For the Warcraft III unit, see Drake (Warcraft III). For the Blizzard forum poster named Drake, see Shane Dabiri.

Drakes of the major flights.

A black drake in Burning Steppes.

Drake concept art.

Drake concept art.

Drakes are dragons that are still relatively young in comparison to their ancient brethren. Though not as strong as their parents, they are still dangerous. Drakes can be around the size of horses, roughly six feet long but with a wingspan wider than that. They are distinguishable from fully grown dragons by their smaller heads and by having only a few spikes along their back.[1] Drakes are almost always flying while moving, while nether drakes tend to walk. Fully grown dragons typically walk while moving. Drakes can be found throughout Azeroth, but are especially prevalent in some areas, such as the Burning Steppes, the Swamp of Sorrows, Winterspring, and in many dungeons. Many other drakes can be found in the Dragonblight, at the Wyrmrest Temple or in the dragonshrines. Some new drakes were also added in Cataclysm.

Types of drakes

Drakes come in a variety of colors and are all found in different locations.

Notable drakes

As a mount

Main article: Drake mounts

A wide variety of drakes can be obtained as flying mounts. Many (but not all) of them can be fairly difficult to get, being rare drops, rewards from long grinds, or limited-time promotions such as arena mounts.



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