Dredgers Left Behind

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VenthyrDredgers Left Behind
Start The Accuser
End The Accuser
Level 60 (Requires 60)
Category Venthyr Campaign
Experience 9,450
Rewards 25g 74s
Previous N [60] In the Shadow of our Failures
Next N [60] We Each Must Carry Our Own Sins


Help 10 dredgers escape Darkwall Tower.


When Prince Renathal fled Darkwall Tower, he was forced to leave many people and belongings behind.

The powerful relics and weapons were long ago carted off to the Master's lair. But the Prince's dredgers were forced to stay and serve the Master's traitorous lackeys here instead.

You will be a welcome sight to them--a sign that the Prince has not forgotten them.

If they are willing to fight, help them escape and I will ensure they are brought safely to Sinfall.


You will receive:

  • 25g 74s
  • 9,450 XP


Dredgers are loyal to those who earn it. The Prince has earned it.


I must admit, I did not expect the dredgers to be quite so eager to fight for their own freedom.

The Prince inspires all of us, I suppose.


Upon rescuing a Darkwall Captive dredger

  • Darkwall Captive says: Prince Renathal is da best!
  • Darkwall Captive says: I knew da Prince'd send for us!
  • Darkwall Captive says: Now's our chance! Punch somebody!
  • Darkwall Captive says: Dredgers, rise up!
  • Darkwall Captive says: The Maw Walker's here!
  • Darkwall Captive says: Imma get some payback!
  • Darkwall Captive says: The Prince hasn't forgotten us!


  1. N [60] Confronting Sin
  2. N [60] Someone Worth Saving
  3. N [60] The Many Sins of Kael'thas Sunstrider
  4. N [60] In the Shadow of our Failures
  5. N [60] Dredgers Left Behind, N [60] Learning to Sacrifice, N [60] Use My Strengths
  6. N [60] We Each Must Carry Our Own Sins
  7. N [60] Continued Care of Kael'thas
  8. N [60] Blackbale Betrayers, N [60] Maldraxxian Weapons, N [60] There's Always a Paper Trail
  9. N [60] Reconnaissance... for my, uh, Recovery
  10. N [60] Death's End Destruction, N [60] Strategic Executions
  11. N [60] Lady Ouix'Ara
  12. N [60] Enough Vengeance For One Day

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