Drottinn Hrothgar (quest)

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NeutralDrottinn Hrothgar
Start High Crusader Adelard
End High Crusader Adelard
Level 80
Type Daily
Category Argent Tournament
Experience 5g 83s
Rewards [Champion's Seal]
7g 40s
Repeatable Yes

In order to be eligible for this quest, players are required to have been awarded the title <Crusader>.


High Crusader Adelard at the Argent Tournament Grounds wants you to defeat Drottinn Hrothgar.


The kvaldir, seafaring vrykul who raid ships and coastal settlements, have overrun a tuskarr island across the strait to the north. Their leader is a veteran raider, Drottinn Hrothgar, who seeks to control these seas.

With him in power, our ships and troop transports will never be safe. We will be stranded here at the Lich King's mercy.

Take this captured kvaldir war horn to the circle of tuskarr statues on the eastern part of Hrothgar's Landing and use it to challenge the kvaldir leader.


7g 40s 1 Champion's Seal


We cannot allow Drottin Hrothgar's men to continue their assault on our ships and our men.


The defeat of the drottinn will set the kvaldir to fighting amongst themselves, buying us some time to use to our advantage. The crusade and the tournament are in your debt, champion.


Fly north to Hrothgar's Landing. On the northeast side of the island is a bonfire with three tuskarr statues and some kvaldir war banners. Use the  [Kvaldir War Horn] near the bonfire to summon Mob Drottinn Hrothgar <The Sea Reaver>, a level 79 with ~13,000 health. He doesn't melee for much (100-450 on cloth), but watch out for his Smash ability, which can connect for upwards of 5,000 damage. He also has some kind of knock-up ability which will cause minor fall damage.

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