Not to be confused with Brawler's Guild or B [50] Dueler's Guild.

The Dueler's Guild is a new Player vs Player feature introduced in Battle for Azeroth. With War Mode enabled, players at level 120 can speak with a NPC (respectively Bouncers for the Alliance and Troll Guards for the Horde) who will queue them to take part in 1-on-1 duels at Hook Point of Boralus or Mugambala of Zuldazar. Once in the arena, you'll battle it out against a rival player to see who continues on. If you lose, you're out. Getting far enough through the gauntlet of players will provide some achievements, including  [Master of Duels], which rewards the title Contender.[1][2]

Speaking with Horde Hexpriest Junda or Alliance Sea Seer Crystal can allow the user to spectate and keep an eye on all the carnage while waiting in the queue.

Once it's your turn to battle, you’ll need to beat three opponents consecutively to earn the achievement  [Prize Fighter]. Completing this achievement along with  [Dueling Master] and  [Thirty Six and Two] will award the achievement  [Master of Duels] and the title of Contender.

You’ll be able to buff (and get buffs) to prepare for your matches before you begin your duel, but it's important to note that cooldowns will not refresh with each opponent you face. When you win a match, you'll only have a short period of time before you face your next opponent. After you’ve defeated three opponents, you’ll be removed from the dueling arena for the next contenders to take center stage.