Dun Niffelem

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NeutralDun Niffelem
Dun Niffelem.jpg
Type Capital; Fortress
Leader(s)  King Jokkum
Race(s) Frost giant Frost giant
Language(s) Titan
Affiliation(s) Sons of Hodir
Location Eastern Storm Peaks[64, 58]
Status Active

Dun Niffelem is an extremely large ice fortress in eastern Storm Peaks. It is inhabited by the Sons of Hodir and their ruler, King Jokkum.


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  • The name is most likely related to Niflheim, the primordial realm of cold from Norse mythology, in line with a lot of the other Norse-style names in the zone. After the creation of the world, Nifleheim became somewhat akin to the underworld - the final resting place of those who did not die a heroic death.

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