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AllianceDruid of the Claw
Start Oben Rageclaw
End Oben Rageclaw
Level 1-30
Category Teldrassil
Experience 1050
Reputation +350 Darnassus
Rewards  [Sleeping Robes] or  [Brushwood Blade]
3s 50c
Previous A [1-30] The Sleeping Druid

Druid of the Claw is the 2nd quest in The Sleeping Druid quest chain.


Kill the soulless body of Oben Rageclaw, and then use the  [Voodoo Charm].

  • Release Oben Rageclaw's spirit


After examining this charm, <name>, I see now what must be done. Please take it, and do as I ask.

You are to approach the door to the nearby chamber. Inside, you will find my soulless body... Although I regret what I am about to tell you, I see no other way to free myself from the control of the Gnarlpine.

In order for me to escape them, you must kill my physical form. Once that is done, use the voodoo charm on my fallen body. After you have completed this task, please return to me.

("Rageclaw: With spirit and body torn apart, only one option remains to free this sleeping druid from eternal torment.")


You will be able to choose one of these rewards:
Inv chest cloth 84.png [Sleeping Robes] Inv sword 06.png [Brushwood Blade]

You will also receive: 3s 50c


<Name>, be wary when approaching my physical form; the enchantment it is under is quite powerful.


I am finally free of the control of the Gnarlpine. Thank you, <name>.

My spirit may now rest peacefully forever in the Emerald Dream.

Perhaps one day we may meet again, young <class>. But, for now, please accept this reward as a symbol of my gratitude.


  1. A [1-30] A Troubling Breeze
  2. A [1-30] Gnarlpine Corruption
  3. A [1-30] The Relics of Wakening
    1. A [1-30] The Sleeping Druid
    2. A [1-30] Druid of the Claw
  4. A [1-30] Ursal the Mauler
  5. A [1-30] Denalan's Earth
  6. A [1-30] Timberling Seeds & A [1-30] Timberling Sprouts
  7. A [1-30] Rellian Greenspyre
  8. A [1-30] Mossy Tumors
  9. A [1-30] Oakenscowl

Patch changes

  • WoW Icon update.png Patch 1.5.0 (2005-06-07): The Druid of the Claw quest in Teldrassil will now provide a weapon choice more appropriate for low level Night Elves.

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