NeutralDuchess Mynx
Image of Duchess Mynx
Title Ebon Blade Quartermaster,
Death's Advance Quartermaster
Gender Female
Race Blood elf (Humanoid)
Level 25-30
Resource Mana
Reaction Alliance Horde
Affiliation(s) Knights of the Ebon Blade
Location The Shadow Vault, Icecrown[43, 20];
Keeper's Respite, Korthia[63.3, 23.3]
Status Active

Duchess Mynx is the quartermaster of the Knights of the Ebon Blade and is located in the Shadow Vault in Icecrown. She can only be accessed after the Shadow Vault is controlled by the Knights of the Ebon Blade following completion of B [25-30] The Shadow Vault.

Shadowlands This section concerns content related to Shadowlands.

Mynx also appears in Keeper's Respite in Korthia, serving as the Death's Advance faction quartermaster.


Knights of the Ebon Blade

Duchess Mynx
<Ebon Blade Quartermaster>
Rep Item Cost Type
Friendly  [Design: Deadly Huge Citrine] 2g Jewelcrafting (350)
 [Tabard of the Ebon Blade] 1g Tabard
Honored  [Dark Soldier Cape] 20g 2s 9c Cloak
 [Toxin-Tempered Sabatons] 35g 10s 37c Plate Feet
 [Unholy Persuader] 66g 48s 81c Fist Weapon
Revered  [Design: Deadly Monarch Topaz] 4g Jewelcrafting (390)
 [Reaper of Dark Souls] 75g 21s 65c One-Handed Sword
 [Runeblade of Demonstrable Power] 93g 68s 97c Two-Handed Sword
 [Spaulders of the Black Arrow] 34g 85s 20c Mail Shoulder
 [Sterile Flesh-Handling Gloves] 15g 36s 83c Cloth Hands
 [Wound-Binder's Wristguards] 17g 50s 44c Leather Wrist
 [Pattern: Abyssal Bag] 5g Tailoring (435)
Exalted  [Belt of Dark Mending] 18g 70s 27c Cloth Waist
 [Darkheart Chestguard] 48g 86s 48c Leather Chest
 [Death-Inured Sabatons] 51g 77s 55c Plate Feet
 [Kilt of Dark Mercy] 59g 7s 31c Mail Legs
 [Design: Timeless Twilight Opal] 4g Jewelcrafting (390)

Death's Advance

Mynx at Keeper's Respite.

Duchess Mynx
<Death's Advance Quartermaster>
Rep Item Cost Type
Friendly  [Korthian Armaments] 1000 Stygia Item level 200 catchup armor
 [Vault Anima Tracker] 1000 Stygia Maw upgrade
Honored  [Recipe: Crafter's Mark III] 2000 Stygia Recipe
 [Tome of Origins] 2000 Stygia Recipe for  [Vestige of Origins]
 [Mantle of Death's Advance] 500 Stygia Cosmetic cloak
 [Domestic Aunian] 50 Polished Pet Charm 1500 Stygia Companion pet
 [Cincture of Enveloping Death] 2000 Stygia Item level 220 cloth waist
 [Gloves of Advancing Death] 2000 Stygia Item level 220 leather gloves
 [Chain of Encircling Death] 2000 Stygia Item level 220 mail belt
 [Gauntlets of Death's Guardian] 2000 Stygia Item level 220 plate gloves
Revered  [Technique: Contract: Death's Advance] 2500 Stygia Shadowlands inscription (60)
 [Amber Shardhide] 5000 Stygia Mount (75)
Exalted  [Death's Advance Tabard] 3000 Stygia Tabard
 [Ensemble: Battlefield Messenger's Regalia] 6000 Stygia Kyrian transmog set
 [Ensemble: Frontline Necromancer's Vestments] 6000 Stygia Necrolord transmog set
 [Ensemble: Garb of Fall's Promise] 6000 Stygia Night Fae transmog set
 [Ensemble: Renathal's Field Inquisitor's Vestments] 6000 Stygia Venthyr transmog set
 [Battle-Hardened Aquilon] 1000 Stygia Mount (75), Kyrian only
 [Battlefield Swarmer Harness] 1000 Stygia Mount (75), Necrolord only
 [Winter Wilderling Harness] 1000 Stygia Mount (75), Night Fae only
 [Pale Gravewing] 1000 Stygia Mount (75), Venthyr only


The Ebon Blade does not fear oblivion.
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Patch changes

  • Shadowlands Hotfix (2021-07-02): Duchess Mynx is now more welcome to players who aren't old friends.
No longer affiliated with the Knights of the Ebon Blade faction in her Korthia appearance.

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