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The Drust incursion is a conflict in Drustvar involving the Drust and the Heartsbane Coven of witches that serve them. It is in some ways a continuation of the war against the Drust around 2,700 years earlier.

The conflict


Waycrest Manor

The Waycrests had long ago wiped out the Drust, but could not destroy their king Gorak Tul. For countless years he waited to enact his vengeance, until Lady Waycrest provided the means.[1]

It all started after Lord and Lady Waycrest stopped interacting with their subjects for two weeks. Rumors began spreading around that Arthur Waycrest came under a deadly illness and a grief-stricken Meredith Waycrest locked herself inside his chambers. Solicitors and guards when in and out of the manor with no heed to the civilians. During their absence, a strange occurrence started to occur. Many young girls from Upper Corlain started going towards the Manor and returning back to their homes for a number of times. Stricken with grief due to her ailing husband, Lady Waycrest called out to any power that could save him. Gorak Tul answered her cry and promised that death would never part the couple, for a price.[2]

After sometime, Meredith would emerge from the Manor. She calmed the villagers and assured them that the king is in good health and took control of the guardsmen for the time being. Some villagers found this odd as she never wielded this kind of power, but they didn't think too much of it.[3]

The Fall of Corlain

Things in Corlain would only get worse from here. Girls of all ages were joining the Coven and they themselves recruited more citizens. The men of the village were also placed under a spell, rendering unable to act. Soon, all the girls of the Coven started wearing wicker charm as their numbers grew. Soon after, the first disappearance happened, a stable hand named Jon.

The rest of the villagers knew something was up with the third disappearance, a man named Knowlton. Knowlton was the one who witnessed the first victim, Jon, being dragged on a cart. At first, the guards kept insisting that all was fine but then they all went silent. Soon after, the Coven unleashed their wicker men on the streets. Standing side by side, they killed every villager they came across. Abandoning their homes, those villagers that managed to escape regrouped back at Arom's Stand.[3]

Infiltrating Arom's Stand

With Corlain having finally fallen, the witches send their agents to infiltrate the Corlain Refugees. Under the command of Sister Littlefield, undercover witches started placing grimoires in hopes of recruiting new hosts.[4][5]

The end of Watchman's Rise

With the Coven growing in power, the Waycrest Guard would eventually notice the ongoing at Corlain. To slow them down, they sent Sister Adela. Adela was able to hex the soldiers at Watchman's Rise and take the tower for the Coven.[6]

The siege of Falconhurst

Falconhurst would be the next target. From the Crimson Forest, the witches crafted large wicker men and sent them all to Falconhurst. Under Sister Noella Briarwood the wicker men charged in, overwhelming the defenders and forcing them to retreat to the harbor. As the village burned, they barricaded themselves to try and push them back.[citation needed] 

Goodspeed's betrayal

A branch of the Waycrest Guard was the Goodspeed's Guard. Led by Captain Goodspeed, these men protected the land from the heights of Pikeman's Ridge. When the Coven offered power to Captain Goodspeed, he immediately accepted their offer and was one of the few men who betrayed the Waycrest Guard by his own free will.[7]

The Bleak Hills Mine infestation

To increase their influence, the Coven placed a curse on the Bleak Hills Mine. Their curse forced a large number of spiders to take the mine and kill the miners for sustenance. Elsie Wright, a foreman, was the only one to managed to escape.[8]

The takeover of Fletcher's Hollow

Before the Coven came to Fletcher's Hollow, the local miners had uncovered an ancient tomb, presumably belonging to the Drust. It is unknown whether the miners knew what they found, but the Coven did. Hidden without warning, Matron Levae and her followers made their way into the mine in hopes of finding some relics to help in their rituals. They sealed themselves inside and place a barrier on the mine. Any outside who tried to enter would be killed immediately.[9]

Inside the mine, they started to a large army of wicker men, ready to unleash upon the town. When they least expected it, the villagers were ambushed by the sudden attack. The mayor Evelyn Pare tied to fend them off but to no avail.[10]

With no way of saving the town, the villagers led by the mayor escaped to the surrounding areas. Evelyn and her men build their defenses on a hill and hold the wicker men off from all sides. The rest of the villagers are scattered, fending off the wicker men on their own.[11]

The slaughter at Glenbrook

The town of Glenbrook was run by Mayor Striggs. When the Coven appeared, they attracted the attention of a woman named Mary Hayes. Having an addiction to power, Mary joined their cause and started to recruit other females, such as Abby Lewis. Together, they would lure the other villagers and slaughter them one by one. Eventually, they decided that Glenbrook was finished. Before leaving to join their sisters, the women cursed the nearby wolves which forced them to rush the village and kill anyone they came in contact with.[12][13]

Damning the dead

The Coven now set their eyes on the dead of Barrowknoll Cemetery. Sister Westwood the witch was sent here to corrupts the spirits who have long earned. The witch bound them to her magic in order to increase her power, turning them from peaceful dead to aggressive spirits, rendering any outsider from visiting the cemetery. The ones she would worthy were bound in a wicker man, trapped in a pile of wood to her service. One of the spirits to succumb to such a fate was Bridget Fairwater.[14]

Reanimation at Gol Koval

After millennia of peace in the old ruins. Drust construct started to reappear from nowhere, making the area hazardous for the local hunters. Rebecca Hale was the only one who managed to escape.[15]

Reanimation at Gol Osigr

In another area, Gol Osigr, Drust constructs were also seen rising again. However, this time it also brought the spirit of dead warriors from the war against the Drust.[16]

The cult of Autumnvale

While it is unknown how it began, it is certain that it had something to do with a Wicker Man. A human by the name of Lord Autumnvale arrived at the Wicker Man and was soon followed by other followers. Eventually more and more humans abandoned their human homes and joined in the worship of the Wicker Man. Their rituals involve offering tributes to the Wicker Man or sacrifices. Any follower of the Wicker Man can be chosen to be sacrificed to it.[17][18]

The cursed of Carver's Harbor

An unknown witch slipped into Carver's Harbor without anyone noticing. She placed an pig effigy inside one of the buildings and cast her curse on the local butcher by turning them all into pigs. She then cast a spell on the great butcher Roland Hacksaw, forcing him to continue making pigs into sausages. The culprit left the scene, leaving behind wicker constructs to guard the area. All the humans that were turned into pigs were tied up in hopes that Roland would make them into sausages.[19][20]

Lost contact in Fallhaven

Helena Gentle would be the last witch to extend the reach of the Heartsbane Coven, by traveling all the way to Fallhaven. Presenting herself as a kind old lady, she took residence on the hill nearby. Her first interaction was with Griffith Shelvey who gave him plant scraps to feed to his pigs. The plant scraps made the pigs aggressive, making it hard for Griffith to provide his shipment of sausages. Tom Odell started to approach her every night, most likely to ask her for help with his daily choirs. When no one was looking, Helena interacted with the local farms and cursed them, forcing an endless breed of blightflies to inexact and kill the crops. She also started to place cursed charms around the village. At this point, some of the villagers started to suspect her of foul doing. The news of the village being cursed has spread to the mayor to which he decided to do something about it.[21]

Fearful of the happenings around, Cyril White set up a curfew that tells villagers to get back home by sunset. He wrote it down on a piece of paper and went outside to place it on the local billboard. At the same time, Helena set up a Cursed Effigy in the middle of town. As Cyril started to hammer the new notice, Helena finished casting her spell. Before they all knew it, Helena activated the effigy and they all got frozen in place. Time would go on but they would not move. This would be the last time anyone would ever hear from the village. Helena would retreat back to her residence.[22][23]

Present day

A witch hunt in Fallhaven

A representative of the Alliance is sent to investigate the disappearance of Fallhaven. Arriving in town, the adventurer finds Cyril White and all the other citizens frozen in place. Noticing the Cursed Effigy, he tried to break it but to no avail. He realized that the effigy was protected by dark magic and would not break it with brute force. Seeking to find more information on how to deal with this threat, the adventurer searched around town. He found several ledgers, all hinting towards the kind woman that arrived all of sudden and how everything went south. Deciding to take matters into his own hands, the adventurer decides to go and search for this woman.[24]

Arriving at the top of the hill, he was greeted by an old lady. Her name was Helena Gentle and she greeted the visitor with open arms. She agreed to tell everything she knew about the goings-on at Fallhaven and poured a cup of tea for the adventurer. As soon as the adventurer sat down, he was cursed into place. Helena revealed her true identity as a witch who was sent by the Coven to infiltrate Fallhaven. She warns the adventurer to turn back before running away into the woods. The adventurer regains control and immediately gives chase. Before leaving, he finds a spellbook that contains information about curses. He placed the book in his pocket and rushed out on a witch hunt. After searching the woods nearby, the adventurer managed to track down Helena performing a ritual on an altar to summon wicker beasts. The adventurer charged at Helena and her companions, taking the advantage of surprise. After a short battle, the adventurer would be successful and slays the witch.[25][26]

With the deed done, the adventurer returns to Fallhaven and tried to break the lesser effigies around town. It worked and the adventurer goes back to town to break the larger one. Using the spellbook, the adventurer was teleported to another realm where a wicker brute awaited him. The two fought and the adventurer came out victorious. At the moment the wicker died, the citizens started moving again. Fallhaven was freed.[25]

The Mayor of Fallhaven thanked the hero personally and told him the fate of House Waycrest. Lucille Waycrest, the daughter of the lord and lady had been accused of being a witch and was going to be hanged at Hangman's Point. Hearing the news the hero rushed to save her and road off to her rescue.[27]

Running bacon at Carver's Harbor

When the villagers of Fallhaven were freed, the villagers returned to their daily choirs. One of the freed townsfolk was Elijah Eggleton, a sausage vendor. For a long time, he hadn't been receiving his goods from Carver's Harbor. He asked the adventurer who freed them to go and see why the goods had stalled. Arriving at the harbor, the adventurer encounters Thomas Staughton, the last normal butcher.[28] Thomas tells the adventurer about his coworkers being turned into pigs, an infestation of wickermen and a cackle being heard from the warehouse. He tasks the adventurer with destroying the wickermen, saving his friends and kill the famed butcher, Roland Hacksaw. While going on these tasks, the adventurer visits the warehouse Thomas spoke of. Inside, the adventurer finds a pig effigy hanging on the wall. Deducting that this had something to do with the goings-on at Carver's Harbor, he takes the effigy with him. Finishing the tasks given to him by Thomas, he returns to the butcher and gives him the pig effigy. Not knowing what to do with it, Thomas burns it on the campfire in hopes of dispelling the curse. It works and his friends return back to human.[29][30][31][32]

A sacrifice to the Wicker Man

As the adventurer made his way to Hangman's Point, he was stopped by a merchant at Trader's Camp. The local seller by the name of David Maldus was consoling his wife after their son left them to join a cult. He asks the adventurer for help in bringing their son home.[33] The adventurer agreed to help and made his way towards Autumnvale. Arriving at the location, he finds several cultists worshiping a wicker man along with their leader, Lord Autumnvale. The adventurer asked for the whereabouts of the boy, but Lord Autumnvale refused to talk until proper respect was shown to the wicker man. Grabbing tributes nearby, Lord Autumnvale was pleased to see the adventurer worshiping the wicker man by offering it entrails, wicker, and bones.[34] Keeping his word, the cultist told him what he wished to know. He told him how the boy was looking for an offering and accidentally disturbed a beehive. That was the last time he ever saw him.[35]

The adventurer goes searching for the lad and finds him in a cave being attack by bees. Getting in the way, the adventurer saves the boy from the endless onslaught. Edwin Maldus, the boy in question is grateful for the help and goes back to the cult camp. The adventurer runs after him but as he returns, Edwin is nowhere to be seen. An initiate by the name of Peony tells the adventurer that Edwin had been chosen as a sacrifice to the wicker man and that he would soon be killed. The Adventurer rushed to The Wicker Altar where he finds the cultist ready to begin. Lord Autumnvale tells the adventurer to go back but he refused. He fought Lord Autumnvale and killed him. The remaining cultists run away as the adventurer frees Edwin. Grateful once again, Edwin decides to leave the cult for good.[36] Before leaving, he decides to burn the wicker man so no more will be fooled into joining the cult. He returns to the main camp, lights it ablaze and tells the cultist to go back to their homes.[37]

The dead of Barrowknoll

Passing a nearby cemetery, the adventurer came across a local caretaker, Allen. Allen tells the adventurer about Barrowknoll Cemetery and how the spirits became agitated as of late. The adventurer agrees to help with this problem and Allen tells him how to communicate with the dead. He tells him that he needs to make powder from materiel found in the graveyard, apply it and find Aaron Cresterly. The adventurer does just that. he finds several Graveblooms and applies it. With his eyes open, the adventurer finds Aaron Cresterly, being corrupted like the rest. The adventurer breaks the seal on the ground and frees Aaron.[38]

Happy to be free once again, Aaron tells the adventurer that a witch has befouled the cemetery. He tells him that one of his companions was trapped inside a wicker man by the witch. The adventurer goes in search of this trapped spirit and finds Wicker-Bound Hunter. He destroys it and out comes the spirit of Bridget Fairwater. Now that she was free, Bridget asks the adventurer to find the witch and kill her before she corrupted her friend, Mercy Fairwater. The adventurer searches around the cemetery and finds Sister Westwood corrupting Mercy. Before she had time to finish the ritual, the adventurer kills her. With the spirits now freed, they had returned to their rest.[39][40]

Calming Gol Koval

During one of his journeys, the adventurer comes across Rebecca Hale and her pet. She told him about how the ruins had become active and that her friends had been caught in the crossfire. She asked the adventurer to save them and gave him bandages. She also asks him to take care of the large Drust construct.

While in the ruins, the adventurer kills the construct and also saves the other hunters. He also destroyed several stones which he believed to be reanimating the Awakened Revenants.[41][42][43]

Silence at Glenbrook Homestead

While wandering the woods the adventurer came across Glenbrook Homestead. The whole town was abandoned with just one girl remaining, Abby Lewis. The child ran in circles as she sang creepy songs. The adventurer approached her with caution. Abby told him that her toys had gone missing and asks him to find them. Running across town, they found Mr. Munchykins, Trunksy and Mayor Striggs.[44] However, one guest remained missing, Abby's cat, Smoochums. Together, the two went looking for the cat and the adventurer found him nearby without Abby present. As the adventurer approached the cat, it ran away.[45] Rather than chase it, the adventurer examined a book he found where the cat once stood. It was a registry of all the inhabitants of Glenbrook. Curious, the adventurer searched for the missing residents. In a cave nearby, they found the corpse of Jonathan Hayes who wrote a letter to his wife Mary Hayes wanting her to come home. The next citizen was Samuel Hawthorne who went looking for herbs for his sheep but ended up killed and left to rot to the bone in the woods. The last citizen was nowhere to be seen but the adventurer found in a cave her diary in which she wrote how she brought the end of the village and left once it was desolate. In another cave, the adventurer found an unresponsive woman named, Annie Warren.[46] The woman was in shock barely able to comprehend her surrounding. Then out of nowhere Abby appeared and told the adventurer that the tea party was about to begin.

The adventurer chased the girl until arriving at her tea party. In the middle was a ritual circle along with her toys and a dead cat. The adventurer sat down and poured the tea witch summoned a large wicker beast. With her work complete, Abby runs away into the wood, leaving the adventurer to be devoured by the beast. However, the adventurer would survive and kill the creature in the process. Annie came rushing in soon after telling the adventurer to forget about the village and ran away.[47]

The trial of Lucille Waycrest

Arriving just in time, Lucille was moments away from being hanged. Constable Henry Framer, the one in charge of the execution was stopped when the adventurer appeared in the crowd. The adventurer requested to speak with Lucille and Henry allowed it. At the same time, Marshal Everit Reade appeared and asked for the release of Lucille Waycrest. The Constable refused, ordering his man to stand down. Meanwhile, the adventurer spoke with Lucille and tells her that he wishes to free her. Lucille agreed but only if it meant not hurting her people. She sends the adventurer to Everit, asking him to let the trial continue as normal. Everit agreed and send the adventurer to set up traps in the woods in case of a wicker attack.[48][49][50]

Meanwhile, Lucille decides that the best course of action to prove she is not a witch is by asking the villagers how to prove someone is not a witch. The tasks she chose are to cry, to barf, and to be attacked by blood flies. She sends the adventurer to grab several blood flies, venom glands, and a ripe onion.[51][52][53][54] The adventure goes out and brings all the items back. An onion was used to make her cry, blood flies attacked her and the venom glands made her vomit. But even with all this proof, the constable was still unconvinced.[55] In order to finally convince him that she is not a witch, she asked the adventurer to go to Fletcher's Hollow and see what happened.[56]

The exodus of Fletcher's Hollow

Arriving at Fletcher's Hollow, the adventurer is greeted by the mayor, Evelyn Pare. Holding a hill at the edge of town, she and her men are being bombarded by an endless assault from the wicker men.[57] Instructing him to push back the wickers and save some of the lost civilians, he kills the beasts and escorts some of the villagers back to the hill.[58][59] With the villages secured, Evelyn orders her men to make a send at the river while the villagers escaped by boat. They succeed and prepared a counterattack.[60] Evelyn informs the adventurer that three women dressed in odd clothing had been seen wandering the town. She asked the adventurer to go have a chap with them and he does just that. Unfortunately, Sister Ashwell, Sister Early and Sister Mooring weren't cooperating and the adventurer was forced to put them down. On Sister Ashwell, the adventurer finds a letter which detailed the location of their leader, the mine. During his visit to town, the adventurer finds a scythe that the coven had been using to control the wicker man. After some experiments, the adventurer managed to control one of these monstrosities and brings it back to the hill.[61][9]

With the location of their leader and a wicker man at their disposal, Evelyn comes up with a plan. Since no one is able to enter the mine without dying instantly, she tells the adventurer to take control of the wicker man and kill the one leading this force. The adventurer nods and takes control of the wicker man. The wicker man enters the mine with no problem and finds a Drustvar hag waiting below. Matron Levae sends her followers on the wicker man but manages to take them out. Focusing on their leader, the adventurer charged her and after a long fight, the hag was slain. With the Coven, a grateful Evelyn says that she will be able to retake the town from here on and wrote a letter for Constable Henry Framer.[62]

Ambush at Hangman's Point

With the letter in hand, the adventurer rushed back to Hangman's Point. The constable reads it and was convinced of Lucille's innocence. He lets her go and she is reunited with Marshal Everit. All of a sudden, the Coven attack to capture Lucille. Led by Sister Widdowson, the villagers cowered in fear as wicker men attacked. Marshal Everit and his men defended the villagers while the adventurer kills the witch, saving Hangman's Point.[63][64]

Lucille's Plan

After being freed, Lucille decided to find more information about the Drust. Along with the adventurer, they traveled to a secret cottage her family owned. Getting past several yetis will picking up supplies for the coming conflict, they managed to get inside. Informing the adventurer about a secret door, the two searched around and found the secret passage when the adventurer slides a torch. Going inside, the two took care of the traps. As they walked Lucille told the adventurer of how the scholars found weaknesses in the Drust's magic and how the Order of Embers was formed. As they went in further, they would the ancient headquarters of the Order. Taking a manicurist on the table, the two headed towards Arom's Stand in hopes of reviving the Order.[65][66][67][68]

Secrets of Arom's Stand

Arriving at Arom's Stand, Lucille, the adventurer, and Everit immediately got work. Opening up the old tome, Lucille learns that weapons were created to counter the Drust's magic and thus concluded that the same tools could be used against the coven. four weaknesses would be learned. Rowan wood, alchemical fire, worgsbane, and silver. Not knowing what worgsbane is and that Rowan wood doesn't grow in Drustvar, she decided to go with silver first. The first thing she does is give a silver needle to the adventurer and sends him out to poke the villagers to see if they've been infiltrated. In the meantime, Lucille would order the local tailor to make armor for the new Order of Embers and the marshal would hand missives to the adventurer for their recruits.[69][70]

Wandering the outdoors, the adventurer would find out that Lucille concerns were true. He found a grimoire lying around that could corrupt the locals into joining the Coven. The adventurer finds more of these books and destroys them.[5] Going back to his mission, the adventurer starts poking the refugees at random to see if one was a witch. After several attempts, he manages to poke a witch, reveal her disguise and kill her.[71] On the now slain opponent, the adventurer finds a badly drawn map of Highpass with a mark on it. The adventurer follows the mark and finds a cellar below with a Suspicious Refugee and two Arom's Stand Commoners and asked them if they have seen anything suspicious. Realizing that her cover was blown, Sister Littlefield revealed herself along with two wicker men. They try to kill the adventurer but failed.[4]

With Arom's Stand secured, the adventure goes out to hand the missives to Everit's chosen recruits.[72]

The order reborn

While everyone left, Waycrest Guard was preparing for a counterattack. But before they left, Lucille conducted a ceremony to fully initiate them. Calling forth Ensign Yorrick, Lieutenant Sterntide, Falconer Notley, Captain Joan Cleardawn and Ensign Mace there were given brand new armor and were reborn as the Order of Embers.[73]

The forgotten detail

Main article: War against the Drust

With the order reformed, Lucille sets her eyes on alchemical fire. She sends the adventurer and Joan Cleardawn to Falconhurst to find Warren Ashton while she and the rest travel to Corlain. Along the way, they are blocked in the snowy ruins of Gol Osigr. There they wind the spirits of old fighting against the recently awoken Drust constructs. While they were there, the two decided to learn more about the history of the Drust to see if they can uncover a boon. They learn how the Drust started to attack the villagers and how many human settlements fell before them. They also learn about the Drust's retreat and how their leader, Gorak Tul, created Drust construct to try and turn the tide. The final piece of information however revealed the most. It shows that while Gorak Tul was stabbed, he was never shown as dead. This leads the two to believe that Gorak Tul was still alive. Before leaving, the two learned from where the construct were coming and how to destroy them.[74][75][76]

To Falconhurst

Arriving at Falconhurst, Joan and the adventurer find the town under siege. They killed several wicker men, ended the cursed villagers, and freed trapped villagers, before joining the rest of the town to hold the wicker men at bay. Side by side, they joined the Falconhurst Guards and pushed back the wicker men, giving them some time to regroup and prepare. While the attacks are slowed down, Joan thinks that the one leading the wicker men hid inside the highest mansion in the village. She sends the adventurer to the location and there he finds the Drustvar hag, Sister Noella Briarwood. The adventurer takes her up and joins her to talk with the mayor.[77][78][79][80][81]

By alchemical fire be purged

Arriving at the port, the two find the mayor of Falconhurst, Leandro Royston. The mayor wished to push back the wicker men and asked the adventurer to find lumber and build a forward barricade.[82] In the town, he also found Warren Ashton. After helping him put out the fires, he agrees to try and create this alchemical fire. With success, they managed to create the position and worked as intended on the wicker men, burning them almost instantly. Unfortunately, when the adventurer returned to inform Warren of the results, he was nowhere to be seen. The assistant of Warren, Marten Webb, informed him that the alchemist had been captured by the Coven.[83][84][85]

Assault on the Crimson Forest

Along with Marten Webb and Inquisitor Joan, the three enter the Crimson Forest to find and save Warren. They hid on a hill covered with bushes. From there Joan sends the adventurer to find and free Master Ashton while Marten asks for some reagents to conduct a study. The adventurer finds warren and uses a key to open his cell, while also helping a woman gain her armor back.[86][87][88][89] Returning back to the hideout, Master Ashton doesn't look so good. He is in shock and uncooperative after all that he had seen. Marten prepares a potion to give it to Warren, but is missing bear hearts. The adventurer is sent out once again to get some bear hearts and reagents for Marten and kill another Matron Elsbeth Garrick at Joan's request. When he returns, Marten finished the potion and gives it to Warren. The alchemist snaps out of his confusion and is back to work once again.[90][91][92][93]

Regaining his consciousness, Warren spoke of a grand ritual to bring their master back into the world of the living. A being who grants them their power who Warren had heard speak. One who hates the Kul Tirans with every fiber of his being. Gorak Tul.[93]

Stopping their plans

To stop their plans, the four came up with several plans. For Master Ashton, he learned that they used charms to control the wicker men and he thinks he can create an even more powerful charm. He sent the adventurer to get several charms from the matrons in the woods. For Joan, she asks the adventurer to free the villagers captured and stop the ritual. The adventurer goes out and does as he is told, he destroys several witch effigies, free the prisoners and gather the charms.[94][95][96]

But even with all the disruption, the Coven was still at work. Believe them to have already finished it, Joan and the rest go down inside a deep cave. There they face Gorak Tul. After a short battle, Gorak Tul escapes and collapses the cave behind. The four managed to make it out alive. As they made it out, Master Ashton finishes his charm and to test it, they use it on the giant golem nearby. With the giant in hand, the four ravage the Crimson Forest, eradicating the Coven in the area. With their mission succeeded, they call and ride a gryphon to Arom's Stand.[97][98]

Retaking Watchman's Rise

In order to advance into Corlain, Lucille and Everit decide to invade Watchman's Rise for being the highest watch tower. Along with the adventurer and the inquisitors, they attack the tower and kill the lieutenant guarding the tower. The adventurer charges in and finds the witch, Sister Adela. He slays her and the Waycrest Guard takes the tower.[6][99]

Scouting Corlain

Now that they held Watchman's Rise, Everit orders a full scouring of the area. Inquisitor Notley is a great Falconer but since he was injured, he asked the adventurer to do it in his place. Notley lends Winston to the adventurer and used it to scout Corlain. He learned that Upper Corlain has a barrier placed on it, the Coven are rounding up the townsfolk and that the blacksmith was still alive in the armory.[100]

Saving Angus Ballaster

Learning that the blacksmith was still alive, Everit focused on saving him first to have someone repairing their armor if need be. Inquisitor Yorrick and the adventurer were sent to save him and gathered several supplies along the way. Entering the basement below, they find the blacksmith, Angus Ballaster, holding his ground against the slaves of the Coven. After a short ambush, the three returned to Watchman's Rise.[101][102]

Supplies from Bleak Hills Mine

While going to save the blacksmith was the option. Lucille Waycrest also sent the adventurer to Bleak Hills Mine. Although the mine is usually there for iron, they also manage to find silver sometimes. Arriving at the mine, the adventurer finds Elsie Wright cowering in fear. She tells him that a witch cursed the mine to be infected with spiders and that her men are trapped in their webbing. The adventure agrees to help, and goes down to the mine to collect silver, kill spiders and save the miners.[103][8][104]

A weapon of war

With the supplies gathered from Corlain Armoury, Everit gave the materiel to Angus and sent the adventurer to assist him. After toying around with what little materiel he had in the basement of the tower, he created a blunderbuss that is able to fire silver. Calling it Witchrend, he sends it back to Lucille.[105]

To test it out, the Waycrest daughter sends the adventurer to test out on three matrons who occupied Corlain. While in town, the adventurer uses Witchrend to kill Matron Ceridwen, Matron Adeline and Matron Letitia.[106]

A smell of protection

Inside Corlain, the adventurer comes across Inquisitor Mace. She was investigating a few knocked-out soldiers under the Coven's spell. From his investigation, the adventurer came across a man named Harris Hocking on his farm of onions. It would seem that the Coven would not attack the farm. Beveling this to be the onions at work, Harris made a deal with the adventurer. If he could remove some of the boars eating the onions he would let him borrow some onions. The adventure does just that, he kills the boars and pulls several onions. Grateful for the help, Harris gives him the sealed onion and takes them back to Lucille.[107][108][109][110]

Taking down the barrier

When the adventurer returned Lucille informed that the blacksmith had an idea on how to take down the barrier. The adventurer is informed that the best way to take down the barrier is with a cannonball. Fortunately, Angus used whatever silver he had left to make it and gave it to the adventurer. He also informs him that he will need some gunpowder to blow it out and there must be some left at Pikeman's Ridge.

With enough gunpowder available, he took it to a cannon next to the barrier. Arriving at the spot, he finds Inquisitor Sterntide already had freed up a cannon. Aiming the cannon at the entrance, the adventurer broke the barrier and rushed in with the Order of Embers.[111]

Death to the traitor

At some unknown point, Marshal Reade would find out about Captain Goodspeed's betrayal. While the adventurer was out on other errands, he asks him to take out the betrayer, along with his kin. Going to Pikeman's Ridge, the adventurer finds the traitors holding their ground. With no other choice, he slays them. Along the way, he meets with Inquisitor Notley who helps him take down the effigies placed on top of the building to prevent the falcons from turning while also free those who had yet to be corrupted. With this deed done, the adventure head to the top and finds the traitor under a tent. He personally executes Goodspeed and tells the good news to the Marshal.[112][113][7]

The liberation of Corlain

With Lucille and Everit leading the charge, the adventurer followed suit. At the entrance, Lucille tells them to open the side entrances for the other inquisitors while Everit asks them to cull the covens numbers while destroying their wicker men. As the adventurer does all of this, he also learned how Corlain fell from the dairies left behind from the villagers.[114][115][116][3]

The final push

With the inquisitors in place, Lucille, the Marshal, and the Order of Embers rushed to Waycrest Manor to free the lord and lady. They kept charging in with each inquisitor stopping on the sides to hold the members of the Coven at bay. Arriving at the top with just the adventurer, Everit and Lucille. The three could not believe what they saw. The leader of the Coven was Meredith Waycrest, mother of Lucille.[117]

The Mother unveiled

With a simple spell, the Mother corrupts Everit, turning him into an obedient slave. With the Marshal corrupted, he was forced to fight Lucille against his will. Lucille was in shock unable to do anything. The adventurer fought of the corrupted marshal and after a heartbreaking battle, the Marshel falls dead on the ground. Lucille mourns his passing while the other inquisitors saluted their fallen commander. In grief, Lucille urges the others to go into the manor and finish the Coven while she returned to Arom's Stand.[117]

Waycrest Manor

Main article: Waycrest Manor

With the Coven on the run, the inquisitors make their final push at Waycrest Manor. The inquisitors raided down the manor, slaughtering any members of the Coven they came across. Their victims would include Raal the Gluttonous, the Heartsbane Triad, and the Soulbound Goliath. With the house extinguished of its evil presence, Lady Waycrest invites them to the cellar.

In the end, Lady Waycrest was merely a vessel for Gorak Tul's power, and her death opened the Rupture, the doorway for the Drust to enter Azeroth.[1] At the Rupture Gorak Tul was able to raise his people from the dead, but he was slain nonetheless. However, upon his death, Gorak Tul revealed that it was only a vessel and he still existed in the Blighted Lands. Even so, the Heartsbane Coven was broken and Drustvar was released from Gorak Tul's power.

With the Waycrests taken care of, the Inquisitors made their way to Gorak Tul and destroyed his body. Even though his spirit escaped, this would mark the end of the Drust Incursion.


Lucy Waycrast assumed her role as matron of House Waycrest and appointed Joan Cleardawn as the new Marshal of Waycrest Guard.[118]



Heartsbane Coven


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