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NeutralDreghood tribe
Dreghood tribe
Illidari Taskmasters overseeing the Dreghood slaves.
Main leader Arzeth the Merciless (slaver)
Secondary leaders Rajah Haghazed (slaver)
Naladu the Keeper of Earth (traitor)
Akoru the Firecaller
Morod the Windstirrer
Aylaan the Waterwaker
Race(s) IconSmall Broken Male Broken
IconSmall Fiend Terrorguards (slavers)
IconSmall Naga Male IconSmall Naga Female Naga (slavers)
Capital Ruins of Sha'naar
Other major settlements Temple of Telhamat, The Steamvault, Darkcrest Shore/Enclave
Theater of operations Hellfire peninsula, Zangarmarsh
Affiliation Illidan's forces (unwillingly); Alliance
Status Enslaved by Illidan

The Dreghood tribe is a tribe of Broken who can be found in Hellfire Peninsula[1] and Zangarmarsh,[2][3] most of the tribe has been forced into slavery by Illidan's forces.[1] Their capital was Sha'naar in the western part of the Hellfire Peninsula, which now lies in ruins.


They were led by four elders (Naladu the Keeper of Earth, Akoru the Firecaller, Morod the Windstirrer, Aylaan the Waterwaker)[1] until Naladu betrayed the tribe[4] for promises of power,[5] and helped the Illidari to enslave his brothers.[1] The other three elders were chained down[1][6] without the knowledge that Naladu was the one who betrayed them,[1] then Naladu went to a hut upstairs in the southern part of Sha'naar. Akoru, Morod and Aylaan slowly realized that the three of them were alive but weren't able to find Naladu's whereabouts.

The part of the tribe in the Ruins of Sha'naar are used as labor force to look for an Ata'mal crystal,[7] but with the elders imprisoned the entire tribe is unable to use the elemental spirits.[4][8] Thus they are unable to rebel against their masters.[6] They are enslaved by Arzeth the Merciless, a terrorguard empowered by Illidan Stormrage, and his Illidari Taskmasters; Arzeth wanders nearby the Inv misc key 06 [Sha'naar Key], which is the key to release the elders.

Some of the Dreghoods were sent to Zangarmarsh to do manual labor for Illidan's Naga. Some of them were sent to Darkcrest Shore and Darkcrest Enclave while others deep down in Coilfang Reservoir.[3] The Umbrafen tribe, allied with the naga, is especially cruel to escaped slaves.[9]

A few have managed to escape to the Temple of Telhamat[10] and at least one has managed to escape to Cenarion Post.[9] The Dreghoods in the Temple of Telhamat are now led by the Omenai, they are sending heroes against the Illidari Taskmasters.[11] Some of the free Dreghood are trying to relearn the old ways[11] of the Light from the uncorrupted draenei.

Should the elders be released and Arzeth the Merciless defeated the tribe would be free,[4] however, there aren't many that care about the fate of the broken in Outland,[5] and even some think of them as evil.[11]


They used to follow the path of shamanism (they could manipulate the elemental spirits[4] of fire,[6] water,[12] wind,[13] and earth[4]). Also they were known as good leatherworkers, as leather clothes bearing their tribe's name can be found throughout the area.[14]


Name Location
IconSmall Broken Male Naladu Ruins of Sha'naar Hellfire Peninsula
IconSmall Broken Male Akoru the Firecaller Ruins of Sha'naar Hellfire Peninsula
IconSmall Broken Male Morod the Windstirrer Ruins of Sha'naar Hellfire Peninsula
IconSmall Broken Male Aylaan the Waterwaker Ruins of Sha'naar Hellfire Peninsula
IconSmall Broken Male Ikeyen[citation needed]  Cenarion Refuge Zangarmarsh


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This article or section includes speculation, observations or opinions possibly supported by lore or by Blizzard officials. It should not be taken as representing official lore.
  • Ikan asks the adventurers to free his people from the demons. It's unknown whether he refers to the broken race or specifically to the Dreghood tribe.


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