Draenethyst Crystals.

Draenethyst is a rare and valuable raw gem originating from Draenor. It is sacred to the Broken of the Harborage, who are fearful that without their crystals they may lose their way. The Lost Ones of the Swamp of Sorrows stole some from them, and other Lost Ones in Outland appear to hang Draenethyst crystals from their leather huts, indicating that the crystal has value for them too.

The mineral is abundant in the Draenethyst Mine and Trogma's Claim in the Blade's Edge Mountains.

Kum'isha the Collector believed rightly that with enough Draenethyst he would be able to open a rift back to Outland.

The centaur Uthek the Wise heard about Draenethyst from the spirits of the earth and requested some to boost her magic.[1]

Items made of Draenethyst

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As a quest objective

Draenethyst is needed for the following quests:



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