Dreadmist Peak.

Dreadmist Peak[48, 18] is a mountain northwest of the Crossroads in the Northern Barrens. As you climb to the top of the Peak, the atmosphere becomes red and foggy. At the top is the home of a group of Burning Blade cultists. They protect the  [Demon Seed] which is in the Dreadmist Den.

The orange miasma is residuum from an ancient demonic curse.[1]

Cycle of Hatred

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Jaina Proudmoore, Aegwynn, and Lorena confronted the demon Zmodlor here after he tried to start a war between the Horde and Theramore Isle. The group fought many minions and warlocks of the Burning Blade here but in the end Jaina and Aegwynn together were able to banish the demon.[2]

How to get there

To get there from the Crossroads, head north along the road until you get to a fork. Face northwest and you will see Dreadmist Peak looming before you.


In the RPG

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Dreadmist Peak is the fog-enshrouded peak of Dreadmist Mountain and it is home to agents of the Burning Blade, orc warlocks linked to the ancient Shadow Council. Here they practice occult rituals, using an item of power called a demonstone to corrupt the flora and fauna of the land.[3]



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Dreadmist Peak was possibly a volcano. The slopes of the mountain remind one of solidified lava flows.

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