Druids are powerful in Warsong Gulch and Arathi Basin. In WSG they are quite possibly the best flag capturers, especially in the 10-19 bracket with travel form, making them the fastest players on the field.

On defense they are a great addition to a group as they can root enemy flag runners until help arrives; be in stealth at the flag area waiting for incoming enemies; and striking when the time is right.

Offensively playing a druid is viable too as you can root enemies to keep them off you while you take out their teammates while being able to heal yourself or your teammates. However, it should be noted that their damage capabilities fall below several other classes at lower levels.

Feral swiftness is quite a strong talent even with the addition of travel form and mounts at lower levels. Before the debuff hits, it is useful to be able to kite enemies within one's own base to allow a stronger offensive team (this makes the idea of a mobile defence viable).

Twinking a druid is a balance of having as much stamina as possible while still leaving them with enough mana to heal, root, shapeshift, and hit rogues with faerie fire, or debuff them with [Insect Swarm].

Level 19

A level 19 druid is pretty much left with running the flag and support through heals.

Feral (Flag Running)


This build makes the carrier a strong defender by being able to receive significant amounts of damage.


  • Restoration (10 pts) - [Furor] (5/5), [Improved Mark of the Wild] (2/2), [Natural Shapeshifter] (3/3). This talent set is stronger for a purely mobile defence and the actual running of the flag. The defence is slightly lessened, but makes up for the difference in running capabilities.

Combinations of these talent styles can be made for varying styles and effectiveness; one may replace the [Savage Fury] in the Feral build with [Improved Mark of the Wild] for pure survivability.





Level 29

Feral Offensive

This build will be of most use to those doing Warsong Gulch and Arathi Basin.



  • Feral (13 pts)
    • [Ferocity] (5/5) Ferocity to decrease the rage cost of your most used attacks thus making them quicker.
    • [Savage Fury] (2/2) This increases your damage output which increases survivability by killing the enemies faster.
    • [Thick Hide] (3/3) Generally a strong choice to increase outlasting potential as a defender both in WSG and AB. Feral Instinct can be taken instead, but stealth is not the most useful attribute to increase.
    • [Feral Swiftness] (2/2) Feral Swiftness may seem less useful after the addition of travel form, but it is in fact still very useful for indoor use and kiting enemies inside either of the bases.
    • [Survival Instincts] (1/1) This ability acts as a warrior's Last Stand would. This is extremely important for a Flag Carrier to have, but it is also useful in arena and duelling situations.
  • Restoration (7 pts)
    • [Furor] (5/5) 10 rage and saved energy when you shapeshift. Bears can then use demo roar to bring out any rogues. Cat form is able to begin dealing damage more quickly.
    • [Natural Shapeshifter] (2/3) You need to shift out and shift in to get rid of those slowing effects on you, and shifting is not free, so this saves you some mana.

OR 0/13/7** [Improved Mark of the Wild] is often able to give small additions to much needed stats. If you feel your mana isn't generally a problem due to shifting, this is a better option to give your twink an overall boost.


You want gear and enchants in the order of:

  1. Stamina
  2. Strength
  3. Health per 5 seconds
  4. Agility
  5. Intellect
  6. Spirit
  7. Mana per 5 seconds

Feral Defacto Warsong Gulch Flag Runner

This Build is best suited for Warsong Gulch.


2/13/5 or the variant Fluid Druid (8/12/0)

Having the 2 points in nature's grasp talents gives you a 50% chance to root any melee attackers should they catch you, and should that not work a quick shift to bear form instantly gaining 10 rage from 5 points in furor lets you bash them stunning them for 3 seconds with talents in imp. bash. Though i'd recommend enraging first as no doubt if one caught you another will be upon you shortly and gaining 10 rage you'll be able to Feral charge them stunning them for 4 seconds and getting distance away from the first attacker with quick shift into cat form letting you take the lead and still having nature's grasp in affect for another 10 second's or so.


You want gear and enchants in the order of:

  1. Stamina
  2. Strength
  3. Health per 5 seconds
  4. Agility
  5. Intellect
  6. Spirit
  7. Mana per 5 seconds


Healing Twinks are most dangerous in Warsong Gulch or Arathi Basin While not dealing lots of damage or getting the most kills they ensure that their teamates will be able to.



Being a healer with cheap effective mid combat buffs/debuffs i.e thorns, moonfire, fairie fire that can root incoming enemies can easily make you very dangerous to the opposing team. No doubt on there side there be yells of "KILL THE DRUID" and they make a beeline for you on sight. When that happens cast a rejuviantion then regrowth on yourself if still time then shift into bear and enrage bash the most dangerous enemy and get some distance with the others still beating on you. Hopefully your team mates can start picking them off one by one while you use demoralizing roars to reduce there damage against you. Just use whatever you can to get a little distance so you can shift out and start rooting them allowing your team to catch them eventually they may go to attacking others which is when you can go back to healing and once again getting there attention starting the cycle again for long battles.






  • Balance (18 pts)
    • [Starlight Wrath] (5/5) Faster casting times for Wrath and Starfire will help kill enemies while your spell casting.
    • [Nature's Majesty] (2/2) Taking this will make your Wrath, Starfire and Healing Touch perform a greater chance of obtaining a critical hit.
    • [Improved Moonfire] (2/2) Moonfire will be your most important spell to use while on the move, taking this will increase the spells damage as well as a greater critical hit chance.
    • [Moonglow] (1/3) Not an important one to take however it is nice to reduce the mana cost of your many spells.
    • [Nature's Grace] (3/3) If you ever get a critical hit from your offensive spells or from healing, this will give you even more faster casting time while casting.
    • [Nature's Reach] (2/2) The most important thing with Balance spec is keep melee enemies at bay, being able to cast your Balance spells from a greater distance helps a lot.
    • [Celestial Focus] (3/3) Since Starfire is a slow but powerful spell to use, it'll be wise to make the spell have less spell interruption from attacks, not only that but this talent also gives faster casting speed.
  • Restoration (2 pts)

Level 49

Many people don't consider this, but it is very possible to make a druid just plain pwnage at 49. Especially if he/she is feral. Most of the gear needed for feral drops in Maraudon. Another important thing to note is, you can make it so you do nothing but damage, however this is not viable in PVP since you will probably lose every fight because you can be killed so fast. Just like the druid is a hybrid and is balanced between tanking, dps, and healing; a feral twink should be balanced for health, damage and crit chance.

Here is a list of the gear that is preferable:

Feral Gear Item Enchant Where to get
Head:  [Embrace of the Lycan] N/A Zul'Farrak
Neck:  [Woven Ivy Necklace] (Horde only)
 [Sentinel's Medallion] /  [Scout's Medallion]
N/A Quest Reward
Warsong Gulch PVP Reward
Shoulders:  [Phytoskin Spaulders] N/A Maraudon
Back:  [Grovekeeper's Drape] +12 agi, +1 Stealth level Maraudon
Chest:  [Fungus Shroud Armor] +150 Health, +6 Stats Maraudon(Rare)
Wrists: Forest Stalker's Bracers +12 stam Warsong Gulch PVP Reward
Hands:  [Marauder's Handwraps] (Alliance only)
 [Praetorian Gloves] of the Monkey/Bear/Tiger
+15 agi/str Quest Reward
Random World Drop
Waist:  [Highlander's Leather Girdle] /  [Defiler's Leather Girdle] N/A Arathi Basin PVP Reward
Legs:  [Basilisk Hide Pants] Rugged Armor Kit Random World Drop
Feet:  [Albino Crocscale Boots] +12 stam Maraudon
Ring 1:  [Protector's Band]/ [Legionnaire's Band] N/A Warsong Gulch PVP Reward
Ring 2:  [Aquamarine Signet] of the Monkey N/A Created (Jewelcrafting)
Weapon:  [Blanchard's Stout] +35 agi Random World Drop
Trinket 1:  [Rune of the Guard Captain] (Horde only)
 [Figurine - Black Pearl Panther]
N/A Quest Reward
Trinket 2:  [Philosopher's Stone] N/A Created

Note: The Nethercobra Leg Armor and Nethercleft Leg Armor are no longer usable on level 49.

Note: In order to get the trinkets listed your professions have to be Jewelcrafting and Alchemy.


Here are som tips and tactics for the 40-49 bracket, since there is no solid tactics and people play differently, these tactics are more hints of what to do in different situations.

(There are some spelling and grammar mistakes in this text, try just to ignore them)

NOTE: Barkskin is often a life saver, especially against other twinks, it comes to its best use in the beginning of a fight when most people blow their cooldowns to minimize the damage you suffer from those abilities. If you have to heal during a fight its better to Bash your opponent and heal since Barkskin does not grant immunity against stuns.

NOTE: Tauren druids have another stun ability called War Stomp with a 0.5 second cast that interrupts healing, having it available on a action bar when not in a feral form is a good idea since druids are short of stun abilities this early in the game.

NOTE: In Bear Form, there is one thing you can do do increase your DPS just a little more, Faerie Fire does about 120 dmg and is on a 6 second cooldown, it may seem like nothing but it can still be worth to use against tough opponents, especially since it ignores armor. Not to mention that it lowers armor too.


Against another druid the three things that matter is gear, skill and talents. Since this is a twink guide the gear part falls off, and since this is for ferals we're gonna be focusing on how to beat the other speccs.

Against Balance Druids: A balance druid spends almost 90% percent of a fight in Moonkin form, where they have increased armor and spell crit chance but cant heal, since the armor and extra stamina in Dire Bear Form isn't worth the reduced damage against spellcasters, you will take them on in Cat Form, the exception is in big fights where a lot of enemy meele fighters are at your back. The Moonkin fight is about getting the first hit and not to allow yourself to get low on health so that he can moonfire spam you. Also, dont use your combo points, you'll want them to pull of a Ferocious Bite when the moonkin shifts to heal, combining a 5 point Ferocious Bite with Tiger's Fury will often finish him in caster form. If you catch him stealthed, pounce, rake and then begin to run around him. If hes smart he'll begin with casting Moonfire and then spamming Wrath, which is pretty hard to avoid if you're not carefull. If he's using Starfire then all you have to do is stay close in front of him and then run straight behind him when there's about 1 second left he its cast time. If he roots you then shape into caster form and then back to Cat again, then use Feral Charge if hes too far away from you. This fight should be pretty easy.

Against Feral Druids: This fight is pretty gear dependant, if you think your opponent has good or equal gear (and equal level), stay in bear form. If hes HP are less than 2000 then you are probably capable of killing him quick enough without risking anything. If he's in cat form and have HP of ~2500 or more, it is adviced to stay in bear form to avoid him being crit lucky. Against another beari would actually recommend cat form, the bleeds in Cat form ignores high armor and higher mobility is often effective against a bear druid simply because most druids at this level haven't learned how to properly control their bear when dealing with targets quickly running and jumping around them. This is ofcourse something you yourself must learn to do, especially when dealing with rogues or retribution paladins.

Against Resto Druids: Resto druids at this level is a rare sight, and even if they were common they wouldn't be a problem to you. Resto druids don't become that extremely hard to kill until several levels later. At this point, they haven't even got Tree of Life yet. Just make sure you have 5 combo points ready for when they're low to quickly burst them in one hit and this fight should go quick.


The hunter fight is at this lvl often an easy one. Cat Form and Bear Form performs pretty equal against a hunter. Cat form has 30% movement increase, Dash and Feral Charge, while bear has Feral charge and higher damage mitigation. Many hunters still use leather in this bracket, so once you're in meele range killing them should not be that hard, a 3-4 point Ferocious bite with Tigers fury does about 500-700 damage. When they Wing Clip you or pop you with Concussive shot just shift out and back to remove the movement speed debuff.


Mages, like all casters, should be dealt with in Cat form, the best opener is a Tiger's Fury >> Ravage >> Claw. After that you'll maybe need to Claw for one more combo point and then Ferocious bite and he should be dead. Of course, the Mage won't just stand there doing nothing. He'll probably have a shield up that will slow you down, when he sees he's health is low he'll probably use Blink and then freeze you to the ground, this is best countered with a Feral Charge. If the mage is the one who cathes you first activate Barkskin (barkskin reduces ALL damage) and then charge head on, you shouldn't have any problem beating him.


In this bracket the paladin can be a tough enemy, plate armor, strong buffs, the ability to self-heal and a shield that grants total immunity to all attacks makes him hard to take down, with the right talents he can also do a good deal of damage so you have to be carefull. Most paladins are retribution paladins, which mean they specialize in meele damage, therefore bear form is the best way to face them. However, if you can open the battle in cat form, the rest of the fight will be much easier. If cat form: Activate Tiger's Fury then attack in this order: Pounce >> Rake >> Rip >> bear form. The key is to pull this off while he is still stunned by pounce, if you manage to do this you've practically dealt ~1100 damage before he's even struck his first blow at you. If you're lucky and rake crits you've dealt ~1300 damage. When he's free of stun and starts attacking you, make sure you're in bear form and activate barkskin. That way you'll have roughly 75-80 % damage reduction for 12 seconds (with talents 90%), in that time you will get more than enough rage to use Demoralazing roar, which gives his meele attacks 10-14% less damage. If you cannot open in cat form get into bear and just charge. It takes some time for a paladin to get low on health, and when he does, he'll bubble and heal back to full again, however, if you make him use he's shield he'll soon be a dead paladin, if he stuns you to heal, use your PvP trinket and Bash, if he manages to get away from you, use Feral charge to interrupt when he starts healing.

Against Pala Twink: The tactics above are as good as they can get in this bracket, however, against a twink there are a couple of more aspects you must take into count.

1. A Paladin twink is most likely to be a human because of the racial ability "Every Man for Himself" and for their increased stealth detection. This means that instead of a 5 min cooldown on a trinket they have an ability with only 2 min cooldown that does the same thing. During long fights this must be remebered. Also its a bit harder to sneak up on a pala twink.

2. The free trinket slot humans get offers them other PvP trinkets, a paladin twink is likely to have a ranged attack stun or spell trinket.

3. Demoralizing roar, demoralizing roar, demoralizing roar!

4. They may be twinks but they can be killed just like everyone else in the game.

NOTE: With talents, your bash is on a 30 sec cooldown, a retribution paladins stun has a 1 min cooldown, know how to use this to your advantage is essential when fighting a pala twink.

NOTE: Paladin has an ability called "Judgement of Justice" which prevents you from benefiting from any movement increasing effects, including Travel form and Feral Swiftness in cat form, therefor, its best not to rely on those abilities when you need to heal. Bash is often better if you haven't used it to interrupt a heal recently. Using Nature's Grasp to root him is also a bad idea, since paladins easily can get out of such effects with a spell.

NOTE: When the paladin bubbles its because he needs to heal uninterrupted, often he heals two or three times which gives you a good long time to not only get to full health yourself, but also cast regrowth and rejuvenation to give you a serious advantage.


The priest battle is gonna take some time, they have shields, HoT and fast healing which you cannot interrupt because you're in cat form. They can't cause you any really serious though unless they're twinked, which most priests are not. Take your time, eat his fear effects and wear him down slowly to end with a Tiger's Fury - Ferocious Bite Combo, just make sure you dont unleash the fury when his shield is up.


The difficulty of the rogue battle depends entirely on the skill of the rogue, and also a little bit on who cathes who. If there's a rogue around you can either:

1. Cast Hurricane with you in center

2. Become cat and go stealth yourself

3. Get into bear and just wait for it

This is unless, ofcourse, you attack him when he's not stealthed and cast Faerie Fire on him. Since rogues are the best meele DPS class in the game, its unwise to face one in cat form, no matter what gear he has. Rogues have no healing abilities and if they need to heal they will use Blind on you and use a bandage, use your trinket for these situations if you think you need it, its not really necessery though, since rogues really can't do you any major damage in bear form. Rogues have alot of stuns though, so if you actually need to heal, use bash. This fight is a pretty easy one.


Shamans are somewhat similar to paladins, they have decent armor, (not as high as paladins though) they can heal, stun and have totems (= seals/judgements). The difference between the two are that Shamans are capable of much higher meele damage in exchange for lower survivability. A Shaman twink is actually more dangerous than a pala twink because of their high damage output. Knowing what form to use against a Shaman is pretty easy, if he jumps around you and hits you he's an enchantment shaman and should be faced in bear form, if he starts spamming bolts of lightning on you then cat form is the proper choice. The Shamans perhaps greatest weapon of all is Earth Shock, its an instant spell that interrupts any spellcasting and prevents any spell from that school to be cast for two seconds, and its only on a six second cooldown! Personally i would kill for a druid ability like that one, it makes healing against a Shaman a bit tricky, there are two things you can do if you have to heal.

1. Bash and heal.

2. Pull of a fakeheal, start casting healing touch but stop after ~0.3 seconds to make the Shaman waste it, since its not a stun you can start healing as soon as he used if you timed it right.

NOTE: All of the Shamans shocks share a common cooldown, so if you notice that he casts Flame Shock on you for an example, then its a good time to shift out and heal.


The only problem you will have with Warlocks are the really skilled ones and the twinks, since they lack the priests shield and the mages snare effects its easy to do heavy bursts of damage in a short time. Warlocks have three fear effects, Death Coil, which is instant and the Warlocks spell interrupt, Fear, a single target fear effect, and Howl of Terror, which causes 5 enemies around the Warlock to flee in fear.

The one you have to look out for is Fear, good Warlocks combine this spell with a drain life that heals them while you suffer damage and are unable to do anything about it. Use your trinket, and then Feral Charge to make sure the Warlock get's as little health as possible. Often Warlocks have one or more fears on cooldown, but even if all their fears are ready you should have no problem defeating him.


Warriors are an easy fight, it's like fighting a paladin without mana. Open up the same way you would have opened against a paladin and then feel free to do what you want, even in cat form most Warriors can't cause you more damage than you can inflict on them. If you find yourself low on health when fighting a warrior, Nature's Grasp, get some distance and heal.

Against a Warrior twink things are different, they deal a good amount of damage and are very likely to have the Crusader enchant, which heals them occasionally. In this fight it's important to stay in bear form and know when to Bash, cause chances are he can deal more damage than you. With a little training even a Warrior twink should be no bigger problem to you, unless he's with a healer ofcourse, but all these tactics are primarly for 1v1.


Druid Talents

While these talents are not definite they have worked very well.