NeutralThe Dreamgrove
Level: 100 - 110
The Dreamgrove loading screen.jpg
The Dreamgrove
Type Class Hall
Races Dryad Dryad
Keeper of the grove Keeper of the grove
Night elfNight elf Night elf
TaurenTauren Tauren
TrollTroll Troll
WorgenWorgen Worgen
IconSmall FaerieDragon.gif Faerie Dragons
Ruler(s) Neutral IconSmall NightElf Male.gif Rensar Greathoof
Alliance & Horde Druid The Archdruid
Affiliation Neutral Dreamweavers
Neutral Cenarion Circle
Location Val'sharah
PvP status Sanctuary

The Dreamgrove

The Dreamgrove is the order hall of the druids of the Dreamweavers[1] and Cenarion Circle. Located in Val'sharah, the Dreamgrove is directly linked to the Emerald Dreamway, a section of the Emerald Dream connecting several locations powerful in Nature magic across Azeroth, such as the Grizzly Hills and Twilight Grove.


map of the Dreamgrove

Tome of the Ancients

A large book located north of the Circle of Spirits. This tome starts blank but will grow to hold the lore, history, and powers of the druid artifacts as the player funnels order hall resources into it. Every two work orders provide a new page in the tome. Celadine the Fatekeeper is the artifact researcher.

Seed of Ages

The Artifact Forge is located west of the Circle of Spirits. It allows players to upgrade their artifact as well as change its appearance. Tender Daranelle can refund artifact power.

  • The Retreat: Located in the eastern part of the grove, it houses armor racks for raid tier sets as well as  [Light's Heart].
  • Tel'Andu Barrow Den: Located in the northern part of the grove, it is where the Druids of the Claw sleep.
  • Circle of Spirits: Located at the center of the grove, it contains four statues that represent each of the druid specializations and the mythic cache.

Accessing the Dreamgrove

On foot

The Dreamgrove can be accessed on foot via a dirt path running north from the Temple of Elune along the shoreline. Non-druids who attempt to enter are put to sleep by the ancient protectors at the border and teleported out.



  1. N Druid [10-45] A Summons From Moonglade
  2. N Druid [10-45] Call of the Wilds
  3. N Druid [10-45] The Dreamway
  4. N Druid [10-45] To The Dreamgrove
  5. N Druid [10-45] Weapons of Legend
  6. Acquire the chosen artifact:
  7. N Druid [10-45] Sowing The Seed
  8. N Druid [10-45] Ascending The Circle
  9. N Druid [10-45] Word on the Winds
  10. N Druid [10-45] Making Trails
  11. N Druid [10-45] Growing Power (optional)
  12. Complete all of:
  13. N Druid [10-45] Sister Lilith
  14. N Druid [10-45] Recruiting the Troops
  15. N Druid [10-45] A Glade Defense
  16. N Druid [10-45] Branching Out
  17. N Druid [10-45] Sampling the Nightmare
  18. N Druid [10-45] Dire Growth
  19. N Druid [10-45] Malorne's Refuge
  20. N Druid [10-45] Grip of Nightmare
  21. N Druid [10-45] Tracking the Enemy
  22. N Druid [10-45] Idol of the Wilds
  23. N Druid [10-45] Gathering the Dreamweavers
  24. N Druid [10-45] The Protectors
  25. Optional

Level 45

  1. N Druid [45] The Way to Nordrassil
  2. Complete all of:
  3. N Druid [45] A Dying Dream
  4. N Druid [45] Communing With Malorne
  5. N Druid [45] A New Beginning
  6. Complete both:
  7. Complete all of:
  8. N Druid [45] Enter Nightmare
  9. N Druid [45] Defenders of the Dream
  10. N Druid [45] The War of the Ancients
  11. N Druid [45] Archimonde, The Defiler
  12. N Druid [45] The Demi-God's Return
  13. N Druid [45] A Hero's Weapon


Mission Level/Type Duration Followers Bonus Chest Reward
Campaign A Glade Defense 100 8 hr 3  [Inscribed Leaf of Wisdom]
Campaign Sampling the Nightmare 100 1 hr 3  [Lasher Seed]
Sister Lilith 100 2 min 1 Sister Lilith
Campaign Gathering the Dreamweavers: Celestine of the Harvest 102 1 hr 3  [Moon Lily]
Campaign Gathering the Dreamweavers: Graham Silverclaw 102 1 hr 3  [Broken Eredar Blade]
Campaign Gathering the Dreamweavers: Matoclaw 102 1 hr 3  [Battered Trophy]
Campaign Gathering the Dreamweavers: Thisalee Crow 102 1 hr 3  [Thisalee's Fighting Claws]
Campaign Gathering the Dreamweavers: Talza 102 1 hr 3  [Draketaming Spurs]
Campaign Powering the Portal: Andu'talah 108 1 hr 3  [Shard of Nightmare]
Campaign Powering the Portal: Ashenvale 108 1 hr 3  [Shard of Nightmare]
Campaign Powering the Portal: Azsuna 108 1 hr 3  [Shard of Nightmare]
Campaign Powering the Portal: Sylvan Falls 108 1 hr 3  [Shard of Nightmare]
Campaign Powering the Portal: Val'sharah 108 1 hr 3  [Shard of Nightmare]


  • The Dreamgrove is not an instance, but trying to enter it as a non-druid tints the screen green and gives you the debuff "Drowsy", which teleports you out if you do not leave in five seconds.
  • The Dreamgrove is one of the few Order Halls with a mailbox, which is located across from the Artifact Researcher.

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  1. ^ N Druid [10-45] To The Dreamgrove

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