Image of Drukan
Title <Chief Aid>
Gender Male
Race Dark Iron dwarf
Level 50
Reaction Alliance
Affiliation(s) Dark Iron clan, Alliance
Occupation Chief aid of Moira Thaurissan
Location Shadowforge City
Status Alive

Drukan is a Dark Iron dwarf and the chief aid of Moira Thaurissan.


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During Moira's take over of Ironforge, Drukan was often tasked with overseeing the guard of Anduin Wrynn. After Anduin escaped to Theramore, he led the manhunt for Anduin in Ironforge.[1]

Drukan was alongside Moira when she welcomed Kurdran Wildhammer to Ironforge. The Dark Iron dwarf had a fear of Sky'ree and he even disrespected her by saying lies. Moira convinced him to apologize.[2]

Later, along with other representatives of the Council of Three Hammers, Drukan attended the summit to vote Gilneas back into the Alliance in Darnassus. Drukan represented the Dark Iron clan. He was rather wary of the other delegates and his contingent had even brought their own food and drink, although Kurdran would explain to the night elves that this was not a personal slight against them, as poisoning is not uncommon among the Dark Irons. Just after Gelbin Mekkatorque's gnomes arrived, a misunderstanding occurred when the High Tinkerer nearly ran over Drukan with his new experimental mechanostrider. This accident nearly caused the gnome and Dark Iron delegations to come to blows, but they were calmed down by Tyrande Whisperwind. During the banquet, he approached Gelbin and had a private talk with him, much to Tyrande's relief and approval. Later on, he and the other Council representatives gladly voted in favor of Gilneas.[3]

Drukan was present during a meeting in Stormwind City with Varian Wrynn and others Alliance leaders or ambassadors to decide on the best way to destroy the Horde's blockade around Kalimdor.[4]

Battle for Azeroth This section concerns content related to Battle for Azeroth.

When the Blackrock Depths came under attack by the Venture Company, Drukan hurried to tell Moira and then passed out.[5] Drukan can afterward be found at the Black Anvil.


  • Goblins! In the tunnels!
  • Thought ye oughta know.

Notes and trivia

  • Between his debut in The Shattering: Prelude to Cataclysm and his appearance in Battle for Azeroth, Drukan went eight years before appearing in-game.
  • His quotes and the fainting are a reference to Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone, when Professor Quirrell runs into the banquet hall, screaming "Troll in the dungeon! Thought you ought to know" and faints.
  • He does not use the new Dark Iron unique model, instead, using the standard Dwarf model's dark iron skin.

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