NeutralDragons are the Least of Our Problems
Start Dragonmaw Foreman
End Dragonmaw Foreman
Level 25-30
Type Daily
Category Shadowmoon Valley
Reputation Netherwing +350
Rewards 11g 99s
Repeatable Yes (daily)

Dragons are the Least of Our Problems is a once-daily quest tasking players to kill 15 Nethermine Flayers and 5 Nethermine Ravagers inside the Netherwing Mines. This quest is available starting at friendly reputation after completing N [25-30] The Netherwing Mines


The Dragonmaw Foreman at the Netherwing Mines in Shadowmoon Valley wants you to kill 15 Nethermine Flayers and 5 Nethermine Ravagers.


  • Nethermine Flayer (15)
  • Nethermine Ravager (5)


Ravagers are much more rare than Flayers and path throughout the flayer area.

There are two important things to remember:

  • Work with others. You'll get more ravagers and less aggrivation if you're in a group doing the same quest. Though you might not get as many Netherwing Crystals.
  • Be Patient. This quest brings out the inner jerk in people. The ravagers will respawn. Do not steal kills, as it might carry the same social effects as ninja looting.


That dragon waking up riled up a host of other nasty creatures in these mines. Two types are proving to be a thorn in the side of the Dragonmaw: Nethermine flayers and Nethermine ravagers. You must help us by killing them off. All I ask is your involvement once per day.

Get in there and kill as many as you can!


That'll be enough for today, overseer. Come back tomorrow for another round of clean up.


You will receive: 11g 99s

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