Draka (film universe)

For the character from the main universe, see Draka.
Image of Draka
Gender Female
Race Orc
Class Warrior
Affiliation(s) Frostwolf clan, Horde
Location Azeroth
Status Deceased
Relative(s) Durotan (mate), Go'el (son), Garad (father-in-law), Geyah (mother-in-law), Kelkar (father),[1] Rhakish (paternal grandfather)[1]
Companion(s) Ice (wolf mount)
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This article contains information and lore exclusive to the Warcraft film universe, which is considered to be separate from the main Warcraft universe canon.

“Spirit of Water, I can bear my child no further. They will never stop hunting us. They will find us, and kill us, if he stays with me. Will you take my baby? Will you keep him safe?”

— Draka[2]
Family tree.

Draka was an orc warrior of the Frostwolf clan, the mate of chieftain Durotan and mother of Go'el. After travelling through the Great Gate to Azeroth, she gave birth to her son, and spent her remaining time caring for the child. When the Frostwolves were exterminated by the other orcs, Draka fled, with the aid of Orgrim Doomhammer, taking Go'el with her. She was killed defending her child, shortly after sending him to safety on a river, afloat in a basket.


Dying Draenor

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As a youth Draka would be exiled from the Frostwolf clan due to her weakness, however on the day of her exile that fact she marched forward without looking back would be admired that elders of the clan would remark "In this, at least, she is a Frostwolf."[3] Draka would later return to the clan during Midsummer after proving herself strong and the Frostwolves would welcome her among them, though Draka would discover that in her exile her parents had passed away.

As Draka began teaching what she learned to the clan, she and Durotan would become close and Ice, would choose her as his companion. However unknown to Durotan the dormant volcano near their home was close to erupting and in their weakened state Drek'Thar and the other shaman were unable to hear the spirit's warning. As such the clan would be caught off guard but Durotan would be able to successfully save the bulk of the clan. Sometime later he and Draka would become mates, with Draka later becoming pregnant with his child.

In this time of uncertainly Gul'dan would try to once again to gain Frostwolf support for the Horde and Durotan would be greatly tempted to join. However he ultimately rejected convinced that doing so would make them the warlock's slaves. A surprised Garona would use the Draenei tongue to warn them that Gul'dan was dangerous, and Draka (who had learned the tongue in her exile) informed her that they knew, though when Gul'dan demanded to know what was said Drake informed that warlock that Garona had called them fools. Accepting this Gul'dan then called Durotan stubborn but remarked that should he see wisdom and change his mind all he had to was head to Tanaan Jungle.[4] While the likes of Doomhammer and Drek'thar would praise Durotan, other Frostwolves were in disagreement with rejecting the Horde and Durotan would be challenged by Nokrar and despite winning Durotan would refuse to kill arguing that too many Frostwolf lives had been lost. Nokrar, still convinced to join the Horde, would take his family and leave and Durotan would give chase to prevent the loss of Frostwolf lives. While Nokrar's family would be recovered Nokrar would be killed and eaten by the Redwalkers, a fact that would horrify Durotan and Draka.

Sometime later the spirits would be able to get a message of sorts to Drek'Thar and Durotan decided to lead a party north to aid the spirits, while leaving Draka and Doomhammer in charge. With Durotan and his war party gone the opportunistic Red Walkers decided to strike out against the Frostwolves in order to wound them and use them as a food supply. Unknown to the Redwalkers the weakened spirits still had enough energy to give one final gift to the Frostwolves and Durotan and his party rushed south and the Frostwolves under the command of Draka and Orgrim Doomhammer fought to kill their enemies. During this battle Doomhammer would become locked in combat against the Red Walker chieftain who successfully knocked out after hearing Durotan's orders to keep him alive. Draka would later hear, along with Durotan, how the noble Red Walker clan had fallen so low and then witness Durotan swift kill of its chieftain, thus putting end to the Red Walkers.[5]

In light of the war with Redwalkers and hardships had taken a toll on the Frostwolves and Draka would support Durotan's order to join the Horde.[6]


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After entering the Great Gate Draka would give birth to a still birth Go'el but Gul'dan's magic would quickly give him life. Durotan and Draka would dote upon their child and become worried about his future.

While Durotan and the Frostwolves joined the Horde war effort Draka would remain within the Horde encampment to look after Go'el. As Gul'dan's fel magic starting destroying the land around them Durotan, wishing the best for his son and his people, would decide to work with the humans to stop Gul'dan. However Doomhammer unable to see how working with the humans would secure victory would betray the Frostwolves and cause the parlay to become an ambush. The Frostwolves would be brought to the Horde encampment and Durotan would be imprisoned. At Gul'dan's order the Frostwolves would be attacked and Draka would attempt to kill Doomhammer, only for guilt ridden orc to implore her to think of her child and run. Though clearly furious with Doomhammer, she would take his advice and run.

After safely sending her son upon the river Draka would be attacked and though killing her attacker, would soon die from a mortal wound.[7]


  • Draka is portrayed in Warcraft by Anna Galvin.
  • Unlike her main-universe counterpart, she is not green but remained brown.


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