Drustvar Militia

Neutral 32.png Drustvar Militia
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Ghosts of the Drustvar Militia fighting Gorak Tul's constructs
Main leader IconSmall Human Male.gif Arom Waycrest
Secondary leaders IconSmall Human Female.gif Captain Lilian Nottley
Race(s) IconSmall Human Male.gif IconSmall Human Female.gif  Human
Theater of operations Drustvar
Status Turned into the main army of House Waycrest.

The Drustvar Militia was a league of humans who fought and defeated the Drust.

The Drustvar Militia formed when the Drust started attacking newly constructed human settlements. Even though the humans tried to live in peace with the Drust, it was clear that war was unavoidable. Led by their leader Gorak Tul, the Drust pushed the humans back from every settlement they made. With the only viable option of retreat left, Drustvar Militia hired several scholars to see what could be done about the Drust. In the end, they've learned of several weakness and planned to use them against their enemy. They formed the Order of Embers to combat their forces.

Arom Waycrest was the one who led the assault against the Drust. With their newfound weapons, the Drust and their king were forced to retreat. The humans kept pushing forward into the mountain tops. Even when the Drust king tried to push them back with his newly created Drust constructs, it was to no avail. With their final stand at Gol Osigr, Arom charged Gorak Tul and stabbed him. The Drust armies would falter immediately with the Drustvar Militia victorious.[1][2]

From this point forward, Drustvar Militia would be no more. It became a true army under the command of Lord Waycrest as the Waycrest Guard.

Other battles

On one mission, Arom Waycrest found an injured stag that had been battling the Drust. Rather than killing it, he decided to heal it in hopes for it to continue its assault against his enemies. On that very night at their campsite, the Drust would take the Drustvar Militia by surprise and their defeat seemed assured. It was at that moment that the stag reappeared and helped them repel the aggressors. Grateful for its help, Arom thanked the stag and in response the stag spoke and thanked him for his kindness.[3]





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