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The Dredge.
The Dredge Plants.jpg

The Dredge is a goblin platform located on the Veiled Sea north of Lor'danel Landing, in Darkshore. It belongs to the Bilgewater's Dredge Fleet. Its tubes are filled with Azerite. Sira Moonwarden, one of the Horde commanders of the Battle for Darkshore, is located here when the Alliance is attacking. When the Horde is attacking, it is overgrown with plants and used as a base for Maiev Shadowsong.



  • It resembles the Rocketzan platform of the MOTHERLODE!!. It also has its Venture Company banners.
  • In the 8.1 PTR, the Alliance-controlled Dredge was named the Emerald Islet. In live versions, it remains named the Dredge no matter who controls it.