The Draenei Village.

The village's defenses.

This article contains lore taken from Warcraft III: Reign of Chaos, Warcraft III: The Frozen Throne, the manuals, and/or official bonus maps.

The Draenei Village was a small village of draenei in Outland, discovered by Illidan Stormrage and his lieutenants Kael'thas Sunstrider and Lady Vashj when they ventured to Outland after the Third War. The village, led by Akama, was suffering under attacks by the fel orcs serving Magtheridon in the area. Illidan and his friends decided to help the draenei in order to gain their support against Magtheridon. After crushing the fel orc base nearest to the village, the draenei accepted to join forces. This was the first time Illidan met Akama, and likely the first time Akama and his soldiers received any form of reinforcements.

The mission which these events unfold in is titled Gates of the Abyss and is chapter five of Curse of the Blood Elves - the human (blood elf) campaign in Warcraft III: The Frozen Throne.


Three draenei villages can be seen on the Outland map used in WC3 - it is unknown which of them Illidan saved.

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As seen from the Warcraft III Outland map, this was actually just one of three draenei villages in the vicinity. It is, however, very difficult to estimate where they were located, how far it was between them, and which of them was discovered by Illidan, due to the multiple errors related to the map. For example, in the TBC "Behind the Scenes" DVD, one of the designers stated that players had only visited Hellfire Peninsula during Warcraft III. However, the dimensional gateways' locations in World of Warcraft revealed that Gates of the Abyss actually takes place in Blade's Edge Mountains, Zangarmarsh and Nagrand as well - in other words, all over Outland. In the 2.1 patch trailer, Akama and his followers are shown to have taken refuge in Zangarmarsh after escaping the Temple of Karabor (aka Black Temple). If Illidan really did find the village in Hellfire Peninsula, it was then likely located to the west at the border between Zangarmarsh and Hellfire Peninsula. The Warcraft III-draenei's usage of giant mushrooms to build their houses is also similar to Telredor in World of Warcraft.


Saving the draenei village is actually an optional mission. It will be available as soon as the player discovers the village. Akama will still join Illidan in his next chapter to defeat Magtheridon whether you complete this quest or not.

Draenei Village
  • Destroy the Orange Fel Orc base

For centuries the Draenei have been battling the Fel Orcs, but in the last hundred years the Draenei have been slowly losing. With the help of Illidan and Kael the Draenei would be able to to turn the balance in their favor and rid themselves of the Fel Orcs once and for all.

Quotes related to the quest

Discovering the village:

  • IconSmall Kael'thas.gif Prince Kael'thas: "Magtheridon's forces have besieged that Draenei village! If we drive them back, the Draenei will join us in our fight!"

After the orange fel orc base have been defeated:

  • IconSmall Akama.gif Akama: "I am Akama, Elder Sage of the draenei. Lord Illidan promised to rid us of our ancient enemies in exchange for our loyalty. These cursed orcs serve Magtheridon--a terrible lord whose Black Citadel lies to the west. Under his command, the orcs hunted us to the brink of extinction. But now, with Lord Illidan behind us, we will fight back and retake our ancestral lands."
  • IconSmall Vashj.gif Vashj: "We also serve Illidan, old one."
  • IconSmall Akama.gif Akama: "Very well, stranger.."

Freed draenei prisoners (found in camps around on the map):

  • IconSmall LostOne.gif Draenei Stalker: "Thank you, strangers. The wretched orcs nearly had us this time. If you seek to put an end to them, then our bravest warriors will assist you."
  • IconSmall LostOne.gif Draenei Vindicator: "Old Akama told us of your exploits. We will aid you in Lord Illidan's name!"
  • IconSmall LostOne.gif Draenei Seer: "You saved our lives. We are yours to command, blood elf."


  • There has been some retconning between WarCraft III and World of Warcraft, regarding how Akama and his people looked like when Illidan found them. In this mission, they look like lost ones. In World of Warcraft, they are broken instead. Akama looks like a mix between them. In this mission, the draenei were also seen utilizing "draenei salamanders", a blue Outland-type of salamander. This creature did not appear in World of Warcraft's Outland.
  • The time at which Akama met Illidan and his followers has also been retconned (or possibly just eluded the developers). In Gates of the Abyss, it is obvious that he met them after they had begun to close down Ner'zhul's dimensional gateways. In the 2.1 trailer, he is instead seen together with them as they decide on closing them.