Dragonkin are all creatures descended from and including dragons,[1] from drakes to drakonid. Nearly all dragonkin belong to one of the main or lesser dragonflights. It seems that the term dragonkin can also refer to a category that includes specifically dragonspawn and drakonid.[2][3][4][5]


  • Reptilian and almost always have a tail.
  • Scaly skin that is usually skinnable.
    • Dragon scales often have magical properties and are highly valuable to craftsmen.
  • Have sharp claws.
  • Semi-intelligent to very intelligent.
  • Some can fly and usually have bat-like wings in that case.
  • Some have a breath-weapon.
  • Some have special abilities or powers and can cast spells.
  • Most are susceptible to the druid's [Hibernate] ability.





Undead dragonkin

Other dragonkin


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