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The Dreamsurge is a recurring event in patch 10.1.7 Fury Incarnate that takes place every 30 minutes in one of the four original Dragonflight outdoor zones: Waking Shores, Ohn'ahran Plains, Azure Span, and Thaldraszus. The active zone rotates weekly.

The growth of a new World Tree is causing the energies of the Emerald Dream to manifest throughout the Dragon Isles. Defeat the chaos brought about by the Druids of the Flame. While active, all players in the zone are buffed with Dreaming Winds, which grants +25% experience.

To start, find Hamuul Runetotem in Valdrakken, where he starts N [70] Surging Dreams, the breadcrumb quest for the event.

Quests and votes[]

Once a week players can complete the wrapper quest N [70W] Shaping the Dreamsurge to acquire a Inv 10 specialreagentfoozles coolegg green [Dreamsurge Chrysalis] that can be traded to Hamuul Runetotem for Champion 1 (ilvl 415) gear.

Players can also complete the one-time-only N [70] Dreamsurge Investigation quest for a Inv misc chamferchest03 [Crate of Dreambound Armor] that contains a Veteran 1 (ilvl 402) armor token for any slot for the class that opens the container.

Shape the Dreamsurge UI

Shape the Dreamsurge voting interface

Every half-hour, players can vote with Naralex to choose which of two Dreamsurge buffs all players in the region will have active during the next Dreamsurge:

  • Ability hunter pet assist Dreamsurge Defenders — Periodically attract a Dreamsurge Defender, who will absorb one attack directed at you before returning to the Dream.
  • Inv enchant essencenetherlarge Dreamsurge Dreamfall — Damaging effects have a chance to summon a falling Dreamshard, dealing 50 Nature damage on impact. Approximately 2.2 procs per minute (10 sec cooldown)
  • Ability hunter camouflage Dreamsurge Greenwalker — Slip partially into the Emerald Dream, becoming harder to detect when not in combat and empowering your next attacks.
  • Inv misc herb felblossom Dreamsurge Heartbloom — When damaged, has a chance to summon a Dreaming Heartbloom that periodically heals nearby allies. Approximately two procs per minute (10 sec cooldown)
  • Inv misc questionmark Dreamsurge Helpers — Gain the company of an Emerald Helper who is eager to provide helpful services.
  • Ability hunter onewithnature Dreamsurge Hibernation — Instead of dying, fall into a deep sleep that restores you. Cannot happen more than once every 60 sec.
  • Ability druid naturalperfection Dreamsurge Learnings — Experience and reputation gains increased by 50%.
  • Ability creature disease 04 Dreamsurge Lone Wolves — Increases damage done, healing done, and movement speed by 25% and decreases damage taken by 25% while not near another player.
  • Ability mount fireravengodmountgreen Dreamsurge Magpies — Increases gold gained from creatures and world quests by 100% and unlocks potential item drops from Waking Dreams.
  • Ability druid overgrowth Dreamsurge Overgrowth — Multiple Dreamsurge effects occur at once!
  • Spell shaman feralspirit Dreamsurge Pack Hunters — Increases damage done, healing done, and movement speed by 5% for each player within 5 yds.
  • Inv misc thornnecklace Dreamsurge Thorncloak — Gain a thorny shield that absorbs damage and damages attackers. It slowly replenishes over time.
  • Spell nature elementalshields Dreamsurge Wrathbloom — Increases nature damage done by 100%.
  • Spell lifegivingspeed Dreamsurge Zephyrs — Increases movement speed by 50%.

Solo/small-group Waking Dream[]

Waking Dream solo

A solo/small-group Waking Dream portal

Solo/small-group Waking Dream portals are found all over the active Dreamsurge zone, but are not marked on the zone map or minimap.

Interact with the portal to summon a few waves of mobs, then an Ashbound Captain elite. Defeat the elite for 10-25 Inv enchant duststrange [Dreamsurge Coalescence], a 6bf blackrock nova [Charred Elemental Remains], a Inv misc questionmark [Drake's Shadowflame Crest Fragment], and maybe a Veteran 1 (ilvl 402) armor token.


Waking Dream Thaldraszus

The Waking Dream in Thaldraszus

Somewhere in the active zone (marked on the zone map) is a large-group Waking Dream portal that starts at the top and bottom of every hour.

The locations are:

Enter the area while the portal is up to join an open-world scenario:

Stage 1: Birth of Flames[]

Waking Dream

A large-group Waking Dream in the Ohn'ahran Plains

Fight back against the Druids of the Flame incursion.
  • Fight back against the Druids of the Flame incursion (0/100%)

Normal enemies on the ground, flying targets, and destroyable objects are worth 1% progress, and elites are worth 2% progress:

  • 1%: Ashen Emberwing, Blazeheart Ravager, Burning Root, Invading Flametalon (flying)
  • 2%: Ashbound Cauterizer, Devouring Blaze, Raging Blazehound

At 100%, the Prophet of the Flame will start the final stage with one of:

  • Prophet of the Flame says: We have embraced the flame, let the flame embrace you!
  • Prophet of the Flame says: You wish to face the flames? So be it.

Final Stage: Smoke and Ash[]

Defeat the Druid of the Flame lieutenant

A lietuenant spawns, which can be an Allied Cinderrager, Ashbound Captain, Flamebound Lieutenant, Flamewing Ascendant, Molten General, or Planesborn Annihilator. Defeat it to close the Dreamsurge portal and end the scenario. The lieutenant also drops 6bf blackrock nova [Charred Elemental Remains], of which twenty are necessary to reform the Inv mammoth2lavamount yellow [Renewed Magmammoth] mount.


Renewed Magmammoth

Inv mammoth2lavamount yellow [Renewed Magmammoth]

Over time, players will put together the twenty 6bf blackrock nova [Charred Elemental Remains] from Waking Dream lieuteants to acquire the Inv mammoth2lavamount yellow [Renewed Magmammoth] mount.

Players will also acquire Inv enchant duststrange [Dreamsurge Coalescence] by completing activities in the active zone, including World Quests, finding treasure, and defeating rare elites, which can be used to purchase Veteran 1-level (item level 402) gear and a number of items from Celestine of the Harvest:

Celestine of the Harvest (Dreamsurge quartermaster)
Item Cost Type
Inv eagle2windmount dark [Duskwing Ohuna] 1,000 Dreamsurge Coalescence Flying mount
Inv relics idolofhealth [Dreamsurge Remnant] 500 Dreamsurge Coalescence Toy, green tint
Inv pet diseasedsquirrel [Friendsurge Defenders] 500 Dreamsurge Coalescence Toy, non-combat companions
Inv makruralava orange [Cheddar] 250 Dreamsurge Coalescence Battle pet
Inv babyhornswog red [Crimson Swoglet] 250 Dreamsurge Coalescence Battle pet
Inv misc treasurechest04d [Dreambound Weapon] 100 Dreamsurge Coalescence Weapon
Inv 10 dungeonjewelry centaur necklace 1 color2 [Dreambound Necklace] 100 Dreamsurge Coalescence Neck
Inv 10 dungeonjewelry centaur ring 2 color5 [Dreambound Ring] 100 Dreamsurge Coalescence Ring
Inv misc questionmark [Dreambound Cloak] 100 Dreamsurge Coalescence Back
Inv misc questionmark [Dreambound Cloth Helm] 100 Dreamsurge Coalescence Cloth head
Inv misc questionmark [Dreambound Cloth Spaulders] 100 Dreamsurge Coalescence Cloth shoulder
Inv misc questionmark [Dreambound Cloth Chestpiece] 100 Dreamsurge Coalescence Cloth chest
Inv misc questionmark [Dreambound Cloth Bracers] 100 Dreamsurge Coalescence Cloth wrist
Inv misc questionmark [Dreambound Cloth Gloves] 100 Dreamsurge Coalescence Cloth hands
Inv misc questionmark [Dreambound Cloth Belt] 100 Dreamsurge Coalescence Cloth waist
Inv misc questionmark [Dreambound Cloth Leggings] 100 Dreamsurge Coalescence Cloth legs
Inv misc questionmark [Dreambound Cloth Boots] 100 Dreamsurge Coalescence Cloth feet
Inv misc questionmark [Dreambound Leather Helm] 100 Dreamsurge Coalescence Leather head
Inv misc questionmark [Dreambound Leather Spaulders] 100 Dreamsurge Coalescence Leather shoulder
Inv misc questionmark [Dreambound Leather Chestpiece] 100 Dreamsurge Coalescence Leather chest
Inv misc questionmark [Dreambound Leather Bracers] 100 Dreamsurge Coalescence Leather wrist
Inv misc questionmark [Dreambound Leather Gloves] 100 Dreamsurge Coalescence Leather hands
Inv misc questionmark [Dreambound Leather Belt] 100 Dreamsurge Coalescence Leather waist
Inv misc questionmark [Dreambound Leather Leggings] 100 Dreamsurge Coalescence Leather legs
Inv misc questionmark [Dreambound Leather Boots] 100 Dreamsurge Coalescence Leather feet
Inv misc questionmark [Dreambound Mail Helm] 100 Dreamsurge Coalescence Mail head
Inv misc questionmark [Dreambound Mail Spaulders] 100 Dreamsurge Coalescence Mail shoulder
Inv misc questionmark [Dreambound Mail Chestpiece] 100 Dreamsurge Coalescence Mail chest
Inv misc questionmark [Dreambound Mail Bracers] 100 Dreamsurge Coalescence Mail wrist
Inv misc questionmark [Dreambound Mail Gloves] 100 Dreamsurge Coalescence Mail hands
Inv misc questionmark [Dreambound Mail Belt] 100 Dreamsurge Coalescence Mail waist
Inv misc questionmark [Dreambound Mail Leggings] 100 Dreamsurge Coalescence Mail legs
Inv misc questionmark [Dreambound Mail Boots] 100 Dreamsurge Coalescence Mail feet
Inv misc questionmark [Dreambound Plate Helm] 100 Dreamsurge Coalescence Plate head
Inv misc questionmark [Dreambound Plate Spaulders] 100 Dreamsurge Coalescence Plate shoulder
Inv misc questionmark [Dreambound Plate Chestpiece] 100 Dreamsurge Coalescence Plate chest
Inv misc questionmark [Dreambound Plate Bracers] 100 Dreamsurge Coalescence Plate wrist
Inv misc questionmark [Dreambound Plate Gloves] 100 Dreamsurge Coalescence Plate hands
Inv misc questionmark [Dreambound Plate Belt] 100 Dreamsurge Coalescence Plate waist
Inv misc questionmark [Dreambound Plate Leggings] 100 Dreamsurge Coalescence Plate legs
Inv misc questionmark [Dreambound Plate Boots] 100 Dreamsurge Coalescence Plate feet

Hamuul Runetotem trades the weekly wrapper quest N [70W] Shaping the Dreamsurge for Champion 1 (ilvl 415) catchup gear:

Archdruid Hamuul Runetotem (Inv 10 specialreagentfoozles coolegg green [Dreamsurge Chrysalis] vendor)
Item Cost Type
Wyrm's Bountiful Chest 1 Dreamsurge Chrysalis 15x Inv misc questionmark [Wyrm's Shadowflame Crest Fragment]
Dreambound Drape 1 Dreamsurge Chrysalis Back (crit/haste)
Dreambound Cape 1 Dreamsurge Chrysalis Back (haste/vers)
Dreambound Greatcloak 1 Dreamsurge Chrysalis Back (vers/mastery)
Dreambound Shawl 1 Dreamsurge Chrysalis Back (crit/mastery)
Dreambound Crown 1 Dreamsurge Chrysalis Cloth head
Dreambound Shoulderpads 1 Dreamsurge Chrysalis Cloth shoulder
Dreambound Vestment 1 Dreamsurge Chrysalis Cloth chest
Dreambound Cuffs 1 Dreamsurge Chrysalis Cloth wrist
Dreambound Mitts 1 Dreamsurge Chrysalis Cloth hands
Dreambound Cord 1 Dreamsurge Chrysalis Cloth waist
Dreambound Pants 1 Dreamsurge Chrysalis Cloth legs
Dreambound Sandals 1 Dreamsurge Chrysalis Cloth feet
Dreambound Cowl 1 Dreamsurge Chrysalis Leather head
Dreambound Epaulets 1 Dreamsurge Chrysalis Leather shoulder
Dreambound Vest 1 Dreamsurge Chrysalis Leather chest
Dreambound Bindings 1 Dreamsurge Chrysalis Leather wrist
Dreambound Handwraps 1 Dreamsurge Chrysalis Leather hands
Dreambound Sash 1 Dreamsurge Chrysalis Leather waist
Dreambound Breeches 1 Dreamsurge Chrysalis Leather legs
Dreambound Waders 1 Dreamsurge Chrysalis Leather feet
Dreambound Coif 1 Dreamsurge Chrysalis Mail head
Dreambound Shoulderguards 1 Dreamsurge Chrysalis Mail shoulder
Dreambound Chainmail 1 Dreamsurge Chrysalis Mail chest
Dreambound Vambraces 1 Dreamsurge Chrysalis Mail wrist
Dreambound Grips 1 Dreamsurge Chrysalis Mail hands
Dreambound Cinch 1 Dreamsurge Chrysalis Mail waist
Dreambound Greaves 1 Dreamsurge Chrysalis Mail legs
Dreambound Striders 1 Dreamsurge Chrysalis Mail feet
Dreambound Faceplate 1 Dreamsurge Chrysalis Plate head
Dreambound Mantle 1 Dreamsurge Chrysalis Plate shoulder
Dreambound Breastplate 1 Dreamsurge Chrysalis Plate chest
Dreambound Armplates 1 Dreamsurge Chrysalis Plate wrist
Dreambound Gauntlets 1 Dreamsurge Chrysalis Plate hands
Dreambound Girdle 1 Dreamsurge Chrysalis Plate waist
Dreambound Legguards 1 Dreamsurge Chrysalis Plate legs
Dreambound Sabatons 1 Dreamsurge Chrysalis Plate feet
Dreambound Loop 1 Dreamsurge Chrysalis Finger (haste/mastery)
Dreambound Signet 1 Dreamsurge Chrysalis Finger (vers/mastery)
Dreambound Band 1 Dreamsurge Chrysalis Finger (crit/haste)
Dreambound Choker 1 Dreamsurge Chrysalis Neck (haste/mastery)
Dreambound Barrier 1 Dreamsurge Chrysalis Shield
Dreambound Scepter 1 Dreamsurge Chrysalis Off-hand frill
Dreambound Wand 1 Dreamsurge Chrysalis Ranged wand
Dreambound Polearm 1 Dreamsurge Chrysalis Two-hand polearm
Dreambound Rifle 1 Dreamsurge Chrysalis Ranged gun
Dreambound Spellblade 1 Dreamsurge Chrysalis One-hand sword (intellect)
Dreambound Shank 1 Dreamsurge Chrysalis One-hand dagger (agility)
Dreambound Kris 1 Dreamsurge Chrysalis One-hand dagger (intellect)
Dreambound Sword 1 Dreamsurge Chrysalis One-hand sword (strength)
Dreambound Blade 1 Dreamsurge Chrysalis One-hand word (agility)
Dreambound Greatsword 1 Dreamsurge Chrysalis Two-hand sword (strength)
Dreambound Hacker 1 Dreamsurge Chrysalis One-hand axe (strength)
Dreambound Cleaver 1 Dreamsurge Chrysalis One-hand axe (agility)
Dreambound Censer 1 Dreamsurge Chrysalis One-hand mace (intellect)
Dreambound Mallet 1 Dreamsurge Chrysalis One-hand mace (strength)
Dreambound Cudgel 1 Dreamsurge Chrysalis One-hand mace (agility)
Dreambound Halberd 1 Dreamsurge Chrysalis Polearm (strength)
Dreambound Staff 1 Dreamsurge Chrysalis Staff (intellect)
Dreambound Warglaive 1 Dreamsurge Chrysalis Warglaives


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