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DuelResponse is an addon that has features intended to make dealing with duel requests much easier. Its main function is to allow anti-duel players to automatically decline all incoming duel and Pet Battle requests; it also has features to assist pro-duel players, such as declining requests while affliced with [Resurrection Sickness]. The addon was created by GeodesicDragon, with the help of others on both CurseForge and the World of Warcraft forums.

The addon is also available for the Classic version of the game, and can be obtained via the Twitch Desktop App.

Version 1.0.1 of DuelResponse was released on June 16th, 2010.

The DuelResponse options window (when declining duels).
The DuelResponse options window (when not declining duels.
The Blacklist plugin's options window.
The Whisper plugin's options window.


  • Automatically declines all incoming duel and pet battle requests.
    • Holding down either Ctrl or Alt will allow a request through.
  • The addon also has the following features, which assist people who are into dueling:
    • Automatically declines duels while you are marked as Away or Busy.
    • Automatically declines duels while you have a high latency.
    • Automatically declines duels while you have a low framerate.
    • Checks the level of players you challenge; if they are five or more levels above you, the request to duel them is automatically cancelled.
      • Good for when you mistarget someone, or misread their level.
      • This feature can be disabled if required.
    • Automatically declines duels while you are afflicted with [Resurrection Sickness].


DuelResponse's functionality can be improved by activating either or both of the included plugins:

  • Blacklist allows you to add player names to a list; when these players challenge you to a duel, it is automatically declined.
  • Whisper allows the addon to send whisper messages to people when a duel is declined.
    • For example, if someone challenges you while you are Away, they will receive a whisper saying - by default - "I am currently AFK."
    • Each message can be customised to say whatever the user likes.


DuelResponse is currently available in Brazilian Portugese, English, French, German, Italian, Russian, Spanish, and Simplified Chinese. However, the creators wish to make it available in the following other languages as well:

  • Latin American Spanish
  • Korean
  • Traditional Chinese

Any contributions to the localization of DuelResponse are greatly appreciated.


  • Project Manager: GeodesicDragon
  • Coding: BigRedBrent and GeodesicDragon
  • Testing: AimForTheBrain and several random players on Saurfang EU and Vek'nilash EU.