The druid's most notable ability is shapeshifting into different forms. All the forms are obtained from the trainer (or from spending talent points) and are no longer obtained with quests.

List of shapeshift forms

Form Description Resource Creature type
Caster form The druid's default, humanoid state. Can cast healing and damaging spells. Mana, Astral Power[1] Humanoid
[Cat Form] Melee damage dealer. Increases movement speed by 30%, has a stealth ability, and deals damage with a mix of bleeds and direct damage. Energy Beast
[Bear Form] Tank. Improves the druid's survivability by increasing armor, health, and healing taken. Also allows use of mitigation abilities like [Ironfur]. Rage Beast
[Moonkin Form] Ranged caster damage dealer. Has increased armor, as well as access to potent damaging spells like [Starsurge]. Requires Balance specialization or the [Balance Affinity] talent. Mana, Astral Power[1] Humanoid
[Incarnation: Tree of Life] Healer. Increases armor and healing done, and enhances certain druid spells. This is a temporary form with a cooldown. Requires Restoration specialization and to choose this ability as a talent. Mana Elemental
[Travel Form] A form that increases the druid's speed in different ways depending on location. The base Travel Form is a stag that increases movement speed on the ground by 40% if cast in combat, or to ground mount speed if cast out of combat. Attacking or going indoors will automatically remove Travel Form. N/A Beast
[Aquatic Form] Enables Travel Form to take on the shape of a seal. Increases movement speed to 135% in the water. N/A Beast
[Flight Form] Enables Travel Form to take on the shape of a bird or bat (depending on the druid's race). Allows flight and increases movement speed to flying mount speed. Pacifies the druid, preventing them from attacking. N/A Beast
[Mount Form] A passenger mount version of Travel Form's stag form. Allows one party or raid member to sit on the druid's back, and can be used even in flyable areas. Learned from  [Tome of the Wilds: Mount Form]. N/A Beast
[Treant Form] Cosmetic; functionally the same as being in caster form. Uses the appearance of the original Tree of Life Form. Learned from  [Tome of the Wilds: Treant Form]. Mana, Astral Power[2] Humanoid
  1. ^ a b Astral Power is only available in Balance specialization.
  2. ^ Though the Astral Power bar doesn't display, Balance druids in Treant Form can still use Astral Power-based spells.

Givon, a night elf druid in bear form to the left, and a tauren druid in cat form to the right.

Zalan Ragewind, another tauren druid.

General info about shapeshifting:

Feral Form appearance

Jasmia, Nature's Chosen, a worgen druid.

Each race has a distinct model for its bear and cat forms, and there are five different textures for each model. These textures correspond to the skin tone of Tauren druids, or the hair color of the other races. Druids can change their design at any time by visiting a barbershop and choosing a new skin tone or hair color as appropriate for their race. Since there are more hair colors and skin tones than unique textures, some colors and tones will produce the same designs. The hair and skin colors chosen will, in most cases, correspond to the colors seen in the design of each form. Similar colors that share a particular cat texture will not necessarily share the same bear texture.