[Dragonfin Angelfish] Schools can be found at lakes in Dragonblight and Borean Tundra. You must fish from one of these schools to complete  Northrend Angler.


Item Catch Rate
 [Dragonfin Angelfish] 90%
 [Crystallized Water] 5%
 [Reinforced Crate] 5%
 [Sea Turtle] < 1%
  • In addition there's a 65% chance of getting an additional  [Pygmy Suckerfish] with each catch.
  • Each school lasts for 3 to 5 catches.


The best area to find these schools is Lake Indu'le in Dragonblight due to the high number of school spawns in a small area.

Many fishers find these to be the best source of income due to their desirability for many melee classes when cooked. As such, the prime fishing spots may be too busy to fish at peak times.

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