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Image of Draka
Title Margrave,
matron of wolves[2]
Warrior of the Frostwolf Clan[3]
Gender Female
Race(s) Maldraxxi, formerly orc[4] (Humanoid / Undead)
Level 53-60 Normal / Elite
Class Warrior, rogue
Reaction Alliance Horde
Affiliation(s) House of the Chosen, Undying Army
Former affiliation(s) House of Eyes, Frostwolf clan, Old Horde
Occupation Margrave of the House of the Chosen, Spy
Former occupation(s) Warrior of the Frostwolf clan
Location Maldraxxus
Status Active Shadowlands
Relative(s) Rhakish (paternal grandfather)
Kelkar and Zuura[5] (parents)
Lokra (sister, fate unknown)
Garad and Geyah (parents-in-law)
Durotan (mate)
Ga'nar, Fenris Wolfbrother, Karg Bloodfury (brothers-in-law)
Thrall (son)
Aggra (daughter-in-law)
Durak & Rehze (grandchildren)
Mentor(s) Margrave Akarek, Margrave Krexus
Companion(s) Deathfang (companion),
unnamed flayedwings (mounts)

“A lesson, then. Not from mother to child, but from one similar soul to another. Remember who you were, but take pride in who you are. I once thought death was the end. But now, as a warrior of Maldraxxus, I see that it was only the beginning.”

— Draka to her son, Go'el[6]

Draka was a courageous warrior of the Frostwolf clan, the mate of Durotan, and the mother of Go'el (Thrall). After her death, her soul was sent to Maldraxxus and became a baroness of the House of Eyes. She later joined the House of the Chosen following the Eyes' near-destruction, and subsequently led the Necrolord Covenant in their battles against the traitorous Maldraxxi houses. When Maldraxxus' lost ruler, the Primus, returned to the realm, he named Draka the new Margrave of the Chosen, making her the house's official leader.


A Warrior Made[]

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Shortly after Draka's birth to Kelkar and Zuura, Durotan the young heir of the Frostwolf clan blessed her on his mother Geyah's request. He did so but noticed that Draka was ill. Draka indeed turned into a weak and sickly child. Not only did her clanmates discriminate against her, but orcs from other clans also claimed she was a dishonor to the orcish race. Blackhand said that if she was born in his clan, she would have been drowned at a young age. Draka and her family were forced to move to the outskirts of the Frostwolf village by Garad,[7] though her parents understood the chieftain's reasons.

As a teenager, Draka asked Mother Kashur if there was any way to strengthen her sickly body. Visited by a vision of the ancestors, Mother Kashur told Draka that there was a way, but it could mean death. Kashur sent Draka on a hunt to obtain a wing feather of windroc, horn of talbuk, and fur of clefthoof. From the three ingredients, Kashur claimed that she could make a potion to cure Draka's illness.

Having helped their daughter pack for her quest, Kelkar and Zuura saw her off with heavy hearts, believing it was more likely that they would never see her again. Young Draka started her adventure alone. She had never been allowed to join any orcish hunts, and now she had to learn from the world itself. As time passed, Draka's skill increased and, although still weak, she defeated and claimed her first kill of a windroc.[8]

Draka was eventually successful in defeating a talbuk and a clefthoof and obtained all the ingredients she needed. She returned back to Kashur, who revealed the true meaning of Draka's hunt, that the ingredients and potion were not truly needed. The hunt itself had been intended to make Draka a strong and determined Frostwolf orc. In the end, now proud and beautiful, Draka joined a Kosh'harg celebration, where she was noticed by Durotan and Orgrim Doomhammer.[9][7]

Rise of the Horde[]

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Draka TCG

Draka as she appeared in life.

Durotan met Draka again at the Kosh'harg celebration without first recognizing her, now that she was healthy and strong. He was not sure whether she was of the Frostwolves, but finally understood who she was after seeing her eyes. Orgrim regretted that she was of another clan, for he would have claimed her otherwise.

The next day, Durotan asked her to join him on a hunt, something which often meant that a male orc intended to choose a female mate. Draka responded that she was too young to be anyone's mate. Durotan then offered that it would be simply a hunt between equal warriors and nothing more. Draka agreed, and they set out together, hunting a clefthoof but ending up ambushed by a great black wolf. However, together the two orcs were able to survive and kill the beast, at the cost of a wound on Durotan's arm. After nursing him, Draka admitted that while the day prior she wasn't lying when saying she was too young, this day was actually her birthday and she was now adult. They kissed, marking the beginning of their relationship, and then had sex while unknowingly being observed by the man'ari eredar Talgath.[7]

After this, Draka stood by Durotan and his decisions through the years, although she did not like the situation of the orcs. She stood by Durotan when orcs accepted the blood-curse and when the Dark Portal was created. Draka, Durotan, and their clan were exiled and found their homes in Alterac Valley.[10]

Before leaving Draenor, Draka and Durotan visited Durotan's mother Geyah. Draka told her she was pregnant, and Durotan added that the child would be named Go'el.[11]


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Afterlives - Draka's last stand

Draka fighting against the assassins.

In the year 1, Draka gave birth to Go'el, child of Durotan, shortly before joining her chieftain on his secret meeting in Loch Modan with their old comrade Orgrim Doomhammer.[12] There Durotan explained what he knew about Gul'dan, the Shadow Council, and the demonic bargain. Orgrim decided it was time to stop the evil warlock.[13] He urged Durotan and Draka to take shelter in the north until he sent word to them. Orgrim commanded his guards to accompany the Frostwolves on their journey home and keep them safe. That would be a mistake that Orgrim would regret to his dying day. His guards were not loyal to him, but to the Shadow Council.

The guards had heard every word between Orgrim and his visitors. They decided they didn't need Gul'dan's permission to eliminate the Frostwolves - clearly, he would want Durotan, Draka, and their child dead. After traveling north for several days, the guards fell upon Durotan and Draka. The Frostwolves fought bitterly against their attackers, killing one of them. But the remaining guards struck down Durotan and Draka, and Go'el was left to die in the frigid cold.[14][15]


Shadowlands This section concerns content related to Shadowlands.

In the House of Eyes[]

Following her death, Draka's soul was sent to the plane of Maldraxxus in the Shadowlands, where she became a member of the Maldraxxi House of Eyes. As a warrior, Draka initially found the house's ways of subterfuge and stealth to be a strange fit for her. However, under the training of Margrave Akarek, she eventually grew comfortable with her new role and gained the skills of a master spy in addition to those of a warrior.[16] Her training included traveling to worlds outside the Shadowlands;[17][18] at one point, she and Akarek traveled to a world controlled by Azgoth, a lord of the Burning Legion, and stole a set of maps from his stronghold.[16][Note 1] Draka eventually became one of the Eyes' two baronesses. The other baroness was Vashj, but she and Draka did not get along.[20]

After the mysterious destruction of the House of Plagues, Akarek suspected that Maldraxxus' purpose was in peril and sent Draka to deliver a vital message to Margrave Krexus of the House of the Chosen. However, shortly after Draka set out from the Eyes' necropolis Nurakkir on her darkhound, it exploded behind her, taking Akarek with it. Draka found herself surrounded by traitorous necrolords but managed to fight her way through them and reach the House of the Chosen, where she delivered her lord's final message to Margrave Krexus. The message stated "I offer the key to saving Maldraxxus". Draka was at first confused by this, telling Krexus that Akarek hadn't given her a key, but Krexus realized that Draka herself—being an unyielding warrior and master spy—was "a key to many things". That day, Draka joined the House of the Chosen as its baroness to continue protecting Maldraxxus.[16] She took the place of Alexandros Mograine, who had been lost to the Maw.[21]

Blade of the Primus[]

Baroness Draka axes

Baroness Draka in Maldraxxus.

When the Maw Walker arrived in Maldraxxus' Theater of Pain, they found themselves in the middle of a confrontation between Krexus and the margraves Gharmal and Sin'dane—the leaders of the House of Constructs and House of Rituals, who had betrayed the purpose of Maldraxxus by sending their forces to invade Bastion. Draka rescued the Maw Walker from the battle and began transporting them to safety on her flayedwing mount, but the group was shot of the sky and crashed in the Iron Trench.[22] After taking the opportunity to recruit nearby scavengers to the Chosen[23] and dispatch local threats in the form of deathwalkers,[24][25] Draka and the Maw Walker reached the House of the Chosen and reported to Margrave Krexus. The baroness and margrave left to discuss strategy in Vortrexxis while the Maw Walker was sent to Draka's fellow baron Vyraz.[26][27] Krexus sensed great potential in the Maw Walker and soon commanded them to take on the trial of reaching the standing stone at the center of the Chosen's citadel, which resulted in the hero uncovering an unfinished blade and a message from Maldraxxus' missing ruler, the Primus.[28] Realizing that this had a deeper meaning, Draka sent the Maw Walker to Bonesmith Heirmir,[29] who helped them forge the object into a finished runeblade.[30] Krexus concluded that the runes covering the blade were the same as the runes on the Seat of the Primus and sent Draka, Vyraz, and the Maw Walker to investigate. The blade proved to be a key to the Seat, but Vyraz insisted that unlocking the fortress would do the Chosen no good if they lost the war against the other two houses.[31]

The Door to the Unknown - after message

Draka kneeling before the statue of the Primus.

Draka admitted that her fellow baron was right and sent the Maw Walker to recruit the aid of her old rival Vashj,[20] search for survivors at the destroyed House of Plagues,[32] and help Vyraz defend the Chosen forces at the Spearhead from the House of Constructs.[33] These efforts resulted in three more runes being awakened on the Blade of the Primus, meaning there was only one left before the Chosen could enter the Seat. Draka and the Maw Walker returned to the House of the Chosen to inform Krexus of their progress, but when they arrived, they found that the citadel had been attacked by Constructs and that Krexus had been killed. Draka insisted that the Chosen now had to open the Seat if they were to have any hope of victory, but Vyraz claimed that the Seat was a fool's errand and that the Chosen instead had to gather their mightiest forces, including the missing baron Alexandros Mograine.[34] The Maw Walker traveled into the Maw and managed to rescue Alexandros, but when the two met with Draka in Oribos, Mograine revealed that Vyraz was a traitor and that it must have been he who killed Krexus.[35] Draka sent Alexandros and the Maw Walker to confront Vyraz at the House of the Chosen while she returned to the Seat to warn their allies,[36] but the Seat soon came under siege from Vyraz's forces and Draka turned back to bring Alexandros and the Maw Walker with her to defend the fortress.[37] The Maw Walker subsequently used the Blade of the Primus to open the way into the Seat, unleashing the Primus' power and forcing Vyraz's forces to retreat. Inside, the hero and their allies discovered a dire warning from the Primus.[38] Draka asked the Maw Walker to return to Oribos and deliver the warning to the other Eternal Ones. Before parting ways, she told the hero that it would be an honor to fight with them again.[39]

Art of War[]

Draka and her forces remained entrenched at the Seat of the Primus even as the combined forces of the Constructs, Chosen, and Rituals moved against them.[40] The baroness welcomed Maw Walkers who had chosen to side with the necrolords into the Seat[41] and guided them into receiving the power of the Primus.[42] In addition, she welcomed the allegiance of Emeni, Rathan, and other Construct defectors who chose to join the Seat.[43] The baroness later tasked the Maw Walkers with driving back the forces besieging the Seat with help from Ragewing, Bonesmith Heirmir, and Plague Deviser Marileth.[44] This was no long-term solution, since Draka's forces couldn't continue keeping their enemies at bay using only air strikes, but Vashj devised a plan to steal a necropolis to permanently bolster their defenses. Draka asked the Maw Walkers to assist Vashj with this plan, since the other baroness was more agreeable toward the outsiders than she was toward Draka.[45] With assistance from surviving members of the House of Eyes and defectors from the other houses, Vashj's plan resulted in the capture of the Zerekriss. Aboard the necropolis, the Maw Walkers discovered the Bindings of Fleshcrafting—one of the armor pieces that once belonged to the Primus—and brought them to Draka. She declared that they should be returned to their rightful place—the statue of the Primus—and that if any more pieces were found, the necrolords would claim them for their covenant.[46][47]

Pursuit of Justice - Draka oversees

Draka overseeing the battle with Margrave Gharmal from the Zerekriss.

After the Maw Walkers and Alexandros helped repel another Construct attack on Bastion, Draka met with Xandria—the kyrian Paragon of Courage—to forge an alliance against their common enemy: Margrave Gharmal.[48] Together, kyrian and necrolord forces assaulted the House of Constructs with the Zerekriss, with Maw Walkers assisting the two covenants on the ground while Draka remained aboard the necropolis.[49] After gaining control of the stronghold,[50] the Maw Walkers, Alexandros, and Xandria engaged in combat with Gharmal in order to buy enough time for Draka to focus the Zerekriss' weaponry. During the battle, Gharmal told Draka to face them before mockingly asking if she would beg to join the Constructs the way she had joined the Chosen. The battle ended with Draka using the Zerekriss to fire a single massive bolt of energy at the margrave, killing them.[51] The baroness subsequently investigated Gharmal's private tower for evidence of treachery and made an unsettling discovery: canisters of anima from Revendreth, not plundered but given from an ally. The baroness returned to the Seat to prepare for a journey to Revendreth and asked Alexandros and the Maw Walkers to search the rest of the tower for anything of value,[52] resulting in the recovery of another one of the Primus' armor pieces, the Mantle of Eternal Victory.[53][54]

It's Treason, Then

Draka and Kael'thas Sunstrider battling Lady Ouix'Ara.

Shortly after, Draka received a missive[55] from the Accuser, who wanted to discuss Gharmal's anima reserves and revealed the presence of Maldraxxi conspirators in Revendreth. Draka and the Maw Walkers immediately traveled to the venthyr realm[56] and accompanied the Accuser to the House of Rituals encampment of Death's End. The Accuser explained that the Ritualists seemed to be siphoning Sire Denathrius' anima stockpiles, and also revealed that she would force one of the souls in her care—Kael'thas Sunstrider—to accompany the necrolords on their mission as a way of humbling him.[4] Draka, the Maw Walkers, and a reluctant Kael'thas worked together to destroy the Ritualist operation[57][58] before confronting the camp's overseer, the lich Lady Ouix'Ara. Before killing her, Kael'thas got Ouix'Ara to reveal the name of her master, the one responsible for the unrest in Maldraxxus: Kel'Thuzad. The group subsequently discovered that Ouix'Ara had been drawing on the power of yet another armor piece of the Primus, the Pauldrons of Imperium. When the Maw Walkers picked up the pauldrons, an image of Kel'Thuzad briefly appeared to taunt the group into facing him in the House of Rituals. Kael'thas—who had personal grievances with Kel'Thuzad—tried to convince Draka to escort him to Maldraxxus immediately, but she retorted that they had to learn more about the threat first and that once the necrolords' forces were ready, they would call on Revendreth to join the fight.[59] The baroness and the Maw Walkers subsequently returned to the Seat of the Primus with the pauldrons.[60]

Prince Renathal later recruited Draka to counter the growing threat posed by the Tithelord, the venthyr responsible for providing Ouix'Ara with anima. After a meeting in Sinfall, Renathal, Draka, and the baroness' trusty helhound Deathfang met up with venthyr Maw Walkers at Stonevigil Overlook, where they set about freeing the Tithelord's oppressed subjects.[61] Draka tasked the Maw Walkers with draining anima from the Tithelord's stoneborn to return it to the town's well[62] and helped them kill the head stoneborn, Third Talon Vartox.[63] Upon spotting a carriage running off with the last of the anima, Draka and the Maw Walkers mounted Deathfang, chased after it, and killed its driver, Provisioner Kraus.[64] Renathal's forces continued to the Tithelord's base, the Caretaker's Manor,[65] where Draka led the Sinfall forces in battle while Renathal and the Maw Walkers pursued their enemy. Although they killed the Tithelord, Kel'Thuzad got away with the immensely powerful Medallion of Dominion. The venthyr began preparing for an attack on Kel'Thuzad while Draka and Deathfang returned to the Seat.[66]

The Third Fall of Kel'Thuzad - Draka with Staff

Draka with the Staff of the Primus in Exoramas.

Draka was eventually approached by Balmedar, a lich who offered to help the necrolords infiltrate the House of Rituals. Draka disapproved of the plan and told Maw Walkers not to trust the lich, but conceded that his offer might be the only way to uncover the Ritualists' schemes.[67] Balmedar and the heroes partially foiled Kel'Thuzad's plans but subsequently returned to Draka with the news that Kel'Thuzad had overthrown Margrave Sin'dane to take full control of the House of Rituals.[68] After mustering the covenant's forces,[69] Draka—accompanied by Balmedar, Vashj, Alexandros, Emeni, and the Maw Walkers—led the necrolords in marching in on the Ritualist stronghold to remove Kel'Thuzad's influence. The heroes and Emeni's abominations destroyed the barricades blocking a side entrance to the house's southern portion, allowing the attackers to push into the Grimoirium and confront Kel'Thuzad's servant, Baroness Ninadar. After empowering herself with anima, Ninadar began battling Draka, Alexandros, and the Maw Walkers until they nearly defeated her, at which point she started draining even more anima and inadvertently destroyed herself in the process. She left behind the Staff of the Primus, which she had seized from Sin'dane during Kel'Thuzad's coup. Balmedar picked up the staff while the attackers continued to the Prime Arcanum, where they were unable to stop Kel'Thuzad from summoning a Maw Infernous. However, the necrolords received sudden reinforcements from the Venthyr Covenant in the form of Kael'thas and General Draven, allowing them to defeat the creature. The attackers pressed on to the necropolis Exoramas, where Kel'Thuzad was waiting with the captive Sin'dane. Draka told Kel'Thuzad to surrender or be destroyed, but he merely replied that the plan of his master—the Jailer—was unfolding as intended and that they would not live to see its completion. Draka and most of the other attackers spread out to hold off Kel'Thuzad's skeletal minions while the Maw Walkers focused on weakening the traitorous baron himself, allowing Balmedar to free Sin'dane by returning the Staff of the Primus to her. However, before the attackers could detain the defeated Kel'Thuzad, he escaped to the Jailer's side with the help of a group of Mawsworn.[70]

Afterward, Draka asked Sin'dane to join the necrolords' cause, since they would need her strength against the Jailer. The margrave agreed and gave Draka the Staff of the Primus—the final item missing from the Eternal One's regalia—as proof of her good faith. Draka commended the Maw Walkers and told them that their deeds would be remembered for all eternity.[70] The necrolords then returned to the Seat and returned the staff to its rightful place, completing the Primus' statue.[71]

Chains of Domination[]

After the Jailer launched an attack on the kyrian's Archon Kyrestia to claim her covenant sigil, Draka attended a meeting with the other covenant leaders in Oribos as the representative for Maldraxxus. She declared that the necrolords would drive back the Jailer's minions from their next target, Ardenweald, and it was decided that all four covenants would work together to defend the realm.[72] The Jailer nonetheless managed to claim the sigil, and both Draka and Bolvar Fordragon suggested directly taking the fight to the enemy in the Maw.[73] The baroness was among the covenant forces whom Maw Walkers rallied to charge into the realm of Korthia after they established a portal link between it and Oribos.[74]

A Traitor's Due - battle begins

Draka, Thrall, and the Primus confronting Vyraz and Helya.

Victory in Our Name

Mother and son reunited.

In Desmotaeron in the Maw, Maw Walkers discovered that Baron Vyraz was working together with Helya under the Jailer. Upon hearing of this, Draka declared that she would kill the traitorous baron and avenge Krexus.[75] The heroes later rescued the Primus himself, who had been kept prisoner in Torghast after his disappearance from Maldraxxus, and he sent Draka and a Maw Walker to deal with the Jailer's two underlings. The orc hero Thrall approached the baroness and hero in Keeper's Respite and asked to accompany them on the mission.[76] The moment she saw him, Draka noticed that Thrall had Durotan's eyes and thereby recognized him for who he was: her long-lost son, Go'el.[6] She chose not to tell him this at first, instead focusing on the mission and dismissing his attempts to tell her about their kinship.[77] The trio fought their way through the Mawsworn in Desmotaeron, summoned a series of death gates the covenants could use,[78] and then summoned the Zerekriss to begin the four covenants' assault.[79] With lower Desmotaeron engulfed in chaos, Draka, Thrall, and the hero slipped through the gates to the upper hold of Helgarde Keep[77] (where they took the time to rescue some Forsworn who regretted their pact with the Jailer)[80] and confronted Vyraz and Helya themselves. Helya empowered Vyraz with her magic, but the Primus teleported in and gave Draka his own blessing to match. This allowed the baroness and her allies to kill Vyraz—finally avenging Krexus' murder and ending the last of Maldraxxus' traitorous house leaders—after which the Primus banished Helya from the Maw.[2]

The Roads We Walk

Draka's promotion ceremony.

As they returned to Keeper's Respite, Draka called Thrall by his birth name, thereby revealing that she knew who he was. She asked him who he had grown to be since her death. He began telling her about his time as warchief and shaman, but she cut off him and pointed out that that was who he had been, not who he currently was. Thrall replied that he was uncertain about his future, and Draka gave him a lesson: to remember his past, but also to take pride in who he was. She expressed joy over seeing who he had become, assured him that he had much farther to go, and took him aside to hear more about his life.[6] The Primus subsequently summoned Draka and other necrolords back to the Seat to reward her for her loyalty to the covenant.[81] He declared that she had proven herself time and again and named her the new Margrave of the Chosen. Draka stated that this honor was unexpected, but that it was only another challenge to overcome and that she would uphold Krexus and Akarek's legacies. Thrall, who had accompanied his mother to the Seat, commented that the position and the challenges that came it with it were not unlike those of a warchief. Draka replied that she'd have to rely on her allies to find victory, and added "Perhaps a similar road lies ahead of you, my son".[82]

With Maldraxxus reunited, the Primus reforged the lost necrolord sigil and entrusted it to Draka.[6] After the attack on the Sanctum of Domination, Draka and other covenant representatives were summoned to Keeper's Respite and delivered their sigils to the Primus so that he could use them to pursue the Jailer to Zereth Mortis. The margrave subsequently stayed at the respite to talk with Thrall, who confided that he felt responsible for the actions of Garrosh Hellscream, whom he had tutored, named warchief, and eventually been forced to kill. In response, Draka shared something that Durotan used to say: "a wolf decides whether to come when called or to turn on its master". She added that Garrosh had chosen his own path and that it had now ended, whereas Thrall's continued moving forward. Thrall agreed on this and thanked his mother for the advice.[83]


Dragonflight This section concerns content related to Dragonflight.
A Worthy Offering - Draka

Draka manifesting at the Kosh'harg in Razor Hill.

At some point after the events in the Shadowlands, Draka was reunited with the soul of her beloved Durotan. During Azeroth's first Kosh'harg festival at Razor Hill, Draka and Durotan briefly manifested from the Shadowlands alongside the spirits of other famous orcs in response to an offering prepared by an orc adventurer and Draka's grandson, Durak. Before disappearing, Draka told the adventurer that she was glad that Go'el had their aid, and that the return of the Kosh'harg signaled the beginning of a brighter future for the orcs.[84]


  • Ability warrior charge Charge — Charges an enemy, inflicting normal damage and stuns the opponent for 2 sec.
  • Racial orc berserkerstrength Draka's Fury — Draka plants her battle standard, increasing the damage of nearby allies for 30 sec. Summons Draka's Flag.
  • Inv misc potionsetf Healing Salve — Throws a healing salve to an ally, healing them.
  • Ability warrior shockwave Shockwave — Sends a wave of force in front of the warrior, causing damage and stunning all enemy targets within 10 yards in a frontal cone for 4 sec.





Baroness Draka

Draka with her polearm in the House of the Chosen.

  • Always ready for battle.
  • Blood and thunder!
  • For the honor of the bladesworn.
  • How goes the fight?
  • Lok-tar!
  • Throm-ka!
  • Lok-tar ogar. It means "victory or death". In Maldraxxus, it's victory AND death.
  • In the House of Eyes, I learned the secrets OF SUBTLETY!
  • I am the blade in the dark. I am also the blade in your face!
  • Strength comes from loyalty, honor, and-- WILL YOU STOP POKING ME?!
  • Even here, I protect the weak.
  • Every defeat is a lesson.
  • For Krexus! For Akarek!
  • In the name of the Primus.
  • Only the strong survive.
  • Strength and honor.
  • Strength comes from the heart.


Seat of the Primus leaders

Draka (center) with Vashj and Alexandros in the Seat of the Primus.

Iron Trench
We must act swiftly. The other houses are sure to strike against the Chosen soon.
House of the Chosen
Our work has just begun.
Maldraxxus will stand united again.
Bleak Redoubt
Victory will be ours.
Seat of the Primus (Covenant Sanctum version pre-N [60] Welcome To Our House)
There's still much work to do, Maw Walker. We must restore order to Maldraxxus!
I'm sure with your help, we will be victorious.
Seat of the Primus (Covenant Sanctum version)
Maldraxxus will stand united again.
Gossip <Stay awhile and listen.>
  • Alexandros Mograine says: Baroness, your original night elf form was restored in the afterlife, was it not? Why abandon it for one akin to the naga?
Baroness Vashj says: When I was kaldorei, I was but a handmaiden to my queen. Prized for my beauty, and little else. As a naga, I was recognized and rewarded for my cunning and resolve.
Baroness Vashj says: But I could ask the same question of you. Why adopt the form of a feeble human, when so many stronger ones exist?
Alexandros Mograine says: This is the form I had when purging countless undead on Azeroth. But I suppose your point stands.
  • Baroness Draka says: Have you children, Alexandros?
Alexandros Mograine says: I do. Two sons. One betrayed me to the Scourge. The other sacrificed himself to free me.
Alexandros Mograine says: I saw him again, just recently, in the Maw. He too has risen as a death knight. He too fights to defend our world.
Baroness Draka says: You must be proud. My son was a mere babe when traitors struck me down. I fought to my last breath to save him. But I... do not know if he survived.
Alexandros Mograine says: If he is of your blood, Draka, then I have no doubt that he did.
  • Baroness Draka says: I did not abandon Margrave Akarek. I was sent on a mission before our house fell, just as you were.
Baroness Vashj says: Is that why you cowered behind the Chosen's banner while your fellow Eyes were being slaughtered?
Baroness Draka says: The margrave entrusted me with a new purpose, Vashj. Letting go of the past is the only way we can survive.
Baroness Vashj says: Survival is for the weak and timid. Either you prevail... or you perish.
Baroness Draka says: You seem to know much of broken worlds, Vashj. And of consorting with demonic filth.
Baroness Vashj says: Queen Azshara's machinations brought us untold power. The Sundering was a small price to pay for our ascension.
Baroness Draka says: I have heard tales of your vain, heartless queen. It seems you have a great deal in common with her... in form as well as substance.
  • Baroness Draka says: Krexus spoke highly of you, Ashbringer. He did not offer praise lightly.
Alexandros Mograine says: He forged my strength into victories I thought impossible. I will rip out Vyraz's blackened heart for betraying him.
Alexandros Mograine says: It pleases me to know you served Krexus well. He admired your spirit even when you answered to Akarek.
Baroness Draka says: We both learned much from him. And together, we shall see him avenged.
  • Baroness Vashj says: Mograine. Given your personal history with the undead, you must find Maldraxxus... distasteful.
Alexandros Mograine says: Slaying the undead was my life's purpose. To be surrounded by them in death... I found myself in the midst of a nightmare.
Alexandros Mograine says: It was Margrave Krexus who showed me that our army is one of honor and acclaim. But the actions of our enemies echo those of the Scourge.
Baroness Vashj says: Then perhaps your life's purpose shall continue.
Stonevigil Overlook during Envy
The Tithelord's greed knows no bounds.
In Maldraxxus, these actions are unthinkable. Are venthyr not supposed to focus on helping souls atone for their sins? It sickens me further that he forged an allegiance with those of my realm.
We must put a stop to this madness.
Perdition Hold, Necrolord Assaults
The battle is fierce, <name>. Your skills are greatly needed.
Keeper's Respite
A different battlefield, a different campaign, but everything remains the same.
Keeper's Respite after N [60] Covenants Renewed (triggered by talking to Thrall)
Magrave Draka says: You have told me many stories of your life, Go'el. It seems some of the memories trouble you.
Thrall says: Yes. I spoke of Garrosh, son of Grommash Hellscream. I'd hoped to spare him from the darkness his father knew, but instead... I fear I'm to blame for the ruin he unleashed.
Magrave Draka says: Fate sets a course before each of us. How are you to blame for the destiny he wrought?
Thrall says: I took him from Nagrand. I made him warchief. But when he needed me most, I left him to falter. And in the end, it was my hand that struck him down.
Magrave Draka says: Your father used to say that a wolf decides whether to come when called or to turn on its master. There is no fault, only nature taking its course. Garrosh chose his path, my son.
Thrall says: But I set him upon it.
Magrave Draka says: You offered him a choice. You did not choose for him. Mourn if you must, but his decisions are not your burden to bear. His path ended. Yours moves forward.
Thrall says: Onward... yes. There's much to be done. Thank you, mother.
Razor Hill
Main article: A Worthy Offering#Notes

Alternate timelines[]

When Thrall fled into a passage in the Caverns of Time to escape an armored assassin, he found himself in the time and place of his parents' murder of an alternate history.[85] Thrall pretended to be one of the bodyguards assigned to protect Durotan and Draka by Doomhammer as they returned home. Draka noticed that he had blue eyes and that he seemed very interested in the infant Thrall she was carrying. When the other bodyguard, Grukar summoned the assassins that attacked Draka and Durotan, Thrall could only watch, as saving them would alter the timeline.[86]

Another Draka appears in the alternate Draenor in the past during the war in Draenor.

Draka from a separate timeline[87] appears in the Warcraft film universe.

Notes and trivia[]

  • In life, Draka had brown eyes.[88]
  • The Horde warship Draka's Fury was named in her honor by Thrall, as a tribute to the strong orcish women in his life.[89]
  • The birth of Go'el and Draka and Durotan's meeting with Orgrim was originally stated to have happened in year 0,[90] but the date was retconned in Chronicle Volume 2.
  • An unused NPC ID for Draka exists in the game files for The Burning Crusade. She is also featured in the World of Warcraft Bestiary, where she is listed as a level 70 NPC. It's unknown where she was planned to appear in the expansion, but it would presumably have been in a Caverns of Time instance or in a flashback of some sort.
  • Go'el's mother first appeared in the intro cutscene of the canceled game Warcraft Adventures: Lord of the Clans. However, she was not given a name until the novelization Lord of the Clans. The author Christie Golden doesn't recall giving her name any intended meaning other than wanting it to sound "Orcish & badass".[91]
    • Perhaps coincidentally, драка (draka) means "fight" in Russian.
  • The World of Warcraft Bestiary, the Trading Card Game, and Afterlives all consistently depict Draka as having dual-wielded a pair of axes similar to a Inv axe 08 [Savage Axe] in life. In the Shadowlands, she is mostly seen wielding two copies of Haromm's Frozen Crescent, except for her time in the House of the Chosen early in the Maldraxxus storyline, where she instead uses an Inv polearm 2h ebonblade b 01 blue [Icy Ebon Halberd].
  • During the development of Shadowlands, the developers realized they had no shortage of famous deceased characters they could feature, but they wanted to avoid making the expansion feel like a simple checklist of deceased characters players would interact with. As such, they wanted to focus on characters that they felt best fit the themes of the expansion's zones, with a mix of some more obvious choices (like Uther in Bastion) and some more unexpected ones where players would have to think about how they fit their respective zones. Draka, an example of the latter category, was picked for Maldraxxus because the developers felt that her story of building herself up to be a warrior in A Warrior Made and dying while trying to protect her son from treachery was the perfect fit for the mentality of the Necrolords. In addition, Draka is a character that, while integral to the storyline of the orcs, had not received a lot of attention in previous material, making her in some ways a blank slate the developers could fill in through the Shadowlands storyline.[92][93][94]
  • During the Shadowlands expansion, no mention was made of what had happened to Durotan's soul. Lead narrative designer Steve Danuser suggested that while Draka was currently separated from Durotan, the two could potentially find an afterlife in the Shadowlands they could share together after Draka had completed her obligations in Maldraxxus.[92][94] In the Dragonflight quest H IconSmall Orc MaleIconSmall Orc Female [50-70] A Worthy Offering, the two have evidently found each other again as they appear side-by-side, though Draka is still shown as a Maldraxxi.
  • During the Iron Trench quests and An Army of Bone and Steel, Draka's generic name is a skeleton named Chosen Scrapper. While accompanying players in Revendreth during The Wages of Sin, she has the generic name of Maldraxxi Spy. Unlike the Chosen Scrapper, the Maldraxxi Spy retains Draka's appearance.
  • Draka appears as a legendary rogue minion in the Murder at Castle Nathria expansion for Hearthstone. In the story of the expansion, she is one of ten guests who were invited to a dinner party in Castle Nathria by Sire Denathrius, and consequently one of the prime suspects when Denathrius is found murdered.
  • There exist unused assets for Draka in the files for Hearthstone's Mercenaries game mode, but she was never implemented.
  • Draka is voiced by Debra Wilson in Shadowlands.[95]


This article or section includes speculation, observations or opinions possibly supported by lore or by Blizzard officials. It should not be taken as representing official lore.

As Durotan is buried at the Rock of Durotan, Draka may also be buried there or at least near it.



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