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AllianceDrop It!
Start Chelsea Wright
End Wicker Beast
Level 40-70
Category Kul Tiran
Experience 17,850
Rewards 23g 40s
Previous A [40-70] The Bleak Hills
Next A [40-70] Her Dog Days Are Over


Retrieve Chelsea Wright's keys.


You must be the person Dorian sent to collect the ore.

I got a message a short while ago requesting a rather large shipment, which in itself is a feat given the state of this place. I was on my way to our storehouse when that... beast!... cornered me.

It took my keys. I can't get you that shipment without them. Find out where that mongrel took them and bring them back.

Let it be known I wouldn't do this for anyone else.


You will receive:

  • 23g 40s
  • 17,850 XP


<The Wicker Beast stares blankly at you.>


<The Wicker Beast sniffs the key.>


The Wicker Beast stands waiting near the Bleak Hills Mine. Each time the adventurer approaches, it runs, leading the way up the path.

Stopping may cause it the respond with one of the following lines:

Wicker Beast jangles the keys at you.
Wicker Beast shakes itself and prances anxiously in place.
Wicker Beast stares expectantly at you.
Wicker Beast whines softly.
Wicker Beast barks at you.

Upon reaching the Wicker Hovel:

The Wicker Beast walks into the cave and steps over a ritual circle containing three stuffed animals and the corpse of a dog named Princess. The beast stops at the corpse, turns to the adventurer, and sets down the keys.


  1. A [40-70] Made in Kul Tiras
  2. A [40-70] The Master Shipwright
  3. A [40-70] Fish Tales and Distant Sails
  4. A [40-70] Home, Home On the Range
  5. A [40-70] I'm Too Old for This Ship
  6. A [40-70] Covering Our Masts & A [40-70] The Deep Ones
  7. A [40-70] Frame Work
  8. A [40-70] Team Carry
  9. Complete all of:
    1. A [40-70] This Lumber is Haunted
    2. A [40-70] Gorak Tul's Influence
    3. A [40-70] Balance in All Things
    1. A [40-70] The Bleak Hills
    2. A [40-70] Drop It!
    3. A [40-70] Her Dog Days Are Over
    4. A [40-70] Make it Wright
  10. A [40-70] Summons from Dorian
  11. A [40-70] A Worthy Crew
  12. A [40-70] Blessing of the Tides
  13. A [40-70] Allegiance of Kul Tiras

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