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Image of Dulhu
Race Infested (Elemental)
Level 102 Elite
Reaction Alliance Horde
Location Verdant Grove, Everbloom
Status Killable

Ancient Protectors
Xeri'tac (optional)
Archmage Sol


Dulhu is one of three bosses in the second encounter in the Everbloom dungeon.


  • Spell nature abolishmagic.png  Noxious Eruption — Dulhu erupts, inflicting 23125 to 26875 Nature damage to all players within 10 yards, knocking them back. 
  • Ability warrior bloodsurge.png  Venomous Charge — Dulhu charges to a random player, wounding them. This effect inflicts 4800 Physical damage every second for 15 sec. 
  • Inv misc herb nightmarevine stem.png  Grasping Vine — Dulhu wraps a random player in vines, pulling them towards him and Slashing at them. 
    • Ability druid infectedwound.png  Slash — Dulhu lashes out at his Grasping Vine target, inflicting 71250 to 78750 Physical damage to all players in front of him within 0 yards. 

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