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The Dragonflight expansion pack has 20 in-game cinematics with either cinematic pre-rendered animated characters or in-engine cutscenes that take place during a quest or boss encounter, which is listed next to the cinematic. Click through to the linked quest/encounter for more context regarding the cinematic.

Dragonflight also includes a short in-game animated short.


  1. Raszageth released
  2. Kalecgos informs Khadgar - B [60-62] Whispers on the Winds
  3. The Storm-Eater’s Fury - Raszageth Confronts Alexstrasza - N [60-62] Cut Off the Head
  4. Alexstrasza and Wrathion Argument - N [60-62] Exeunt, Triumphant (in-game engine cinematic)
  5. Legacies - Chapter 3 - N [60-62] Lessons From Our Past
  6. Sabellian and Brood Return - N [60-62] The Courage of One's Convictions (in-game engine cinematic)
  7. Wrathion Sabellian Bickering - N [60-62] Restoring the Faith (in-game engine cinematic)
  8. Kalecgos Meets Sindragosa Simulacrum - N [65-68] Reclaiming the Oathstone (in-game engine cinematic)
  9. Tuskarr Cooks a Meal - Community Feast (in-game engine cinematic)
  10. Iskaaran Tuskarr Funeral - N [65-68] The Cycle of the Sea (in-game engine cinematic)
  11. Kalecgos and Sindragosa Finale - N [65-68] The Blue Dragon Oathstone (in-game engine cinematic)
  12. Nozdormu Chromie Epilogue - N [68-70] Back to the Future (in-game engine cinematic)
  13. Mother Oathstone Malfunction - N [70] Aspect Power (in-game engine cinematic)
  14. Vault of the Incarnates Raid Finale - Raszageth's Demise - Raszageth encounter finale, Vault of the Incarnates
  15. Post-Raid Aspect debrief - N [70R] Together We Are Unstoppable (in-game engine cinematic)
  16. A Seed of Hope - N [70] And Yet So Far
  17. Malfurion and Tyrande Goodbye - N [70] The Price (in-game engine cinematic)
  18. Ysera Returns - N [70] Reunited, Once Again (in-game engine cinematic)
  19. Secrets of the Reach - N [70] Hidden Legacies, Forbidden Reach storyline
  20. Opening the Way - N [70] A Crack in the World, Embers of Neltharion campaign
  21. Sarkareth Raid Finale - Scalecommander Sarkareth, Aberrus, the Shadowed Crucible; N [70] A Flame, Extinguished, Embers of Neltharion campaign
  22. Black Dragonflight Sabellian Wrathion Ebyssian - N [70] All the Broken Pieces, Embers of Neltharion campaign
  23. Aspect Underground Epilogue - N [70] Symbol of Hope, Embers of Neltharion campaign
  24. Malygos Sindragosa Sendoff -
  25. Senegos's Farewell -
  26. A Matter of Time -
  27. Dawn of the Infinite Interlude -
  28. Morchie Reveal Cutscene -
  29. Dawn of the Infinite Finale -
  30. Vyranoth Alexstrasza Convo -
  31. Chromie Alexstrasza Nozdormu Epilogue - N [70] Rewind and Reconcile
  32. Fury Incarnate In-Game Cinematic - N [70] A Sentinel's Summon
  33. Fyrakk Argues Vyrannoth In Game Cutscene -
  34. Vyranoth Comes to Valdrakken In Game Cutscene -
  35. A Crown of Flame - Guardians of the Dream -

Animated short when starting a dracthyr evoker: