HordeDreadtick Combustion
Start Lashk
End Lashk
Level 20-50
Category Nazmir
Experience 17,850
Reputation +25 Talanji's Expedition
+250 Tortollan Seekers
Rewards 23g 40s
Previous H [20-50] Beseeching Bwonsamdi
Next H [20-50] Speaking with the Dead


Blow up 5 Dreadtick Leechers with Lashk's Scroll of Combustion.


This whole thing is crazy, you know that? I don't think any story can top this one...

Bah! Do you hear that insufferable sound?

It's those stupid dreadticks sucking on Torga's meat. Makes my skin crawl!

What? You can't hear it? Meh, trust me, they're around, and they need to be taken care of.

Here, take this scroll. We've had to deal with these dumb insects in the past. Read it near them and it'll cause them to explode.


You will receive:


I can rest a little easier knowing there are fewer of those... things in the world.


  1. H [20-50] Catching Up
  2. H [20-50] Torga, the Turtle Loa
  3. H [20-50] Beseeching Bwonsamdi
  4. H [20-50] Cease all Summoning, H [20-50] Dreadtick Combustion & H [20-50] Souls for the Death Loa
  5. H [20-50] Speaking with the Dead
  6. H [20-50] Negative Blood
  7. H [20-50] Forcing Fate's Hand
  8. H [20-50] Crushing the Skullcrushers, H [20-50] Sanctifying Ground & H [20-50] Loa-Free Diet
  9. H [20-50] Jungo, Herald of G'huun
  10. H [20-50] Torga's Eternal Return

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