NeutralDragonflayer clan
Thorvald's Banner.jpg
Main leader Unknown
  Formerly IconSmall Ymiron.gif King Ymiron
Secondary leaders Unknown
  Formerly IconSmall Vrykul Female.gif Queen Angerboda †
Race(s) IconSmall Vrykul Male.gifIconSmall Vrykul Female.gif Vrykul
Base of operations Utgarde Keep, Wyrmskull Village, Nifflevar, Voldrune, Halgrind
Theater of operations Howling Fjord

The Dragonflayer clan[1] is a vrykul clan under the control of the slumbering King Ymiron. They have taken up residence in Utgarde Keep, on the shores of Lake Cauldros, within the Howling Fjord of Northrend. Ingvar the Plunderer commands the clan's dragon-riders in their attacks against the town of Valgarde.

Thousands of years ago, the Dragonflayer clan fought the jalgar and drove them from their lands. They found themselves afflicted by the curse of flesh and their king, Ymiron, blamed the absent Keepers for it. He ordered the weak and ugly children born to Dragonflayer women be killed, but some vrykul could not bear to do it and secreted them away to Tirisfal Glades, where legends told that other vrykul had fled there with Tyr long ago. In an effort to stave off the curse of flesh, the Dragonflayers went to sleep beneath northern Kalimdor in facilities such as Gjalerbron.[2]


Attacks on Alliance Settlements

They began attacking Valgarde, the primary Alliance forteress in eastern Northrend.[3] They captured a number of Alliance soldiers and either left them impaled [4] or imprisoned in Wyrmskull Village.[5]

They were also making plans to attack Westguard Keep; the details of the plans were in the hands of Yanis the Mystic. However, he was killed and the  [Dragonflayer Battle Plans] were retrieved.[6]

Into the Utgarde Catacombs

Some Dragonflayer pitted their prisoners against powerful vrykul gladiators, then threw out their corpses for a necromancer to raise as ghouls when they lost.[7]An Alliance force entered the Utgarde Catacombs where this was taking place, freeing the prisoners and defying the vrykul champions in A [10-30] The Ring of Judgment. They also took the  [Ancient Cipher].[8]

Ember Clutch

Yet another faction of the clan led by Skeld Drakeson traveled to the Ember clutch to breed Proto-Whelps and Red Proto-Drakes. The Ember Clutch Ancient charged an adventurer with driving them out.[9]


Queen Angerboda was found by the Forsaken to be awakening her husband King Ymiron. She was killed before she could finish the task and the Lich King spirited the still-dormant king away to Utgarde Pinnacle, promising that if her killers were foolish enough to follow him there, he would have the chance to avenge his wife.[10]

Plague of Halgrind

The Royal Apothecary Society designed a new Forsaken Blight, capable of killing all life in Halgrind. Thorvald, the chieftain of the town, fled when the Forsaken took the city. The remaining vrykul, while not dropping dead from exposure, found themselves trapped and slowly killed. He was killed later for his blood.[11]


The Dragonflayers in Voldrune in the Grizzly Hills imbued talismans with flame to control proto-drakes. As the vrykul prepared for war, they were killed by adventurers who took command of Flamebringer to kill Thane Torvald Eriksson.

Utgarde Keep instances

Adventurers ventured into the halls of Utgarde Keep and its pinnacle to permanently remove the threat posed by the Dragonflayer. Despite fighting alongside a few members of the Ymirjar, the elite army of vrykul loyal to the Lich King, they were almost entirely wiped out. In the end, even their king, Ymiron, would fall at the invaders' hands.

Notable members

Name Role Status Location
IconSmall Ymiron.gif King Ymiron Champion of the Valarjar, Former King of the vrykul and leader of the Dragonflayer. Killable (Wow) Alive (lore) Ymiron's Seat, Utgarde Keep
Skyhold (lore)
IconSmall Vrykul Female.gif Queen Angerboda Queen of the Vrykul and wife of Ymiron. Killable (Wow) Deceased (lore) Gjalerbron
IconSmall Vrykul Male.gifIconSmall Vargul.gif Ingvar the Plunderer Commander of the assaults on Valgarde. Killed and transformed into a vargul for his failure, then killed again. Killable (Wow) Deceased (lore) Tyr's Terrace, Utgarde Keep
IconSmall Vrykul Male.gif Yanis the Mystic Hand of Ingvar Killable Wyrmskull Village
IconSmall Vrykul Female.gifIconSmall Val'kyr.gif Svala Sorrowgrave Formerly Ingvar's lieutenant. Was transformed into a Valkyr by the Lich King as a reward for her service. Killable (Wow) Deceased (lore) Observance Hall, Utgarde Keep
IconSmall FrostVrykul Male.gif Skadi the Ruthless Powerful vrykul warrior. Earned his title by slaughtering any vrykul parents who did not kill their malformed offspring as their king demanded. Uses Grauf as a proto-drake mount and commands a small army of vargul. Killable (Wow) Deceased (lore) Eagle's Eye, Utgarde Keep
IconSmall Vrykul Male.gif Thorvald Former chieftain of Halgrind Killable Thorvald's Camp, Howling Fjord
IconSmall Vrykul Male.gif Firjus the Soul Crusher Gladiator at the Ring of Judgement Killable Utgarde Catacombs, Utgarde Keep
IconSmall Vrykul Male.gif Yorus the Flesh Harvester Gladiator at the Ring of Judgement Killable Utgarde Catacombs, Utgarde Keep
IconSmall Vrykul Male.gif Jlarborn the Strategist Gladiator at the Ring of Judgement Killable Utgarde Catacombs, Utgarde Keep
IconSmall Vrykul Male.gif Oluf the Violent Gladiator at the Ring of Judgement Killable Utgarde Catacombs, Utgarde Keep
IconSmall Vrykul Male.gif Skeld Drakeson Leader of Vrykul in Ember Clutch Killable Ember Clutch, Howling Fjord
IconSmall Vrykul Male.gif Skarvald the Constructor Minion of Dalronn the Controller Killable Utgarde Keep
IconSmall Vrykul Female.gif Vigdis the War Maiden (presumed) Wandering warrior riding on a Black Proto-Drake. Killable Howling Fjord