The druid's most notable ability is shapeshifting into different forms. All the forms are obtained from the trainer (or from spending talent points) and are no longer obtained with quests.

Table of shapeshifting forms

Form Reqs Effect
Humanoid Form Humanoid Form Level 1 Druid's natural state. Capable of casting all Druid spells using mana, without limitation on school. Also known as "caster form."
Cat Form [Cat Form] Level 8 Can do Melee DPS and has a [Stealth] mode similar to rogue class.
  • At level 21, two Talent points can be put into Feral Swiftness making cat form 30% faster than normal running speed. Dash can boost this for 15 seconds; up to 100% with the talent at level 65.
  • The Night Elf version has the appearance of a lynx, and the Tauren version has the appearance of a lion. The Druid is considered to be a Beast in this form.
  • Can be cast in combat
Bear Form [Bear Form] Level 15 Can tank or off-tank the way a warrior or paladin or death knight does.
  • Increase in Armor designed to make leather emulate Mail/plate armor.
  • Looks like a bear and the Druid is considered to be a Beast
  • Can be cast in combat
Aquatic Form [Aquatic Form] Level 16 Increases swim speed by 50% and allows underwater breathing.
  • Can be 100% increased speed with [Glyph of Aquatic Form].
  • Has the appearance of a sea lion or seal and the Druid is considered to be a Beast
  • May only be used while swimming.
Travel Form [Travel Form] Level 16 Gives a 40% run speed increase.
  • Can be increased to 55% speed with feral PvP gear.
  • Looks like a cheetah and the Druid is considered to be a Beast
  • Can be used in combat. May only be used outdoors.
Moonkin Form [Moonkin Form] 10 points in balance talents A spellcasting form that gives nearby party members an additional 5% critical chance to spells cast. In Moonkin form
  • The Druid is considered to be Humanoid
  • While still immune to Polymorph and similar spells, can be affected by other abilities targeted at Humanoids such as [Sap].
Ability druid treeoflife.png [Incarnation: Tree of Life] 30 points in restoration talents Transforms the Druid into a tree of life for 30 seconds that increases healing by 15%. In Tree of Life form:
  • The Druid is considered to be an Elemental
  • Is vulnerable to Elemental-dependent spells such as [Banish].
  • Only healing spells, and a few others, can be cast.
Ability druid flightform.png [Flight Form] Level 60,
Expert Riding
Increases movement speed by 150% (equal to regular flying mounts).
  • Gives the appearance of a Storm crow, or a Bat if the characters is a troll, and the Druid is considered to be a Beast
  • Can be used in Outland, Northrend (with [Cold Weather Flying]) and Azeroth (with Cataclysm expansion pack and [Flight Master's License])
  • Riding enhancements, such as  [Riding Skill],  [Riding Crop] do not affect speed, but the Guild Perk [Mount Up] applies.
  • Instant cast, but cannot be used in combat. This can allow the Druid to gain flight in situations other classes cannot. For example: to avoid falling damage (if not in combat) by shifting to flight before hitting the ground; killing people mid-air (providing they are out of combat before hitting the ground); or on jumping out of water (with luck and timing).
Ability druid flightform.png [Swift Flight Form] Level 70,
Artisan Riding
Increases movement speed by 280% (equal to epic flying mounts).
  • Same features as Flight Form, plus:
  • Improved models and armor for each race.
  • If you already possess a 310% speed mount at the time of patch 3.2, or complete the meta achievement What A Long, Strange Trip It's Been, your Swift Flight Form's speed will increase to 310%.

Givon, a night elf druid in bear form to the left, and a tauren druid in cat form to the right.

Zalan Ragewind, another tauren druid.

For all forms, the following applies:

  • The Druid is immune to polymorph in all forms except the default, humanoid form.
  • Switching from polymorphed humanoid to another form breaks polymorph.
  • Shapeshifting also breaks all movement-impairing effects (like [Slow] or [Hamstring]) and roots ( [Frost Nova] or [Entangling Roots]) except the 3-second daze that can proc when one is attacked from behind by a melee attack.
  • Depending on the form, the Druid is considered either humanoid (Caster and Moonkin), beast (Travel, Aquatic, Bear, and Cat), or elemental (Tree of Life); and thus is vulnerable (or immune) to different spells. This also applies to being tracked.
  • Shapes are not buffs or magical effects, thus they may not be dispelled.

For a full list of Druid Feral form abilities, see Druid abilities. While shapeshifted into Bear, Cat, Aquatic, Travel, or Flight Form:

  • The Druid is considered a Beast.
  • Mana regeneration still continues at the same speed as out of the form.
  • Mana-reducing abilities such as [Mana Burn] have no effect while in Bear, and Cat forms (valuable in PvP);
  • [Viper Sting] will continue to tick. It can however be removed as it is a poison.
  • Weapons with a "Chance on hit" effect as well as "Chance on hit" enchants such as Enchant Weapon - Crusader and  [Lifestealing] will now proc. "Chance on hit" effects built into armor pieces (as opposed to weapons), such as the  [Shattered Sun Pendant of Might]'s proc also work as of 3.02.
  • Weapon DPS and weapon +damage enchants have no effect, however, armor enchants such as the  [Enchant Ring - Striking] enchant, and armor pieces such as the  [Crystalforged Trinket] that boost weapon damage do work. The bonus damage from Weightstones and Sharpening Stones also does work. Weapon enchants that boost stats such as Attack Power and Agility rather than weapon damage also work.
  • Items with an "Equip: When hit ..." do work in forms. Some examples of these items are the  [Naglering] and  [Darkmoon Card: Wrath]'s damage,  [Green Whelp Armor] sleep and  [Shattered Sun Pendant of Resolve] proc.
  • Weapon skill with the equipped weapon has no effect. Instead, the natural weapons always have the maximum weapon skill for their level.

Shapeshifting and disguises

If you shapeshift while wearing any disguise, your form buff will remove the disguise buff. This is because it has a blanket effect and can cause unexpected bugs when two buffs are stacked. Items like the  [Noggenfogger Elixir] were changed in 2007 to not stack with Druid forms so that it would not cause any future problems. Subsequent issues have arisen, such as the jet-pack required for Gunship Battle, giving the message "Cannot use whilst shape-shifted". This can make completing some achievements more challenging for feral and balance druids, such as  [With a Little Helper from My Friends], requiring creative thinking such as spending the battles as a gunner in Wintergrasp.

Feral Form appearance

Jasmia, Nature's Chosen, a worgen druid.

Each race has a distinct model for its bear and cat forms, and there are five different textures for each model. These textures correspond to the skin tone of Tauren druids, or the hair color of the other races. Druids can change their design at any time by visiting a barbershop and choosing a new skin tone or hair color as appropriate for their race. Since there are more hair colors and skin tones than unique textures, some colors and tones will produce the same designs. The hair and skin colors chosen will, in most cases, correspond to the colors seen in the design of each form. Similar colors that share a particular cat texture will not necessarily share the same bear texture.