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For the Pirates' Day group, see Dread Crew. For another pirate group in Azsuna, see Blacksail Crew.
MobDread Fleet
Dread Admiral Eliza HS
Main leader IconSmall Undead Female Dread Admiral Eliza †
Secondary leaders IconSmall SkeletalOrc First Mate DeGauza †
Race(s) UndeadUndead Undead
Character classes Pirate
Theater of operations Azsuna
Affiliation Burning Legion
Status Defeated

The Dread Fleet was a pirate group and fleet led by Dread Admiral Eliza, serving the Burning Legion.


Originally part of the Bloodsail Buccaneers, during the Elemental Unrest and the Cataclysm, Admiral Eliza and her crew found the blades Fate and Fortune on a small island not far from Booty Bay,[1] becoming corrupted. Afterward, she had her crew set sail for a rival pirate hideout and proceeded to slaughter their enemies. Goreblade's buccaneers became an unseen, deadly menace on the South Seas. The master of these weapons, the eredar Talgath, had seen what attracting too much attention would do, so he encouraged Admiral Goreblade to attack only isolated ships and make certain they did not escape. For several years, the pirate crew did exactly what they were told. They killed without mercy, and the power of the cutlasses grew ever stronger. When other Bloodsail Buccaneers learned how deep into insanity this crew had fallen, they tried to intervene. Goreblade's pirates survived the counterattack and managed to steal the Bloodsail Buccaneers' most prized ship, the Crimson Veil, for themselves.

Soon, some crew members began to change. Their forms withered and faded. Only their skeletons remained. Admiral Goreblade did not mind. The cutlasses hungered for blood, and now, so did she.

Shortly before the Burning Legion's third invasion, Admiral Goreblade finally discovered the true power behind her weapons. Talgath revealed himself and told her that she had only tasted a meaningless drop of the Burning Legion's strength. If she aided the demons in the coming war, he promised that she would ascend to immortality and find out what might the Legion could truly bestow. The admiral agreed immediately. She made a pact, giving the souls of all her crew to Talgath's tender care. She had already come to enjoy being the unseen terror of the seas. The possibility of bringing a world to ruin consumed her mind.

When the Legion attacked, so did Admiral Goreblade. Several convoys of reinforcements from both the Horde and the Alliance were destroyed by her crew before they could reach the Broken Isles.[2]

Following the Battle for the Broken Shore, the group operated in the Temple of a Thousand Lights in Azsuna. They were defeated by the Shadowblade of the Uncrowned, and Fleet Admiral Tethys and his buccaneers.[3]



Name Status Occupation
Mob IconSmall Undead Female Dread Admiral Eliza Deceased Dread admiral; Captain
Mob IconSmall SkeletalOrc First Mate DeGauza Deceased First mate




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