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"Druid of the Flame" redirects here. For the Firelands mob, see Druid of the Flame (mob).
MobDruids of the Flame
Druid of the Flame HS
A druid of the flame in Hearthstone.
Main leader IconSmall DruidoftheFlame Male Tindral Sageswift
  Formerly IconSmall FandralFire Archdruid Fandral Staghelm †
Secondary leaders Larodar
  Formerly IconSmall DruidoftheFlame Female Leyara †
Race(s) IconSmall DruidoftheFlame MaleIconSmall DruidoftheFlame Female Night elf
Capital Sulfuron Keep
Base of operations Ragnaros' Reach, Wildflame Point
Theater of operations Firelands, Dragon Isles
  Formerly Mount Hyjal
Affiliation Primalists, Independent
  Formerly Ragnaros' forces, Twilight's Hammer (Old Gods' forces)
Status Active
Druids of the Flame banner

The banner of the cult.

The Druids of the Flame are a sect of druids founded by Archdruid Fandral Staghelm, who served Ragnaros the Firelord as his loyal majordomo. Thrall referred to them as members of the Twilight's Hammer, and Fandral claimed to answer to the Twilight Prophet.[1] However, the new iteration of the druids is dedicated to the Primal Incarnate Fyrakk and the Primalists' vision of the world. These vile creatures have turned their backs on Elune's teachings, and twisted by the insane power of the fire, they desire nothing more than to bury everything in ash.[2] They operate mainly in the Firelands[3] and can be distinguished from other night elves by their scarred red skin and burning orange eyes.



Cataclysm This section concerns content related to Cataclysm.
Fandral Staghelm HS

Fandral Staghelm, Archdruid of the Flame and Majordomo of Ragnaros.

While Azeroth's defenders fought to hold back the unleashing of Ragnaros and his fire elementals on Mount Hyjal, Deathwing turned his attention to Thrall. The orc's meddling had unified the Dragon Aspects against him, and thus the Destroyer called on a new weapon to end him: the Druids of the Flame. They were led by Fandral Staghelm, the disgraced former leader of the Cenarion Circle, who had been locked in a barrow den for his attempted murder of Malfurion Stormrage and his dealings with the Emerald Nightmare. As the Cataclysm had unfolded, agents of the Twilight's Hammer had helped him escape his bonds, and presented him with an offer: if he served Deathwing, he would be granted the power to take revenge on the world for the death of his son, Valstann Staghelm. After his defeat during the War Against the Nightmare, Fandral knew that resurrecting Valstann was impossible, and his only desire was now to bring ruin to Azeroth.[4]

Ragnaros himself remade Fandral in flames, disfiguring the night elf but also granting him command over the element of fire. He became the Firelord's foremost lieutenant and the first Druid of the Flame.[4] Fandral then recruited others to his side, mainly druids who were disillusioned with the Cenarion Circle. Like their new leader, these druids were reborn in fire. Near Mount Hyjal, Fandral and his druids ambushed Thrall, and used the orc's own shamanic power to shatter his spirit and hurl the pieces across the Elemental Plane. Each sundered portion of his essence embodied one of his raw emotions.[5]

Among other things, they also attempted to use a vessel of Firelands energy known as a "Solar Core" to annihilate Azeroth.[6]

Meanwhile, Malfurion Stormrage rallied Hyjal's defenders in a massive counterattack against the fire elementals. They drove Ragnaros's army back into the Firelands, and with reinforcements from the Horde and the Alliance, the Cenarion Circle stormed into the stronghold known as the Molten Front. Slowly, they pushed deeper into the Firelands until they reached Sulfuron Keep, where Ragnaros fell before the onslaught of Azeroth's defenders. His greatest lieutenants, including Fandral Staghelm and most of the Druids of the Flame, suffered the same fate. With the Firelord's destruction, Hyjal was at last spared from his all-consuming flames.[5]


Dragonflight This section concerns content related to Dragonflight.

Thought to have been destroyed with the deaths of Fandral Staghelm and Ragnaros, the Druids of the Flame were able to escape into the Firelands and gained recruits in the wake of the War of the Thorns, as a lot of night elves felt devastated and demoralized by those events. They later allied with Fyrakk and the Primalists under the promise of reclaiming their immortality,[7][8] and struck against the Dragon Isles during fire Dreamsurges, coming from Waking Dream portals. Their alliance was later discovered by Shandris Feathermoon and an adventurer in the assaulted Lunedane.[9]

Led by Tindral Sageswift, who empowered some of his followers with the Embers of Ragnaros and spreaded propaganda denouncing Tyrande Whisperwind, the Druids of the Flame took part in Fyrakk's assault on Amirdrassil, mainly using their power to breach past the barrier blocking the entrance into the Temple leading to the World Tree's core. However, the barrier proved difficult to break, frustrating the Primal Incarnate, leading him to punish a druid who was foolish enough to voice their impatience to Fyrakk. Unfortunately for the Druids, Tindral would fall to the Dream's defenders and the majority of their forces would be either routed or incinerated by Fyrakk for their failure to breach the barrier, leading the Primal Incarnate to break the barrier himself. It is unknown if there were any other surviving Druids of the Flame following Fyrakk's death.

Abilities and equipment[]

To the untrained eye, a flame druid's staff would be indistinguishable from any druid's staff.[10] Their idols signify their tie to the element of fire,[11] and they carry spellbooks which detail their strange spells.[12]

Flame druids mostly use fire-oriented spells. Much like normal druids, they are capable of shapeshifting into animal forms, but their forms are always fiery versions of the animal in question.


Druid of the Flame

A male druid of the flame.

Scarred Acolyte female

A female druid of the flame.

Name Role Status Location
Neutral IconSmall FandralFire Fandral Staghelm Archdruid of the Flame Deceased Various
Neutral IconSmall DruidoftheFlame Male Ashendir Hartwood Prophet of the Flame Killable Emerald Dream
Neutral IconSmall DruidoftheFlame Male Tindral Sageswift Seer of the Flame Killable Emerald Dream, Amirdrassil, the Dream's Hope
Neutral IconSmall DruidoftheFlame Female Norana Morninglight Priestess of the Flame Unknown Emerald Dream
Mob IconSmall DruidoftheFlame Female Leyara Lieutenant of Fandral Deceased Various
Mob IconSmall DruidoftheFlame Female Devout Harbinger Lieutenant of Flame Killable Ragnaros' Reach, Molten Front
Neutral IconSmall DruidoftheFlame Male Prophet of the Flame Prophet who appears in the Molten Front Alive Ashen Fields, Molten Front


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This article or section includes speculation, observations or opinions possibly supported by lore or by Blizzard officials. It should not be taken as representing official lore.

Since Leyara was inducted into the organization due to being highly disillusioned with Malfurion's passive stance in regards to the Horde, it is possible that other members of the Druids of the Flame joined for similar reasons. It is also possible the Druids of the Flame are holdout loyalists of Fandral Staghelm after the events of Stormrage, and that their emergence is an escalation of the schism that existed between Tyrande and Fandral during Malfurion's absence.