracthyr were ordered to the creches beneath the Forbidden Reach by Neltharion, where they were sealed away by Malygos in magical stasis and watched over by his blue dragonflight. They remained there, abandoned and forgotten for nearly 20,000 years,[5] awakened from their long slumber only when the Primalists returned to break Raszageth free, as an ancient, magical surge rippled through the Forbidden Reach, the dracthyr awoke, but from their long stasis their memories became a blur.[15][11]

As a powerful storm was unleashed by Raszageth, the dracthyr evacuated the Forbidden Reach, the only home they ever knew.[16] After Raszageth's attack, the dracthyr of the Obsidian Warders journeyed with Wrathion to Stormwind, where they joined the Alliance. The dracthyr of the Dark Talons journeyed with Ebyssian to Orgrimmar, where they joined the Horde. While there, these dracthyr learned about visage forms from Ebyssian and Wrathion and were able to adopt mortal visages in order to better commune with other races.[17]

Many Dracthyr Freshscales and Eager Freshscales later traveled to Algeth'ar Academy to learn more about the powers of the dragonflights and pledge to serve one of them, with each of the five dragonflights sending recruiters.[18]

During their pursuit of Scalecommander Sarkareth on the Forbidden Reach, Ebyssian and Emberthral alongside the adventurer came across the imprisoned black dragon Adamanthia in the High Creche. As they observed her state of imprisonment, they realized that she was not only alive, but that her petrification was caused when Neltharion siphoned the black dragon's essence from the drachtyr.[citation needed] 

Within Aberrus, the Shadowed Crucible, adventurers encountered the forgotten experiments - Zskarn, Neldris, and Rionthus who was classified as "Experiment 328", the earliest known "successful" version of Dracthyr to exist.


Dracthyr Crest

The dracthyr racial crest.

The dracthyr see Neltharion as both their general[19] and their father.[20]

Dracthyr keep signets on their horns which function like military dog tags. The dracthyr's name is inscribed on the signet so that any dead bodies can be identified and remembered.[21]

"Talon" is a junior rank in the dracthyr army.[22]

If a dracthyr dishonors their creche, the rules dictate that they must fall honorably in battle.[22]

Being created only to fight and kill, they may have initial trouble with other things such as crafting and the arts.[22] As a race created to be soldiers, they weren't taught the concept of vacations or weekends and need it explained to them.[23] However recreation isn't entirely alien to them, since they know about the sport Lish Llrath.[24]

According to Falastrasz, the dracthyr may be young, but what they lack in experience they make up for with a boundless thirst for knowledge.[25]


Legacies Chapter 3

Emberthal and her weyrn of dracthyr soldiers.

The dracthyr army is divided into factions called weyrns, with each dracthyr assigned to a weyrn that best matches their skills. Each weyrn is led by a Scalecommander, a dracthyr chosen and groomed for the position by the Earth-Warder himself. Members of a weyrn are as close as clutch-mates; it is a bond that shall never be broken, forged of duty and honor in service to dragonkind.[26]

  • Obsidian Warders: This weyrn is charged with defending the allies of the black dragonflight and protecting its strongholds. Whether it is deployed to reinforce draconic legions or guard the skies alongside dragons, this weyrn is the embodiment of the Earth-Warder's aegis. Currently under the authority of the Scalecommander Azurathel, the Warders trained to be the bulwark that enemy forces will break upon.[27] After Raszageth's attack, this weyrn joined the Alliance.
  • Dark Talons: Where the enemies of the Earth-Warder tread, the Dark Talons shall harrow their skies, crush their will, and topple their leaders, denying the blacks' enemies solace in walls and borders. For every talon in their ranks, they strike down ten of their foes from behind. This weyrn, currently under the authority of the Scalecommander Cindrethresh, trained to be the elite force that shall be feared by all enemies of the black dragonflight.[28] After Raszageth's attack, this weyrn joined the Horde.
  • Healing Wings: This weyrn shall be the face and symbol for hope among all those who would call the Aspects their allies, this weyrn are charged with mastering the arts of Preservation and healing. Wield the powers of time and the Emerald Dream to return those who are wounded to their full might. Where there are injured, the Healing Wings will be there to tend them. Led by Scalecommander Viridia, the Healing Wings shall embody the resilience and fortitude of the Earth-Warder. [29] After Raszageth's attack, this weyrn traveled to the Dragon Isles.
  • Ebon Scales: This weyrn is charged with bringing destruction to the enemies of the black dragonflight. Rain down fire and unleash spell craft upon those who would stand against the Earth-Warder. Currently under the authority of Scalecommander Sarkareth, the Ebon Scales shall train to be the end of any foe no matter the size or number.[30] After the dracthyr starting zone, this weyrn defected from the dracthyr army, renamed themselves the Sundered Flame, and began a rebellion against the dragons. However, following Sarkareth's death in Aberrus, Emberthal and Winglord Dezran embraced the lost, surviving members of the Sundered Flame and they re-took their original name, the Ebon Scales.
  • Adamant Vigil: A weyrn led by Scalecommander Emberthal that functions as the eyes and ears of the black dragonflight. Where the black's enemies tread, the Adamant Vigil finds them. Where the black's armies fly, it is their guidance that directs their talons. They learn the weaknesses of their foes and amplify the strength of their allies. Only the most bold, most cunning, and most gifted commanders join the ranks of the Adamant Vigil, and it has unprecedented authority to act on its own initiatives.[31] This weyrn was destroyed by the Primalists during the events of the dracthyr starting zone.


Dragonflight reveal - Dracthyr abilities

A dracthyr adventurer fighting on the Dragon Isles.

Every dracthyr is an expert soldier. Whatever weyrn they belong to, they use their talents to defend dragonkind in service to the Earth-Warder. Yet even among such illustrious ranks, there are a select few who transcend the skills of their kin, who are able to master the specialties of all weyrns and shift between roles at will. These are the evokers, the best of the best, finest of the finest.

These elite forces possess the rare potential to focus their essences into an instrument of preservation or a weapon of devastation. The journey to such mastery is long, and few dracthyr can see this path through. But those who learn to harness their full potential shall be honored with the title of evoker.[32]


Name Role Affiliation Status Location
Neutral IconSmall Dracthyr Emberthal Scalecommander of the Ebon Scales, formerly of the Adamant Vigil. Ebon Scales Active Forbidden Reach
Alliance IconSmall Dracthyr Azurathel Scalecommander of the Obsidian Warders. Obsidian Warders Active Forbidden Reach
Horde IconSmall Dracthyr Cindrethresh Scalecommander of the Dark Talons. Dark Talons Active Forbidden Reach
Neutral IconSmall Dracthyr Viridia Scalecommander of the Healing Wings. Healing Wings Active Forbidden Reach
Neutral IconSmall Dracthyr Sarkareth Scalecommander of the Sundered Flame, formerly of the Ebon Scales. Sundered Flame Deceased Forbidden Reach

Notes and trivia[]

Dragon Sketches WoW

Concept art that looks similar to dracthyr from The Art of World of Warcraft.

  • In The Art of World of Warcraft, there is concept art that looks very similar to dracthyr from Dragonflight.
  • Dracthyr visage forms are based on the human female and blood elf male models.
  • While dracthyr can be a wide variety of colors and are not limited to the five main dragonflights, the Scalecommanders match the colors of the flights. Cindrethresh is red, Azurathel is blue, Viridia is green, Sarkareth is bronze, and Emberthal is black.
    • Cindrethresh and Azurathel's colors also match the factions they join, with the Horde being red and the Alliance being blue.
  • The dracthyr's appearance went through many iterations during development, with Blizzard's artists creating "countless" concepts and making many decisions as a group in order to figure out how to create something new and unique that simultaneously felt like a caster and like a powerful dragon. The artists initially considered making dracthyr sexually dimorphic in their draconic form, with separate male and female body types, before deciding to make them be androgynous in that form.[33]


This article or section includes speculation, observations or opinions possibly supported by lore or by Blizzard officials. It should not be taken as representing official lore.

The dragonman race are also dragons combined with mortals, and the chromatic dragonflight are also dragons that use the powers of all five flights. Both of them may have been Nefarian's attempts to replicate his father's dracthyr.


World of Warcraft
In visage form
Art and media


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