Draenic Dust

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  • Draenic Dust
  • Crafting Reagent


Draenic Dust is created from disenchanting most items from Draenor.

As an ingredient



Used for enchant illusions from the Enchanter's Study building (requires level 2+ and a follower with the enchanting trait) for 5 Draenic Dust:

  • Illusion: Agility
  • Illusion: Battlemaster
  • Illusion: Berserking
  • Illusion: Blood Draining
  • Illusion: Crusader
  • Illusion: Elemental Force
  • Illusion: Executioner
  • Illusion: Fiery Weapon
  • Illusion: Greater Spellpower
  • Illusion: Hidden
  • Illusion: Jade Spirit
  • Illusion: Landslide
  • Illusion: Lifestealing
  • Illusion: Mending
  • Illusion: Mongoose
  • Illusion: Power Torrent
  • Illusion: River's Song
  • Illusion: Spellsurge
  • Illusion: Striking
  • Illusion: Unholy
  • Illusion: Poisoned (requires rogue)
  • Illusion: Rockbiter (requires shaman)
  • Illusion: Earthliving (requires shaman)
  • Illusion: Windfury (requires shaman)
  • Illusion: Flametongue (requires shaman)
  • Illusion: Frostbrand (requires shaman)
  • Remove Illusion

As an objective

As a currency

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