For the organization, see Druids of the Fang.
MobDruid of the Fang
Image of Druid of the Fang
Race Night elf (Humanoid)
Level 19 Elite
Class Druid
Affiliation(s) Druids of the Fang
Location Wailing Caverns

Druids of the Fang are hostile level 19 elite night elf druids that can be found in the Wailing Caverns. They are members of the corrupted druidic group, the Druids of the Fang.


  • Spell nature sleep.png  Druid's Slumber — Puts the enemy target to sleep for up to 15 sec. Any hostile action will awaken the target. Only one target can be slept at a time. 
  • Spell nature healingtouch.png  Healing Touch — Heals a friendly target for 195 to 243. 
  • Spell nature lightning.png  Lightning Bolt — Blasts an enemy with lightning, inflicting Nature damage. 
  • Ability racial bearform.png  Serpent Form — Shapeshifts into a serpent for 10 sec., increasing Physical damage by 25, but sacrificing the ability to cast spells. 


  • The Druid of the Fang appears as a common card for the Druid class in the Goblins vs Gnomes expansion of Hearthstone. The flavor text reads: "The Druids of the Fang live in the Wailing Caverns. They wear cool snake shirts and tell snake jokes and say "bro" a lot."

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