Dream Bough

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Dream Bough[50, 11] is a Great Tree found on a small island in the middle of Jademir Lake in northern Feralas. This is the location of one of the portals to the Emerald Dream and guarded by the Green dragonflight.


The great tree was planted by followers of Fandral Staghelm from one of Nordrassil's branches in order to stem the tide of saronite seeping up from the land.[1]


Cataclysm This section concerns content related to Cataclysm.

Lethlas guards the dream portal at the base of the tree, while several green dragonspawn guard the area, including the lake shores. It's from here Taerar intends to spread the Emerald Nightmare's corruption into Feralas. Ysondre, fearing to become corrupted again, will not approach the area, but tasks heroes to seal the portal thus breaking the connection to the Dream.[2]


Dream Bough in Legion.

Legion This section concerns content related to Legion.

The Dream Portal becomes active for druids, providing access to the Emerald Dreamway. If the player completed B [15-30] Sealing the Dream, the portal will initially be locked and must be opened from the Dreamway side before it can be used.

When the Dreamway falls to the Nightmare, Lumbering Mindgorgers begin pouring out of the portal, threatening the surrounding area. Heroes fighting the Dragons of Nightmare will come here to defeat these aberrations.

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According to Zekhan's report after he Fourth War, druids of the Alliance and Horde use a portal in the Dream Bough's trunk to travel to the Emerald Dream.[3]


  • The Great Tree is the largest tree in Feralas and a sapling of Nordrassil.[2]


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