• Dragonhide Battlegear
  • 2143 Armor
    +96 Agility
    +249 Stamina
  • Meta Socket Meta Socket
    Prismatic Socket Prismatic Socket x6
  • +14 Hit
    +53 [+4] Critical Strike
    +90 [+7] PvP Resilience
    +8 Expertise
    Equip: Increases the range of your Entangling Roots spell by 5 yards.
  • Dragonhide Battlegear (5 pieces)
  •  [Dragonhide Gloves]
     [Dragonhide Helm]
     [Dragonhide Legguards]
     [Dragonhide Robe]
     [Dragonhide Spaulders]
  • (2) Set: +35 PvP Resilience.
    (4) Set: Increases your movement speed by 15% while in Bear Form, Cat Form, or Travel Form. Only active outdoors. This speed increase is not cumulative with Feline Swiftness.
  • Combined stats. Numbers in [brackets] indicate socket bonuses

Dragonhide Battlegear is the battlegear feral druid set.


Each piece can be purchased from various faction vendors upon reaching honored reputation.

Piece Faction Price
[Dragonhide Gloves] Keepers of Time 11g 19s 5c
[Dragonhide Helm] Lower City 16g 84s 68c
[Dragonhide Legguards] Cenarion Expedition 22g 54s 38c
[Dragonhide Robe (Honor Hold)] Honor Hold 22g 38s 11c
[Dragonhide Robe (Thrallmar)] Thrallmar 22g 38s 11c
[Dragonhide Spaulders] Sha'tar 16g 96s 89c



Dragonhide Battlegear

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