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Concept art of an Iron Horde ship.

Dreadnaughts,[1][2] also known as juggernauts[3] or drudgeboats,[4] are large armored battleships[5] equipped with heavy cannons in the employ of the Iron Horde.

The dreadnaughts as well as the Iron Docks were designed by Solog Roark, an engineering prodigy.[6] After his defection, carriers looking very similar to modified dreadnaughts started appearing in the Alliance and Horde fleets of Draenor, indicating that the shipwright also had a hand in creating their design. Following the introduction of the Mag'har into the Horde, these carriers began to appear exclusively for the Horde on Azeroth, alongside other Iron Star technologies.[7]

The Blackrock Foundry had a shipyard where the dreadnaughts were forged and assembled before being sent to the Iron Docks.[8] Their gigantic plates were hammered out by Kromog.[9] During the Iron Horde attack on Karabor, dreadnaughts looted or sank most of the draenei eastern fleet.[2]


Several Iron Horde battleships appear as opponents during naval Garrison Missions but are not dreadnaughts despite the latter being also identified as battleships.[5]

Notes and trivia

  • One of the playable Mag'har haircut is called "The Dreadnaught."
  • The design of the dreadnaughts bears heavy resemblance to historical 'ironclad warships', particularly ones such as the CSS Virginia and the USS Cairo.
  • There is a sunken dreadnaught off the coast of Gorgrond.[11]


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They are likely a streamlined version of the ogre juggernaughts used during the Second War.