For lore about dragons, see Dragon. For their riders, see Dragon rider.
Race Dragon
Faction Horde
Hit Points 100
Armor 5
Sight 6
Speed 14
Gold 2500 Gold
Food 1 Food
Produced at Dragon Roost
Build time 250 seconds
Basic Damage 0
Piercing Damage 16
Range 4
This article contains lore taken from Warcraft II: Tides of Darkness, Warcraft II: Beyond the Dark Portal, the manuals, and/or official bonus maps.

Dragons are native to the untamed northlands of Azeroth. Reclusive by nature, Dragons have had little contact with their earthbound neighbors over the centuries. Rend and Maim, the Chieftains of The Black Tooth Grin clan, masterminded the capture of the Dragon Queen Alexstraza[sic] by the Dragonmaw clan. With their Queen held captive, these majestic creatures have been forced into subservience by the Horde - her progeny being raised by the Dragonmaw clan to slaughter the enemies of the Horde.

By combining their incredible destructive powers with a keen intellect, the Dragons represent the single most powerful force within the Horde. The devastating flame that issues forth from the mouths of older serpents can level any number of enemy troops, while their powerful wings allow them to tirelessly soar through the skies.[1]


  • Dragons are the Horde's only flying combat unit. They are fast and can fly over any terrain, their attacks can hit several units in a row, and many enemy units cannot target them.
  • On the other hand, they are very expensive and train slowly, and their attacks have a long "cooldown" time and can hit friendly units. They are particularly vulnerable to Destroyers and the Mage's Polymorph spell.
  • Therefore, skill and good planning are the key to using Dragons successfully - they should always strive to attack enemies who cannot retaliate, and only attack those who can retaliate when they have the advantage of numbers.
  • Care should be taken when ordering larger groups of Dragons to attack, as they can easily end up hitting each other. A skilled opponent can take advantage of this, and move his units under your Dragons, thus maximizing the potential for friendly fire.
  • Dragons are good targets for your Ogre-Magi's Bloodlust spell, which will make their attacks far more effective, and the Death Knight's Haste spell, which doubles the speed of their attacks and makes them move faster.


  • Despite being depicted with green sprites, the dragons of Warcraft II were enslaved members of the red dragonflight as later lore developed. These red dragons were additionally later explained to be mounted by orcish riders instead of acting on their own. The Dragonmaw riders launched attacks on Lordaeron through the war and even after its end.[2]
  • In Beyond the Dark Portal the dragons of the Horde were then being described as once having been enslaved but now continuing to feed upon humans, roosting at Blackrock Spire and being led by Deathwing.[3] Later lore changed them to being willing members of the black dragonflight.
  • The in-game sprite[4] and cinematic model has a dragon with two legs which is inconsistent with later depictions of dragons in the Warcraft universe which all have four legs.


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