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Draenor Perks were specialization-specific passive abilities gained while leveling from 90 to 100 in Warlords of Draenor, improving existing abilities.

Each specialization had access to 4 perks, granted upon reaching levels 92, 94, 96 and 98. Unlike other abilities perks did not have a fixed level at which they were acquired; instead, upon reaching one of these levels, a perk would be randomly selected from those not yet known by the player. Perks would also be learned by the character's currently inactive specializations, meaning that by level 98 the character will have learned all perks for their class.

The Draenor Perks were retired when patch 7.0.3 went live, with many of their effects added into the existing abilities.[1]


  • Each class and specialization had their own list of 4 perks, although a few were common to multiple specializations.
  • While characters would only benefit from perks corresponding to their active specialization, switching specializations would activate equivalent perks for that specialization. For example, players who level to 96 would find they have accumulated 3 perks for each of their specs, regardless of the spec in which they had leveled.
  • Every other level rewarded a random perk from the appropriate set, meaning that different characters would gain their perks in a different order.
  • Perks were intended to provide a rewarding and significant progression between 90 and 100, similar to the removed system of spell ranks.[2]
  • The random order in which perks were granted was intended to provide some variety for leveling players, and discourage excessive focus on optimization during the leveling process.
  • During the beta for Warlords of Draenor perks originally were gained every level between 91 and 99. After changes to gaining perks every other level, some of these perks were removed from the game.


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This article or section includes speculation, observations or opinions possibly supported by lore or by Blizzard officials. It should not be taken as representing official lore.

The introduction of the Draenor Perks may have been partly intended to compensate for a lack of new abilities when leveling from 90 to 100. With the expansion's substantial pruning to the current list of abilities, and larger than ever range of levels across which to spread their acquisition, it was likely that few if any new non-talent abilities would be awarded between 90 and 100. The Perks may have therefore made sense as a form of ability progression which did not require the player to be missing substantial pieces of their skillset until they reached max level; if several key abilities were learned only above level 90, the limited pool of pre-90 abilities might have left lower-level play unbalanced and monotonous.

Patch changes[]


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