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The Dread Wastes storyline takes place after the Townlong Steppes storyline. Adventurers are directed to the Bowmistress Li upon the Serpent's Spine, just south of the Gate of the Setting Sun to begin the storyline. After locating a member of the Shado-Pan who has fallen from the wall, adventurers are quickly introduced to the Klaxxi faction of mantid, who find themselves in direct opposition to Shek'zeer and her sha-based corruption of the swarm.

After completing "The First Paragons" portion of  [Dread Haste Makes Dread Waste], side quests open up at the Sunset Brewgarden and Soggy's Gamble, but breadcrumbs to those quest hubs are not offered until later in the Klaxxi storyline.

The First Paragons

The zone storyline opens up with breadcrumbs from everywhere leading to the southern side of the Gate of the Setting Sun in the Vale of Eternal Blossoms.

Kil-Ruk the Windreaver

Terrace of Gurthan

Optional breadcrumbs: B [90] The Klaxxi, N [90] Dread Space, N [90] The Threat in the South, N [90] Better Dead than Dread

  1. N [90] Falling Down & N [90] Nope
  2. N [90] Psycho Mantid
  3. N [90] Preserved in Amber
  4. N [90] Wakening Sickness & N [90] Ancient Vengeance
  5. N [90] The Klaxxi Council

Malik the Unscathed

Clutches of Shek'zeer

After being formally introduced to the Klaxxi at Klaxxi'vess, the adventurer is sent out on a task to recover another paragon:

  1. Complete all of:
  2. Complete all of:

Next: N [90] Amber Is Life, N [30-35] Extending Our Coverage

The Might of the Klaxxi

After recovering the first paragons, the storyline forks, with quests taking place to the southwest in the Briny Muck, and to the southeast at the Lake of Stars.

Korven the Prime

Kypari Zar

Southeast at the Lake of Stars, adventurers are first asked to kill some of the local saurok and their leader before recovering the paragon found in the area.

  1. N [90] Amber Is Life
  2. N [90] Feeding the Beast & N [90] Living Amber
  3. N [90] Kypari Zar
  4. N [90] The Root of the Problem

Kaz'tik the Manipulator

Briny Muck

To the southwest, the adventurer and Kor'ik have been tasked with reactivating another Klaxxi beacon in Amberglow Hollow, which enables the Klaxxi'va to locate the paragon in the Briny Muck.

  1. N [30-35] Extending Our Coverage
  2. N [30-35] Crime and Punishment & N [30-35] Better With Age
  3. N [30-35] By the Sea, Nevermore
  4. N [30-35] Reunited
  5. N [30-35] Feed or Be Eaten & N [30-35] The Kunchong Whisperer & N [30-35] Falling to Pieces

Amber is the Color of My Energy

After completing the first two criteria of  [Dread Haste Makes Dread Waste], breadcrumbs to other parts of the zone are offered from Klaxxi'vess: the Sunset Brewgarden, and Soggy's Gamble. Additionally, two more Paragons can be wakened.

Taste of Amber

The Sunset Brewgarden

Rikkitun Village

Up to the north at the Sunset Brewgarden, extremely fool-hardy pandaren are trying to create brew from the amber of an unnamed kypari.

Optional breadcrumb: N [90] A Not So Friendly Request

  1. N [90] The Heavens Hum With War & N [90] Sacred Recipe
  2. N [90] I Bring Us Great Shame & N [90] Daggers of the Great Ones & N [90] Bound With Shade & N [90] Rending Daggers
  3. N [90] Wood and Shade & N [90] Bound With Wood
  4. N [90] Sunset Kings
  5. N [90] Fiery Wings & N [90] Incantations Fae and Primal & N [90] The Horror Comes A-Rising & N [90] Great Vessel of Salvation
  6. N [90] Bind the Glamour
  7. N [90] Blood of Ancients & N [90] Fires and Fears of Old

Like a Deck Boss

Soggy's Gamble

Down on the southern coast, an Anglers fishing expedition has gone poorly, as they have found themselves shipwrecked at what is now called Soggy's Gamble.

Optional breadcrumb: N [90] Gambling Problem

  1. N [90] Mazu's Breath
  2. N [90] Fresh Pots & N [90] You Otter Know
  3. N [90] Meet the Cap'n
  4. N [90] Walking Dog & N [90] Old Age and Treachery & N [90] On the Crab & N [30-35] Shark Week & N [90] Dog Food
  5. N [90] Reeltime Strategy
  6. N [90] The Mariner's Revenge
  7. N [90] Mazu's Bounty

Skeer the Bloodseeker and Rik'kal the Dissector

Upon reaching honored reputation, Kor'ik and Kil'ruk the Wind-Reaver each offer quests to waken another Paragon, bringing the total up to six.

Rik'kal the Dissector
  1. N [90] The Zan'thik Dig
  2. N [90] The Dissector Wakens
Skeer the Bloodseeker
  1. N [90] Skeer the Bloodseeker
  2. N [90] A Strange Appetite & N [90] Fine Dining & N [90] A Bloody Delight
  3. N [90] The Scent of Blood
After completing both quest chains
  1. N [30-35] Overthrone

Xaril the Poisoned Mind and Hisek the Swarmkeeper

Upon reaching revered reputation, Kor'ik and Kil'ruk the Wind-Reaver each offer quests to waken yet another Paragon, bringing the total up to eight.

Xaril the Poisoned Mind
  1. N [90] Beneath the Heart of Fear
  2. N [90] A Shade of Dread & N [90] Dark Wings, Dark Things & N [90] Venomous Intent
  3. N [90] The Poisoned Mind
Hisek the Swarmkeeper
  1. N [90] Dropping Our Signal
  2. N [90] Corruption Runs Deep
  3. N [90] Damage Control & N [90] Extracting Answers

The Empress' Gambit

After reaching exalted reputation with the Klaxxi, the following quests conclude the Dread Wastes storyline:

  1. N [90] The Empress' Gambit
  2. N [90] The Wrath of Shek'zeer
  3. N [90] Shadow of the Empire


Dailies for the Klaxxi unlock after completing "The Might of the Klaxxi" portion of  [Dread Haste Makes Dread Waste], and more dailies unlock after each Paragon has been wakened.