This article is about the Dragonflight feature. For the occupation and its lore, see Dragon rider.

Dragonriding is a new Dragonflight feature. Not merely flying on the back of a common drake, players will be able to customize their unique dragon mount (customization is available from the outset).[1] There are four base types of dragon that the player can choose from, each of which has over 50 customizations available.[2]

The flying itself is dynamic, factoring in momentum, for instance. Players can upgrade their flying skills;[1] speed is one of the attributes that can be improved.[3]

While on the Dragon Isles, Dracthyr will have a type of flying similar to dragonriding, but it will not be upgradable the way mounted dragonriding will be. Dracthyr will also be able to ride a dragon while in their visage forms.[3]

Dragonriding will be limited to the Dragon Isles.[3]


  • Dragonriding was designed early on during the development of Dragonflight.[4] The introduction of dragonriding required changes to be made to the design of the Dragon Isles, such as increasing their height, and introducing cloud layers.[2]
  • As of April 2022, Blizzard is considering porting dragonriding to other continents, but for now, the focus is on the Dragon Isles.[5]